• WARNING: Spoilers

    Tosh.0, a show by Comedy central, is a weekly show starring comedian Daniel Tosh. Each week we are introduced with an opening clip that features a funny video which then rolls to the Tosh.0 title. After that, we are introduced with Daniel Tosh making a mark about the first video along with finding the layout of tonight's show. The first "sequence" of the show includes a few videos joked about by Tosh then ends with the Video Breakdown for that week. The Video Breakdown is a segment in which Tosh "breakdowns" (hence the name) the video with a series of jokes. Then once in the second sequence we "meet" the contender for the weeks Web Redemption where Tosh gives a person (or group) a chance to redeem themselves from the embarrassing moment they had. In the third and fourth sequence of the show we are always introduced to a new segment to the show ranging from show challenges to "Twispers" (Twitter Whispers) but is always changing. Also within the 3rd sequence we get the chance to see the Viewer Video of the Week which is a viewer submitted clip of a, you could say, hilarious 8 seconds of fame. After Tosh is done with the show we get a pan out that includes the infamous green screen.