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  • Inevitably this movie couldn't come close to the original in terms of sheer impact. It is, however, such an improvement over the other dreadful sequels that it deserves merit simply for that. Adrien Brody is solid in an against type role, and carries himself well. Every other character had the potential to be interesting but was not explored enough, especially Laurence Fishburne. The action was seriously well done, with flashes of the visceral energy that this series desperately needed. Should have been about half an hour longer to flesh out the characters and maybe have a few more plot twists but as a straightforward, entertaining and visually appealing sci-fi actioner it works. Will not go down as a classic but will always be worth watching when in the mood for an adrenaline rush.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Predators picks up where the last two great films left off hunting and killing. The predator is by far the greatest hunter in the alien fictional history. Unlike the last two movies where the predator was on earth in this movie the predator has abducted there victims and placed them on an uncharted planet. For me there are a ton of characters in this movie that I like, the cool samurai guy, the crazy guy in the ship who betrays the survivors. My favorite character was the big Russian guy. At first I was so caught up with all the great characters that I forgot till midway through that most of these characters if not all would die. My favorite thing about this movie though was the fact that there was two different type of predators the ones that we've seen from the other movies and the new ones who apparently are the stronger ones. When I found out that there were two different types of predators, that got me so pumped to see a showdown and sure enough we did. Of course the smaller predator died but it was a good effort. This movie is absolutely one that I can watch again and again and still be interested I loved it. Only problem was they didn't really explain how the humans got on the planet, but still great movie.
  • jzappa24 October 2011
    Predators, an entertaining film with genuine surprises, may be the first movie I've seen to start with a deus ex machina. Yes, the whole plot and all the humans plummet into the movie from the heavens, dropping toward the alien soil, shrieking, groping for ripcords on the parachutes that they didn't realize they had. The last thing they recall is a blinding blaze of light. The first to land, with a powerful thud, is Royce. The others then crash all around him.

    These people are bitter specialized murderers from all over: a mercenary, a yakuza (who uses a Hanzo sword; probably QT buddy Rodriguez's idea), an Israeli markswoman, a serial killer, an African warlord, etc. How did they find themselves in this dense jungle, and why? They determine they're on another planet: a flawlessly terra-formed one, it would appear. The gravity lets them walk as usual, and they can breathe and hydrate. Royce observes something bizarre: The sun never moves. They see there are three or four moons in the sky, which are either colossal or very near.

    Even more bizarre, it never becomes molten lava yanked around by enormous tidal waves. But as you always have to say when Rodriguez is involved, "Whatever." After the characters are assaulted by massive eponymous monsters, Royce nails it: They're in a game reservation. He solves a lot of questions in the movie, which might've been more interesting if he hadn't. But it's all still much more intriguing that just pitting two franchise monsters against each other. Instead, this movie is smart enough to again pit predators against humans, who are predators with the weakness of being human. It's the sense of compassion or empathy for our fellow human that makes us vulnerable to predators.

    But who oversees this game preserve, and why? If you remember the first Predator, Schwarzenegger and other mercs were in the Amazon pitted against an invisible predatory extraterrestrial. Has that alien race snatched humans into its galaxy for a rematch? Is it a sensible consumption of assets to transfer numerous people countless light years merely so you can kill them purposelessly? No time to ponder. Here come some extremely ferocious four-legged creatures whose horns and fangs continue too far in front of their mouths for them to be able to eat their prey. They don't even look like they can lie on their backs and scoop the quarry in with their feet owing to all the spikes on their backs.

    This is a Rodriguez production: Making sense is not an issue. The movie is generally about our malevolent protagonists being mauled by frightening mandible-jawed creatures. who use active camouflage and energy weapons, reposition as swiftly as panthers, can see in a variety of spectrums, and are equally as self-aware as humans, sans compassion of course. Nimrod Antal gave Vacancy a masterful sense of what to show and when to reveal it, and so is a proficient enough director to keep these villains intriguing throughout unintelligible jumbles of bullet-paced visual effects. The eponymous indigents see all in infrared POV shots via what seems like a closed-circuit monitor. Or sinister videotape on a motel TV set perhaps? There are invariably a handful of characters who get slaughtered in manhunt films like this. What puzzles me is why they all don't get slaughtered? Consider if that spiky warthog tackled you to the ground at 20 mph and all you could do was stick it with your knife, would you imagine you'd be making facetious comments on it later on? Still, a charming moment where Apocalypse Now alum Laurence Fishburne hums Ride of the Valkyrie nonetheless pulls us out of the claustrophobia by being meta-referential. On the other hand, lines like "Say goodbye to your little friend" work as momentary relief from the claustrophobia.
  • It's clear they had a real long look at the original film and decided to keep the best pieces (the tension, the focus on group interaction, the music) but also try new things with it to attain the same feel of mystery the original was so good at.

    The visuals are gorgeous, the acting solid, the writing exciting. And what I really love is the fact that there is very little use of CGI. What little there is, is convincing or subtle. Laurence Fishburn's appearance was a complete surprise to me and I loved his character. Though it reminded me a bit of Pandorum.

    Like Sade said: "Never as good as the first time," but still a very well-crafted film.
  • Before I took a chance on this film there was really only one question I wanted answered...

    'Is this film going to be another steaming pile of disappointment like the AVP films?'

    And the answer, happily, is 'No', though after having to sift through all the unhelpful and uninformative 1 rater reviews here, I never would have guessed. I almost gave this film a miss, but I'm glad I didn't. It was actually quite good, and I'll tell you why (no spoilers I promise).

    I think it is important to go into this film with the right expectations. This film returns to the original Predator format, and borrows heavily from the first 1987 Predator film. There are scenes and characters (and even weapons) which are so reminiscent of the first film that they would not be out of place in a remake. I like to view this as very deliberate homage to the original rather than shameless plagiarism, and I enjoyed the film more and feel much happier because of it. Of course this is not a remake. It is a sequel with some major differences from the 1987 film, and enough originality to make it interesting and unique in its own right.

    The story is not overly ambitious, they play it straight and the focus is given more to building tension, which it manages to do very well. Because it is a Predator film you kind of know what is going to happen, but it still manages to be suspenseful from the start, and there are quite a few surprises and twists along the way to keep you guessing. The unnerving way the truth of their situation unfolds for the characters is quite enthralling, and reminded me strongly of shows like 'The Outer Limits'.

    The characters are interesting and all of them are well portrayed. Some are a little cliché, but the main character played by Adrien Brody is actually more human and teeters on the edge of being a full blown anti- hero.

    My only major gripe with this film is that there is little character development. The characters are (as I said) interesting, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time to explore them very deeply. The most you really get is a shallow glimpse of who they might be, which left question marks over some of their motivations. This does make the film slightly forgettable, as you never really end up feeling or caring too much for them, and sometime it feels like they do things just to drive the plot/action forward, rather than because it is something their character might do.

    Overall I would give the film a 7 out of 10, it was above average for and action flick and screamed quality, despite a retentively low budget, and I definitely wouldn't mind going to see it again. An entertaining action thriller at worst, and a nice edition to the Predator franchise.
  • I'm surprised at the polarized opinions of Predators here on IMDb. From fans of the original movie (like me), I would have expected a degree of respect for this latest iteration; it seems to honor its predecessors while still offering new twists and depth. Without presenting spoilers, I would simply say that there were developments in Predators that present some exciting opportunities for future films. I also always appreciated Predator for its "gravitas", and Predators continues that somber and grim tradition with arguably better acting.

    For new viewers, I don't see what more could have been expected. It's an old concept (The Most Dangerous Game, with hunted humans), but Predators does a good job with it. The acting is great, the lines are not successive groan-worthy quips, the cinematography is delicious, and the soundtrack is fantastic (segments of the original with new score!). Again, the overall plot isn't new, but at least it's not stupid. The characters behave in a realistic manner, and I wasn't plagued by the "why-didn't-they-just-do_____?" question for the entire movie.

    Frankly, if you read a review from someone with a rating lower than five, they're just not being fair. Predators AT LEAST deserved to be watched and appreciated for what it offers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    We are introduced to protagonist Royce as he wakes up to find himself in freefall over a jungle; his parachute deploys just in time. Once on the ground we learn that seven other people all arrived in the same way at the same time. They are a mixed group consisting of Royce, a mercenary, a military sniper, a member of the Russian Special Forces, a Sierra Leonean rebel, a Mexican cartel enforcer, a man who was on death row, a Yakuza and a doctor. They are armed with whatever they were carrying at the time they picked up and none of them know how they came to fall into the jungle. As they don't know each other there are inevitably problems with trust but as time passes they come to work as a team. Before too long they realise something else is in the jungle with them; deadly predators that are hunting them for sport!

    This film can be considered a sequel to the original Schwarzenegger vehicle as it references that film directly but makes no mention of the events in LA in 'Predator 2'; it is also, to a degree, a remake. Instead of a crack military unit we have a group made up of people whose lives involved killed; military and criminal... it is a mystery why nobody wonders what a doctor is doing there though! The fact that they didn't previously know each other means there is no camaraderie between the characters like in the original which is a pity; it also lacks the pithy one-liners. The action is solid enough and in places moderately gory; nothing really shocking though. The cast does a pretty good job for the most part; the choice of Adrien Brody to play Royce was good as he is nothing like Arnie and Alice Braga was good as the only woman in the group. While not one of the main cast; Lawrence Fishburne put in a nice turn as the survivor of a previous hunt. There are a few twists; it is fun when we learnt were they actually were... or rather weren't... Earth, Fishburne's betrayal wasn't a huge surprise but worked; sadly the final 'twist' was so obvious I'm sure most people will have seen it coming when they learnt what the characters had done on Earth. It is equally likely that viewers will guess who the survivors will be long before the end; the only mystery was how the others would die and in what order. The effects were pretty good; I especially liked the use of the dog-predators. Overall it passed the time well enough and fans of the Predator Franchise can now pretend the two 'Alien vs. Predator' films never existed!
  • Megatron12346 November 2010
    This movie was sweet. Both a nice retelling and sequel of the first Predator movie. Some people don't like this movie because there's not a lot of action. I hate that. There's more to an action movie than the action. There's suspense and build-up. This movie had those. They brought back the music from the first one and kind of modernized it and had scenes and lines similar to the first to try and please the Predator fan. Worked for me. While making this movie, the writers and staff were told to only use the first Predator as a reference which is why it was so similar. I loved the way they brought back Long Tall Sally by Little Richard at the credits. Nice homage to the helicopter scene from the first one. The acting was good and so were the lines, but it could've done without the 30+ F-words. The ending to me was a disappointment, though. So, all in all, really good movie if you're not picky about redone scenes from the original and redone music. 10/10 stars forever and ever!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As I was watching this film all I could think of was how much of a legend Robert Rodriguez is, that is until I discovered that he was the producer as opposed to the director. I guess the difference I see is that the director tends to have a lot more creative input to the movie whereas the producer sees the movie come together from a more business orientated view. However, the modern movie tends to have a lot more input from a lot more quarters that, say, a book, meaning that one cannot generally point to a single person as say 'that is his/her film' though the accolades generally go to the director (and they generally also appear first on the list of the crew).

    Basically Predators returns to the style of the original film, namely a group of soldiers wondering through a jungle being hunted by, and hunting, the predators. However, unlike the first movie which involved a special forces team in South America, we have a number of 'dangerous' individuals dropped onto the planet so that the predators can hunt them. Also, we are dealing with more predators than we did in the original films (and the AVP movies are pretty much being ignored here).

    Mind you, I suspect that you could still insert this film (as well as Prometheus, though I did not particularly like Prometheus) into the Alien-Predator universe and still have a somewhat consistent approach to the film. I do suspect that there are suggestions in the AVP movies that the aliens were created by the Predators to hunt, and the thing with Prometheus was that there was a suggestion that it was not until that film that the aliens were created (whereas in the AVP movies they had been around for a lot longer than that).

    I still really like the AVP movies, where they attempt to bring the best of both of the movies into a single movie, as well as attempting to answer the question that has been floating around since the mid-eighties, and that was who would win out of a fight between an Alien and a Predator. One could also through in the question as to who would win out of a fight between a Terminator and an Alien or a Predator (though I have not seen a TVP or an AVT movie, or comic book, yet, not that I have looked all that hard – I'm sure they do exist).

    The thing that seems to flow through this movie though is that the Predators kidnap the most dangerous of the humans, equip them, and set them off on a hunt. However, there is also the idea that these humans are not necessarily humans, but rather they are monsters. However the problem with equating these humans with monsters is that many of them still have human aspects to them. For instance the Yakuza still desires to fight an honourable fight, and the unknown special forces guy (who we never learn who or what he is, even at the end) goes back to help the others. However, it is also interesting to note that the one that seems to be the most human is actually the most monstrous, though this is not revealed until the end of the film (and sorry about the spoiler, but I do mark all of my movie commentaries as such).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First time I saw this movie I was surprised at how different it was from the first 2. I later bought it on sale and just cant stop watching it. The characters, their interaction, how they work together and how they settup for continued relationship with the outworlders just amazes me. I love the scene where the criminal jumps on the Predator "F-you space fa&&*t"

    Sometimes something different is better. The first movie was exceptional in how different it was and the fun characters. The second movie went to one extreme of bloodiness and how outrageously brave and durable little humans could seem to be. This third movie become the other extreme of really knowing the characters. I love it. If we can see generations of Earth's best matchup against these predators and then maybe even join them against a common enemy later on ? This series hasn't even begin to be exhausted.

    Really awesome movie by itself for the military minded AND a great intro to a whole new set of space alien genre films.

    These movies get better and better and better. Awesome.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After Predator 2 took you to the city slums and Alien vs. Predator 1 and 2 took you to a campfest, Predators takes you back to the exotic and mysterious feel of the jungle, where a group of mercenaries, soldiers, criminals and doctors mysteriously lands in a jungle located on the planet inhabited by the Predator creatures. They become prey of those aliens in a deadly hunting game and they need to join forces to destroy the creatures and escape the planet.

    Like the original Predator movie, this sequel is action-packed with a scary sci-fi element to it. The plot is intriguing and fast-paced; you won't see much fillers or subplots in this movie - just to-the-point and non-stop action. The parts where each of the group members attempt to survive and escape the Predators' grasp provides heart-pounding excitement, and the personal agenda and secret background of each character give the film suspenseful surprises.

    Nimród Antal did a fine job directing and the writing team provided a pretty solid script. The jungle setting gives you an eerie, exotic and mysterious outer-planet feel, and the design for the classic Predator and the new Predator creatures are creepy, but spectacular.

    A main issue I have with the movie is the cast. Though OK overall, the characters weren't as memorable or impressive as in the original Predator movie and I thought Adrian Brody was terribly miscast as Royce. His over-exerting Batman-style voice and macho image wasn't too convincing for me, though he did make a good effort. Royce's group overall wasn't as heroic or courageous as Dutch's group in the original movie. And, the second issue ***spoiler ahead*** was that I thought the movie was anti-climatic and left too much plot-threads hanging at the end.

    Overall, it doesn't surpass the original Predator movie in entertainment and quality, but miles ahead of the other Predator and Alien vs. Predator sequels in the genre.

    Grade B-
  • By the release of 2007's dismal "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem," the "Predator" franchise was all but left for dead. Then, a miracle happened as Robert Rodriguez ("Planet Terror," "Desperado") got his hands on the property. Drawing from a script he had originally penned in the mid-90's, Rodriguez teamed up with director Nimród Antal ("Vacancy") in an effort to restore the series to its roots. "Predators," the latest saga concerning the jungle-dwelling hunters, is an action-packed roller-coaster ride that successfully ignores the maligned "Alien vs. Predator" franchise and plays as more of a direct sequel to the 1987 original.

    Although there's no Arnold Schwarzenegger or even a "CHOPPAH!" to be found, "Predators" succeeds in delivering the same high-octane thrills as the original film. Although admittedly not as fueled by testosterone as its predecessor, "Predators" gets by with a solid cast that includes Adrien Brody as the unlikely hero of the story, as well as Alice Braga, Danny Trejo and Topher Grace. Dumped on an alien planet against their will, this group of unsavory characters finds themselves being hunted by a gaggle of bizarre and deadly creatures, the least of which being the titular character(s). Brody has big shoes to fill – essentially replacing Arnie as Dutch – and wouldn't you know it, the Oscar winning actor pulls it off. Laurence Fishburne also appears, making the best of a brief appearance. Fishburne chews up the screen and steals just about every scene in perhaps his juiciest role since "The Matrix."

    The film certainly has the Rodriguez touch, but Antal definitely puts on a good show on his own. Not only does the film look good (taking advantage of its Hawaiian location), but it is every bit as fast-paced and fun as it should be, too. The only real flaw at hand would be that the central characters aren't fleshed out enough for us to truly connect with them. While the actors themselves turn in fine performances, it's the fault of the script for not giving us enough to care about when the group starts getting picked off one by one. In the end, though, it doesn't serve to tear down the good times at hand. "Predators" is a more than worthy trip back to the jungle and aims to please its core audience. Possibly the most faithful sequel in recent memory, it's worth watching to be reminded of a time when sci-fi and action were at their peak and goofy looking creatures from across the universe rocked our collective world.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There is something in the original film that makes you watch it again and again. From the trademark sound effect when a Predator switches vision to the tension of being stalked.

    Both and more are used to good effect in this latest instalment. I am a huge fan of anything to do with this storyline/universe, so I may slightly biased in what I say.

    Acting was decent, effects were good. I was looking fairly closely at the 'dogs' and they were pretty neatly done.

    Storyline was perhaps a little predictable, but then there was enough for this type of movie. Only thing for me that could have been better would be the main characters weapon. It looked to me like an AA12, but it didn't contribute very well to the image of the character. Something that looked a bit meaner perhaps?
  • scttdvnny29 September 2018
    After being left disappointed by Alien vs Predator Requiem, this was a breath of fresh air. Nothing much I can say that hasn't been said in other reviews.....that is, apart from being shocked at some of the very low ratings of this movie. Pay no attention to these people. They obviously weren't loved as a child :D
  • In a season of remakes, re-imagining's and sequels, Predators certainly lives up to what's expected of it. It's a re-imagining of the classic 80's action movie which had Arnie take the reigns as the leader of a super band of commando's being hunted by an extra terrestrial in the middle of the (jungle), and ended up spawning quite a franchise, consisting of a sequel, and 2 movie mash ups, the Alien vs. Predator films. Fans of the original and followers of the franchise can be forgiven for being weary of this remake (after all, I was), but believe me, Predators is the best in the series since the original.

    Predators, as the name suggests, features more than 1, which alone makes you wonder how true to the original this will be. Well, the movie approaches this question in a strange way. First, it takes the original premise of a band of elite warriors being hunted by an unstoppable alien menace, and gives quite a unique and refreshing twist, delivering another band of elite warriors, but this time being hunted by 3 Predators, and on THEIR planet, rather than Earth. Then on top of this, Predators takes much of what made the original great; the cheesy dialogue, the big guns, the crude humour, and even some of the same great moments, and adds them in to give Predators its own unique style, while still paying a worthy homage to the classic. There are some direct references to please the original fans, but it's not spoiled by filling it with references that only the die-hard fans would understand like many other movies are. Most of the action scene's deliver and the fire fights are well done. The scenery of the planet is beautiful (though it's actually only Hawaii), and the movie generally has a good pace, despite some times where this falters. And I have to award bonus points for the movie's opening: it was a unique way of introducing us to the situation, and without giving too much away, it sucks you in, even if it is a little far-fetched.

    But don't get too excited, the movie definitely has its problems. Some of the dialogue, especially of one character is just bad, and I'm still not sure whether or not it tried to do it purposely and just failed, or if the writers just scribbled down anything they could think of at the last minute. Then there's also some back-story and deeper meaning to the entire Predator universe and their scenario, which is nice, but at times it really drags on and takes the rest of the movie down with it. There's also one specific scene, which includes a homage to the original, but is ridiculous, and apart from the reference, it's almost laughable. One of the biggest things that got me though, and it may not annoy others, is the amount of Predator screeches and screams. It seemed as though every 5 minutes, another Predator was screaming for some unknown reason. Maybe he didn't hit what he was aiming for, maybe he trod on a sharp rock, or maybe his Predator wife left him and he's not taking too well, but any way I don't care what's happened, so please stop screaming at me! The casting is strange to say the least. Adrien Brody, trying to channel the essence of Schwarzenegger, and who would have been my last pick as an action hero, pulls off the role surprising well. Most of the actors perform satisfyingly, and the brief appearances by Laurence Fishburne and Danny Trejo are a nice touch. My only queries with the casting are that of Topher Grace. He spends the entire movie seeming out of place, not quite fitting in to the situation, and at no point is he even slightly convincing as the character he is meant to portray.

    Predators was released with some big shoes that it knew it had to fill, and so instead of trying to outdo the original or be new and fresh, it uses what made the original great to its advantage. I must say kudos to Nimrod Antal for directing, and kudos to the make-up department, because they definitely outdid themselves with this project. Predators is a refreshing shot in the arm to a nearly dead franchise, and stands out in the ocean of movie remakes and sequels that Hollywood is churning out. For what it's designed to be, an action blockbuster popcorn flick, it definitely delivers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Predators is the best summer movie so far and one of the best of the year. I'll be honest I've only seen three summer movies. There was Iron Man 2, The A Team and now Predators. It's just been a really Summer for movies. You can just tell by the previews that they aren't going to be remotely good. Now out of the three Predators is the best movie.

    Predators hearkens back to the first Predators movie. Breaking from the recent horrible Alien Vs Predator movies. The movie has the same feel as the first movie. It also has the same kind of set up a group off harden killers try to survive against a group of Predators. I had some lingering doubts that this movie would be good but I was wrong, it was great. It had a great premise. Instead of hunting on Earth the Predators take humans to another planet. A planet wide game preserve where the Predators hone their skills.

    The characters introductions won't be a surprise to many people. The loner but reluctant leader. The man with a family. The silent warrior. It goes on from there. There is one character you won't be able to read, because he just doesn't belong with the group which was a nice twist. The actors from Adrien Brody and Topher Grace to Alice Braga and Danny Trejo all did really good jobs with their characters. The only person I had a problem with and the only real problem I had with the movie was Noland (Laurence Fishburne). What was the point of his character except to movie the plot along and they really didn't need him for that. And I like the actor too. He almost always plays interesting characters. It's just in this movie he was pointless.

    The action and special effects were truly well done. There were many great scenes. But my favorite had to be the scene between Hanzo (Louis Ozawa Changchien) and one of the predators. I won't give anything away but it was one of the best if not the best scenes of the movie.

    The ending of the movie was open ended which I really liked. There's so many directions they can take this franchise as long as they don't go back to the Alien Vs Predator type of movie I think I'll be happy. Overall this is a excellent movie. Out of the three Predator movies (I just chose to believe the AVP movies never existed) I would have to say this is the second best movie. It was ha hard choice between the first one and this one but I just love the Arnold and the cast of the first movie more. In fact all the Predator movies were great it's just that the first one was the best.

    Predator 5/5 Predators 5/5 Predators 2 4.5/5
  • I had high expectations for Predators since I knew that producer, Robert Rodrigeuz was aware of how much fans despised the the AVP films and that he wanted to make the "real" sequel to Predator. Predator is a great action film, so how could the sequel live up to the original? They make the sequel its own; the film takes place on the predator's planet, the lead actor is not the macho hero of the 80s but instead rather reluctant and they create interesting characters.

    Adrien Brody may at first seemed like an unusual choice for the lead character but he is interesting to watch and brings something new to the film. After all, he is an Oscar winning actor and his journey into a new role is fun to watch. While the script is not Oscar worthy, it keeps the viewer in suspense and never takes the audience out of the film.

    The supporting cast are interesting and come with their own stories. They include a Russian soldier, a Yakuza member, a convict and a Black Ops sniper. While some have more screen time than others, they play off each other well and are interesting to watch.

    Being the sequel to Predator (and that other film, which I won't mention) action is expected and the film delivers. One of the first action scenes involves predator beasts charging at the characters and it is exciting to watch. This is the same for the rest of the action scenes that keep the audience entertained.

    While the first Predator film asked the what they were been hunted by, this time they are asking where are they, who is responsible and how are they going to get back home? In some ways I felt that this film was leading up to a sequel that will be bigger and better in every way, but unlike some of the slower episodes of Lost, you go with it because it is the journey that is important as the film is not treading water. Without spoiling anything, something happens halfway through the film, which reveals more but asks new questions as well.

    Predators is not perfect but it is enjoyable to watch and will keep you interested in seeing what happens next. The film delivers on what it promises and fans should not be disappointed.
  • acu76119 October 2010
    Loved every minute of this movie. Was it Oscar material? NO! However, it was entertaining and fun to watch from start to finish. The characters are pretty thin and not much story develops outside of just staying alive. Royce is the "cool" guy in the squad and all the best lines come from him. Although the Topher Grace and the "death row" inmate have some classic lines also. I just want to add how nice it was to see the Predators doing what they to best again. No more Alien hunting. This is a true follow-up to the original and everything is kept very simple. Shoot a lot of bullets, miss every time and get killed in a horrible way. Perfect!
  • The original Predator movie was a classic, largely because of its simplistic plot, but naturally helped along by the presence of Mr Schwarzenegger up against a cool alien.

    Then came Predator 2 - the same cool alien, but no Austrian counterpart. Then came those Aliens vs Predator movies and the less said about them the better. Unfortunately, these three misfires left the Predator franchise a bit dead in the water.

    Hooray for 'Predators.' Okay, so it'll never outdo the original. In fact, sometimes it gets so close to the original that you could be mistaken for thinking it's a bit of a remake. But it's not. Don't worry about it. Although technically more of a sequel to Predator 2 than the first movie, Predators keeps everything that is good about the original and just sort of shakes them all around a bit.

    Predators gives us another jungle, albeit on an alien planet instead of South America, a bunch of hunted humans, this time all sorts of mercenaries instead of one platoon of Americans and three hunting aliens instead of just the loner.

    If you can get over having (the only slightly skinnier) Adrian Brody in place of Conan the Terminator and were a fan of the original, you'll probably like this. There are plenty of nods to the first film and it shows us a little more of what those dastardly head-hunting aliens get up to. They even bring their 'dogs' along for the ride.

    If you like your action bloodthirsty and non-stop, this ones for you (even if Arnie couldn't make the cameo that was originally written for him).
  • Predators is directed by Nimród Antal and stars Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Laurence Fishburne, Oleg Taktarov & Danny Trejo. It's co-produced out of 20th Century Fox by Robert Rodriguez, John Davis & Elizabeth Avellan, with writing credits going to Michael Finch, Alex Litvak and Jim & John Thomas. It's shot on location in the Hawaiian jungle with Gyula Pados on cinematography, while John Debney reworks Alan Silvestri's score from the 1987 film Predator.

    The plot sees eight former members of Earth - mercenaries, soldiers, criminals and a doctor, who are literally dropped into a jungle on an alien planet. Why or how they got there is not known, but pretty soon it is apparent they must work together for they are being hunted by an unseen enemy. Hunted, it seems, for sport.

    In 1987 John McTierrnan gave the movie world Predator, a ballsy Vietnam allegory that pitted Arnold Schwarzenegger and a host of other considerably sized beefcakes against one bad ass mandible wearing alien hunter. Since then the franchise has steadily got worse (though the Danny Glover led sequel is far from a disaster), reaching a crushingly bad nadir with Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem in 2007. Enter Robert Rodriguez who in the mid 90s had done a treatment for a Predator sequel - with Schwarzenegger in mind to return. However, it didn't happen and it's only now, with the franchise at rock bottom, that his script has been reworked and funded to give us Predators, the sequel to McTiernan's 87 ball buster.

    The set up is a little different but in truth the formula is exactly the same as the original movie. Macho guys and a girl in the jungle are being hunted by something very bad. Alpha male, though, is not going to take it lying down, cue deaths, explosions and much macho posturing. Here in is the main problem with Antal' s movie, it's ticking the same boxes whilst homaging for all it's worth, which is fine since it's hugely entertaining in that Saturday night popcorn way. But there's little to no braveness in the writing. Sure there's some bonuses in the form of alien pets, a predator feud arc and a bonkers midsection with the introduction of another character. Yet as the carnage unfolds, the plot doesn't go anywhere other than where we expect it to go, while there's a huge character misstep in the final third that is more laughable than being the twister it's obviously meant to be.

    However, if taken purely as a piece of salted popcorn, the film delivers enough thrills and excitement to warrant the viewing because the action comes thick and fast. From the breathtaking opening as we are literally dropped into the jungle with Adrien Brody, to the inevitable face off for the finale, we have been treated to stabs, chops, thrusts, dismemberment's, beheadings and everyones personal fave - spine ripping! All this and there's barely any blood spilt, lest the green kind counts of course? While the new look predators are awesome, more meaner in tone, with new armour and devoid of the pointless characterisation that others in the franchise have tried to give them, these are unremitting killers, lets leave them like that please! And while it lacks the dark humour of McTiernan's movie, it does have a wry sense of knowing, normally with the portrayal of Royce by Brody.

    Brody is just fine, it's a performance that shows that should he ever want to make the easy money available in action/adventure type movies? Then he will have no problem getting work. He's buffed up, given himself a gruffer voice and more than shows a capable hand at punching, firing and sticking the tongue firmly in cheek. The others, unsurprisingly, are walking clichés, with some obviously only there to be deathly slotted more quickly than the others. The fun here is in waiting to see who gets it first/next and etc. It has to be said, though, that Topher Grace is not only annoying, he's also very miscast, but in fairness he's not exactly helped by the writing of his character either.

    Not great but hugely enjoyable popcorn fodder. A sequel would be welcome, but with Rodriguez directing and a new face on the writing panel. 7/10
  • Overall the movie was interesting & entertaining. However, the cursing was completely unnecessary and not in context with the flow of the film.

    Royce and Isabelle performed the majority of the acting and their ability was of decent quality. Yakuza Hanzo was also a formidable foe regarding his acting ability; respectful.

    Isabelle carried a much needed persona of charisma to the film while Royce fulfilled all that was expected. The remainder of the actors were additions without any level of interest.

    Although, the ending was somewhat bongo, Royce carried a very sharp machete that would have made a big difference when attacking the blinded Predator of which he did not use... One should view the film a few times (dvd) to note the full feature of the film which is difficult to weigh with only one sitting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Predators is an enjoyable action film littered with homages and references to the original, it's a treat to watch as a long-time fan of one of Schwarzeneggers best. From the setting, to the music, to the character archetypes, even lines of dialogue and set pieces, everything is presented as a love letter to Predator. "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard plays over the ending credits, which is a nod to the famous helicopter scene at the beginning of Predator, this was a particularly nice touch and one of the less overt references. The film knows what the audience wants and it doesn't waste any time getting right in to the action. This new installment adds a few new features to the franchise however the original predator design is still featured here, which is another example of the film makers respect for the first film and an understanding of what the hardcore fan-base is here to see. At the end of the day this is a B grade action flick, but then so was John McTiernan's 1987 classic. The success comes from a certain degree of self awareness and fan service that is thoroughly enjoyable and reminiscent of the early 90's style of unapologetic goofy action.
  • This movie is great. It doesn't insult the viewers like AVP did, this movie doesn't touch on those two films at all. It uses the original film for background and thats all. It was very well written and well acted.

    Adrien Brody impressed the hell out of me in this film but the entire cast was well selected. Alice Braga does an excellent job of playing her character but not over playing her character. That's a serious pet peeve of mine and finally someone got it right.

    People who say this movie sucked need to crawl back under the rock they came from and come back out when they grow a brain. Not an Oscar worthy flick but a damn good one anyway.

    8/10 only because I predicted the ending in the first 10 minutes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You gotta wonder how something strong enough to punch through metal walls, or rip your spine out of your back with one hand while you're alive and struggling against it, could realistically be defeated in hand-to-hand combat by a human being (no more than one occasion...), and I was also left wondering why sometimes their weapons disintegrate their targets and other times they're just plain nonlethal, but other than that - as long as you keep in mind that the predators aren't interested in killing things so much as they are interested in hunting them for sport - the movie is remarkably lacking in the typical huge question signs.

    I don't know what you had expected to see when sitting down to watch this movie if you ended up giving it less than 5 or 6 rating. It doesn't to anything new or particularly interesting (though I liked the premise of predators abducting people and dropping them on the preserve), but the action is solid, the acting is solid, and the characters are interesting AND they're not (too) huge idiots.

    My biggest gripe is that I really would've liked to see survivors be rewarded with a trip back home in typical honorable hunter-style, which would seem to fit with predator behavior. Yeah they abduct you, throw you out of airplanes while you're unconscious and then hunt you, kill you, skin you, rip your spine out and make a trophy out of your skull, but they usually give respect where respect us due - and respect is due to any human who manages to defeat one of them. But I guess the ending we got was alright.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just to clear the air, this film is not a reboot or a remake of Predator and its associated follow ups. Rather, it is an able complement to the established mythos, adding its own two cents worth to an expanding franchise, even though it chose to ignore the crossover hybrids with the Versus Aliens films, and connects itself directly to the first Predator film by John McTiernan starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Produced by Roger Rodriguez and directed by Nimrod Antal who did films like Kontroll, Vacancy and Armoured, Predators clearly met its objectives it set out to achieve without flashy fanfare, with Antal providing assured direction in the many set action pieces that don't rely on the hair-tearing quick MTV-styled cuts so just to let you know everything's kinetic and hyper. Some scenes will also get your eyebrows raised at how gory and violent this installment can get, with in-your-face dismemberment, and even one which shows how cruelly wicked the Predator can be with a move that closely resembles a "finish him" from Mortal Kombat.

    The story is kept simple with one primary plot, and that is to witness how a band of para- military personnel get to outwit and outlast the Predators as they learn that they're prey and game for the alien beings, which are armed to the teeth in advanced weaponry, armour and various sensors like infra-red, with electromagnetic pulses ready to discharge and wreck havoc on human rifles. It's not a fair fight, especially when it comes to the famed cloaking camouflage that gives the Predators an advantage.

    But hey, who says hunting sport has to be fair anyway? In fact, this film only serves to cement the franchise plot point of having as many characters as possible to add to body count, and we're almost unlikely to hope for anyone to emerge unscathed when faced with such odds. But well, Schwarzenegger's character did it in the first film through a simple battle strategy, so perhaps this group of rag-tags have some of the same luck as well. Given the Predator's penchant to play with their game, don't expect instant blood and gore as a few teasers have to be in place, before the first death occurs (well, death to an unidentifiable actor, is no count)

    Leading the team is Adrien Brody's reluctant soldier of fortune, who decides early on that while he's a member of the human tribe, he's not going to forge any emotional bonds with anyone, being quite dogged and determined to leave the gaming planet alive. This of course irks Isabelle (Alice Braga) the female soldier from Israel who holds a few secrets of her own, and others from the likes of Chechnyan soldier Nicolai (Oleg Taktarov) to the odd one out in Doctor Edwin (Topher Grace), given the rest have tasted real life action in the killing fields, now brought through alien abduction to a planet whose atmosphere is almost identical to Earth, for a game of survival skills.

    The story also allows time to dwell on moral dilemma and ethical issues that fighters face in combat, with the strategies employed by the Predators seem to have come out of familiar theatres of war and rules of engagement, where traps are set not to kill but to maim, and fellow survivors forced to make hard decisions as to saving their new found compatriots, or whether it's all man for himself. While offering no surprise twists, with the A-list cast here you can bet that they are all roles which offer a slight challenge, and to see how what we have assumed is the rabbit of the group, able to flip the other way round gradually to reveal some violent, inner ambition.

    One of the selling points here is of course watching Adrien Brody play the brooding action hero complete with bulging biceps and washboard stomach. The lack of young, emerging alpha-males in the action genre has somehow led to dramatic actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal and now Brody to hit the gym to buff up for films that require the baring of torso, to make the characters they play more believable, since they are soldiers of sorts hell bent on saving the day. Laurence Fishburne did what he could with his limited appearance in becoming the oracle that is to educate everyone on what conditions are like on the unnamed planet.

    But one thing that will be missed, is those frequent POVs as seen through the Predator's eyes and hi-tech helmet. The filmmakers seem to want to steer clear of this since it doesn't offer anything new, but I always thought it was cool to adopt the Predator's first perspective. That aside, Predators delivered when it mattered, even though the story seemed like a shade of the original, and the aliens aren't really using the entire plethora of weapons available to them. One can continuously make the Predator films since this one opened doors, and it'll be interesting to see how others apply their take on the mythos now.
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