Ethan Mascarenhas: Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love deeply. Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret anything that made you smile.

Ethan Mascarenhas: Life is very short, my friends. But it is long enough, if you live with all your heart.

Ethan Mascarenhas: You know, Sofia, I think it's the applause I miss the most.

Omar Siddiqui: So your first magic trick was the raining coins?

Ethan Mascarenhas: No. The smile on my mama's face, that was my first magic trick.

Advocate Devyani Dutta: Do you need anything else?

Ethan Mascarenhas: Some sex would be good. Bring me one packet of condoms and one beautiful, willing woman, please. What do you say?

Sofia D'Souza: Radio station has sent a new producer. Shall I send him?

Ethan Mascarenhas: Forget that damn producer! What about my bedsores? You have not done a single thing right since today morning. You seem to forget a lot nowadays. The only thing you do enjoy is changing my pajamas.

Omar Siddiqui: May I give you a hug, sir?

Ethan Mascarenhas: Oh no, no, no. I have enough attachments already.

Father Samuel: Ethan, our religion does not permit Euthanasia.

Ethan Mascarenhas: That's why I am appealing in the court, Father, and not in the church.

Ethan Mascarenhas: You are joining us as well, Father?

Father Samuel: Haha, Ethan! What you are going to do is a sin.

Ethan Mascarenhas: Well then may the Lord forgive you, Father. Because you have just lent your hand in this sin.

Sofia D'Souza: That would be two beers and for Mr. Mascarenhas, chicken soup and breadsticks, please.

Ethan Mascarenhas: Ah you meant fun for you and breadsticks for me? That's entertainment, Sofia style!

Omar Siddiqui: Sir that's too mean!

Sofia D'Souza: That's okay, Omar! That day remains incomplete for us both without his taunts.

Ethan Mascarenhas: Will you marry me, Sofia? I mean now that you are free and all, you know? Will you?

Ethan Mascarenhas: Let me fulfil your wish before going. Say yes, Sofia. You won't get this chance again. Say yes. Say yes, Sofia.

Sofia D'Souza: Oh Mr. Mascarenhas...

Ethan Mascarenhas: Ethan... I think you can call me Ethan now.

Sofia D'Souza: Then you can... you can call me Mrs. Mascarenhas now.

Ethan Mascarenhas: Whoa! Well now that's a love story!

Ethan Mascarenhas: Mrs. Mascarenhas...

Sofia D'Souza: Ethan...

Ethan Mascarenhas: Till death do us apart.

Sofia D'Souza: This hasn't been easy for me either. From the day I stepped into this house as a nurse, I have spent every moment trying to ensure that his health does not deteriorate any further. He lives a life of dignity. I have forgotten my home, I have no kids, I have put up with an abusive husband but I had just one thing in mind - I have to keep Ethan alive. I have done this for 12 years and I will do this all my life. This is my life.

Advocate Devyani Dutta: We are not talking about your life here. This is about Ethan and his life. I know that you have done a lot for Ethan and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that, I really do...

Sofia D'Souza: But the truth that for the past 14 years, he is alive on a 4*6 bed, in a 15*20 room. He can feel nothing in his body. Nothing! Oh, for God's sake, he does not even know when he is passing urine or stool until you clean it up for him!

Advocate Devyani Dutta: And this is never going to change, Sofia. You know it very well and so do I.

Sofia D'Souza: So, so, I will stand by Ethan. And I will see to it that he gets what he wants.

Omar Siddiqui: Sir, Sofia has prepared this soup with a lot of love. Have some of it! If you don't eat then Rosy and Maria will tell Sofia and she will kill me.

Ethan Mascarenhas: Sofia! Sofia! Sofia! She is made of marble from the outside, and granite from the inside.

Omar Siddiqui: What a lady no?

Ethan Mascarenhas: What a lady!

Omar Siddiqui: What a lady!

Ethan Mascarenhas: What a lady!