Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    The Rock Band "The Dark Knights" has a comeback after a break related to a tragic accident during their last gig. While performing a stunt, where the lead singer "Travis" seems to be burning under his special protection, a fire broke out and in the rampage of the away storming crowd, a 16 year old boy got killed. Police didn't press charges against the band members or the manager (Eric Roberts) and claims the boy's death to be a tragic accident.But with some folks suspions remained,that "Travis" and the manager could have saved the kid, if the had not been all selfish to save their lives without looking out for the victim. On Fanpages in the Web many called the band from then on "cursed". The sister of the dead boy beleives, that the band members are guilty for her brothers death, whom she addored. The thoughts to take revenge after nobody was charged became an obsession for her, which led to a serious psychosis. Out of her mind she acted as a Groupie to make her way into the tross of the "Dark Knights" comeback tour. Some Musicians and the manager got a feeling, that this girl would bring trouble to the band and wanted her out. But Travis,the band leader, got attracted by "Riley" how she called herself, and to her art of creating so called "life masks" which were for her in fact "death masks" for her, which she took from those, she intended to kill. The "Psycho Groupie" then started her revenge battle. First she arrived at letting the murders look out like accidents but after the manager dicovered her true identity, she killed him and the last two band members quickly in cold blood, Travis had sex wit her some nights ago and was cought in the act by his wife, who wanted to visit him to tell, that she was pregnant. After she found the two making love, she took of in anger, saying, the marriage was over for her. Travis,not knowing, that Riley already killed his friends, left for home, to save his marriage and promised his wife, that after the death of his fellow musicians, his rock career was over. So they united again in a romantic night, after which the wife went to take a shower. There she got attacked and bonded by Riley, who has broken into the house of the couple. When Travis woke up, he found his wife tight to a chair with Riley holding a knife at her throut, claiming to kill her, if Travis would not tie himself to a chair. Thats when the "showdown" started, a fight betwenn the couple and the Psycho Groupie for life or death.