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  • This is most definitely for the little little ones. It was nice, but not up to par with other Barbie movies. Previous movies and even the shows have had more depth, this is also not a musical. No inspiring messages either, but it was wholesome and safe. If you're already a Barbie fan and/or you're older, you'll see where the movie is going within 15 - 20 minutes. Hopefully the next Barbie movie will have a little more depth. The next movie is slated for some time later this year.
  • I could definitely see a child enjoying this movie. As an older viewer, I really liked a few of the smaller animation details. The characters were funny enough and I managed to laugh a few times. It's an average kid film: not too obnoxious. I wish the music were a bit better, but I think the animation makes up for that. The characters were all cute and pleasant to look at.

    Overall, it was a bit forgettable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, fellow parents, I have tolerated previous Barbie MATTEL films, they have always been filled with great messages and good, Christian values for my young children. My daughter, Abyghail, LOVES Barbie and her cute little sisters (not to mention their adorable puppies). However, this Barbie franchise began heading downhill as soon as Barbara Roberts started losing and neglecting all three of her younger sisters, as well as her pet puppies!!!

    The youngest sibling under God, Chelsea Roberts, embarks on a journey that is reminiscent of a drug-induced hallucination. Not only do ABNORMALLY LARGE animals begin communicating with the young lady, but they also are featured to have human-like personalities and abilities. These human-adjacent creatures are shown to be wearers of the blasphemous makeup product "Eyeliner", which no young child should be subject to exposure of before their blooming ages! This depiction could easily confuse and scar younglings! Humans are the only beings capable of a relationship with Christ! This zoological mix-up is a disappointing and lazy on behalf of the MATTEL writing staff. Along with this, Chelsea utters an ungodly word, (children look away) "dam" when speaking about a device to block water. My children have repeated this word at least twice in the past few months, which I cannot allow!

    Barbara Millicent Roberts and her mother, Marhgaret, do not pay any attention to the rest of the family, especially not Chelsea, who is only SIX years old!! Barbie allows her other sisters to fall into quicksand and doesn't even seem surprised when she has to fish them out! Margharet only focuses on her profession, fixing the cruise boat, for the entire movie, not even looking for her lost children. If Barbie does not get her act together in future films, my children will no longer be allowed to watch or play with Barbie MATTEL products. We will simply return all of their Barbie toys back to Target.

    The second, clearly adopted sister, Skipper Roberts seems to be a fine role model in the beginning of the film, but then you see her true side. I decided to look past her colored hair in the beginning, but viewers can really tell that she only wants to be in the music industry and party every day. She's very obviously into raves, which she clearly pushed onto her youngest sister Chelsea (6, turning 7). While watching this movie, my twelve year old daughter, Abyghail, asked to have hair like Skipper's! Completely UNACCEPTABLE!! Luckily, I was able to convince her to keep her naturally, God-given Barbie-colored hair.

    The third (athletic) sister, Staciey Roberts plays a small part in this film, but is shown to be impulsive and immature, even for her young age (who knows what that is!) She gets into many difficult situations because of Barbie and her mother's neglect. She pushes her athletic agenda onto all of her sisters, and doesn't listen to anyone else. If she keeps focusing on only sporty activities, she will never ever find a good Christian husband.

    Looking on the bright side of this film, I was happy to see that Barbie's "best friend" Kenneth Sean Carson did not appear in this holy film. I've always thought that she was far too young to be in a romantic relationship, even if MATTEL says they are only friends. Myself, I didn't start courting young men until I was 25. Such a young female should be focused on her biblical studies and devotion to her family and our lord, NOT sinful activities involving physical courtships!

    The pink-haired assistant lady was very strange, always talking like a pirate and being very unladylike. I did not like her hair at all, her masculine fringe was far too short and colored for my liking... My children began speaking like her after watching the movie, which I had to stop multiple times throughout the week. Overall, the pink-haired girl simply annoyed me.

    My favorite character in the whole movie was Mr. George Roberts. He was so beautiful and funny and caring! He spent time with his daughters and even kept them safe whenever he could! Mr. Roberts could absolutely do no wrong. He was hot.

    Overall, bad movie. Extra star the dad. This movie is just cold, but the dad is hot. Not as hot as Anthony Hopkins though... Signing off, Deborah (Mother of four)
  • Well in my opinion I did not enjoy this movie their voices were high pitch and gave me a headache and has many dangerous decisions in it. But if you are five or younger you may enjoy it.