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  • Missing for over 20 years from IMDb (I just added it to the database moments ago), Bud Lee's "Hardwood" is a forgotten treat, a wonderful romance starring Syren in a great role that demonstrates Lee's unsung skill and sincerity as one of Adult Cinema's all-time best directors.

    The uncredited screenplay (my best guess would be George Kaplan as author, given his work at this time with Lee) presents Syren's story from a feminist point-of-view, not strident but utterly sympathetic. She works as a carpenter involved in home construction, following in her father's footsteps. She has to cope with her male chauvinist boyfriend (Steve Hatcher, well-cast) who rather than be supportive is always criticizing her hard-hat look, preferring she were more feminine (and submissive) rather than working in a traditionally male role.

    On her way to finding true romance and a very happy, upbeat ending with architect on the job Randy Spears, impressive in a warm, understated performance from an actor who usually would have been given the Hatcher role to overplay. Supporting cast is also piloted nicely by director Lee, including Taylor St. Claire as the very sexy homeowner who seduces Syren, Alexandra Silk as a bartender who listens to Hatcher's whining and seduces him on the bar's handy pool table, and always reliable Tina Tyler as Syren's boss.

    Initially styled quite butch, Syren gets to go glamorous (for her fans) in time for the finale with Spears. Adam & Eve release from the VHS era was reissued on a double-sided DVD in tandem with another forgotten Lee/Syren feature: "Hot Copy".