Every episode, there is a moment where Daniel Tosh references a canceled Comedy Central show by name before going to commercial break. (e.g. "We'll be right back with more Shorties Watchin' Shorties.")

As pointed out by Tosh in one episode, the "lets see how many funny comments we can post in twenty seconds" segment does not actually last twenty seconds.

Daniel Tosh stated in an interview that he and the production team wanted to get Ghyslain Raza, better known as "Star Wars Kid", to film a Web Redemption. Unlike most internet celebrities, Raza was publicly harassed and bullied by many people because of the video. After recovering from depression, he became a law student in his early 20's.

Unlike most of Comedy Central's live-action programming, "Tosh.0" has a smaller production team and value. It is the network's highest rated show since 2009.

Originally, Tosh's rant on the film "The Human Centipede" lasted more than 20 minutes without any editing. The uncut segment can be seen on Comedy Central's website.

Although many online celebrities appear on the show to re-enact and "redeem" themselves, according to Daniel Tosh, other online celebrities have refused to participate and move on with their lives.

Before "Tosh.0", Daniel Tosh filmed an unreleased project on 2008 titled "The Daniel Tosh Show". His project consists of touring around Aspen and interviewing comedians George Carlin and Nick Swardson, all in his fast-paced approach. The video was later released on Tosh's Myspace page.

Tosh claims to have created the largest reaction video for the infamous shock video, "2 Girls 1 Cup".