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  • It's not funny, not witty, it's sort of like her on 'The View'... just uneducated, crass, and sort of laughable in a bad way, not funny, just laughable. This didn't hit my funny bone nor did it convey reality in any way.

    I truly do like Sherri. She's not educated, thinks the Earth is flat, doesn't believe in the sciences of evolution (if you dislike the evolution argument, just look up her beliefs on other sciences unrelated to Religion, because I am not knocking Creationists by any means), and she is just ignorant in general. However, I do love her timing and sense of humor at times, she does get the eye from guests on The View when she presumes to be A-List and asks questions either out of line or gushing, but that also adds to her appeal.

    I like Sherri. This show doesn't do it for me. She was great on 'Less Than Perfect', '30 Rock', 'Precious', and is very entertaining (not intellectually obviously on 'The View') but this show is not necessarily a must-see. It's on a cable network so maybe it will last a season...

    Just my opinion. :) thanks
  • irenerose24 October 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    I haven't watched a sitcom regularly since Seinfeld, because they're all so lame. This one is good! I find it hilarious. One of the things I like most about it is that it's not always PC, and that's refreshing. The female ensemble cast is excellent. I love the blond character from NJ, but I'm not crazy about the 'supervisor' character--she's a whiner! The actor who plays Sherri's son lacks any kind of energy at would have thought they could have found a better actor. The actor who plays the husband does a pretty good job. But of course the star of this show is Sherri herself. I never watched her on the View, but maybe now I will, if she's as funny on that.