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  • "The Gifted" is a low-effort feature from once lofty filmmaker Michael Raven, near the end of his career and wasting the talent of 3 top Wicked Pictures contract stars: Kaylani Lei, Alektra Blue and Mikayla Mendez. Alektra gets top billing, but the show belongs to Kaylani, whose voice-over narration throughout provides the modicum of plot and back story missing from the live action.

    Lei and Mikayla head a coven of witches, though insisting that you "don't call me a witch". They take weird Alektra under their wing, give her a book of spells to study and help her develop her true calling.

    Merely an excuse to slap sex scenes together haphazardly, "The Gifted" has little to offer other than its sexy cast in action for the umpteenth time. She's initiated into the coven with a superstar lesbian threesome, about all the DVD has to offer.

    Raven himself has a cameo as a film director trying to coax a performance from Alektra's erstwhile boyfriend Barrett Blade, whose acting here is execrable. Running gag of Alektra punking him with homosexual situations (she has an off-camera pegging scene for example, none of it eliciting the intended humor) is stupid.

    Unlike other Raven horror or fantasy features, this one is strictly mundane.