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  • heartion15 October 2009
    For those still in withdrawal from the cancellation of Arrested Development, let me write you a prescription: Modern Family. The comparisons are obvious and with good reason. The postmodern comedy for the 21 century was ushered in by The Office(UK) and Arrested Development, but I, for one, doubted something could come along and satiate my longing for another truly, original comedy. Albeit, you may initially be wary to see yet another mockumentary-style show, but by the end of the pilot, you'll be smiling/laughing way too hard to stay cynical. Thus far, the plot lines have been really fresh and the characters are so, for lack of a better word, lovable. This show fulfills all my comedy needs, and I feel like I must resort to the listing of relevant adjectives: Witty, dry, smart, outlandish, silly, clever, cute, sarcastic, subtle, not-so subtle. HILARIOUS. I hate to say it, but the laugh tracks and raw goofyness of classic sitcoms like 'Seinfeld' and 'Friends' are obsolete and leave something to be desired. You will find that something in Modern Family. And who knows, maybe some of the more painfully funny and poignant scenarios will reveal insight into the changing dynamics of both the modern family and modern comedy. Great show. Period. And let's get it right this time around: don't cancel good TV shows. Pretty please?
  • Give this show a chance. I really kind of watched it against my will, but figured I'd give it a shot. I bet out of a hundred pilots, I would like maybe one - this was that one. I literally laughed out loud at numerous parts - the way that it comes together is interesting / well-done - each couple has an interesting balance - great dialog (IMDB won't let me spell it with a "ue" at the end) - original characters - I'm impressed.

    I don't think I've ever seen ABC come out with something in this vein. Normally their shows are a bit watered down, but this is edgy and as fresh as anything I've seen hit network TV. I know that comparisons to Arrested Development will be frequent, but I think that this has more structure. The characters aren't as wacky, but they're more believable and easier to sympathize with in my eyes. Tremendous acting, great kid actors - I forwarded the pilot to a bunch of people already, and I feel lucky that I got to watch it before it came out officially.
  • Up to Season 7 was great, a laugh a minute but season 8 & 9 just bomb I think I manage one laugh a show. They should rename it to Sarcasm Family it's just full of bickering and bad jokes.
  • bob-dow22 October 2009
    Modern Family is one of the best shows on TV in 2009.

    It's written by smart and funny people. It shares some DNA with Arrested Development and Fraiser, but has a little bit more heart.

    6 episodes in and I am still impressed and still laugh out loud.

    I usually avoid ABC because their programming in years past has been terrible and vanilla. Happy to see they have taken some chances on this show and hooray for them, it seems to be finding an audience and critics love it too.

    I usually hate shows with little kids in the cast... they usually end up getting used as cute crutches when writers run out of ideas, but Modern Family has been giving the kids sharp dialogue to match the grown ups.

    The gay Mitchell and Cameron couple are portrayed honestly and they are hilarious.

    The very underrated Ed O'Neill is pitch perfect as the grouchy but soft family patriarch. Sofía Vergara who plays his Colombian trophy wife is excellent and very funny in what could have been written as a terrible bimbo role.

    I wasn't sold on Ty Burrell as the dad who tries too hard to be cool after the pilot... but he's a slow burn, and now it works.

    Julie Bowen as the slightly off kilter mom adds an anchoring charm to the mix.

    Every person on this show gets good lines, and the quality is holding up... I hope they win a boatload of Emmys.
  • lisawilson1120 October 2009
    I just want to say that I love this show!! It is good family entertainment. I believe all of us can relate to someone in it or have a relative that can. For those of you who only saw the pilot (which I watched by accident and loved)please don't give up on it, it is really good comedy. I can't decide who my favorite character is, Cam, Phil...all of them, each week another one cracks me up. I rarely watch TV but this one has me hooked. I agree that the format is much like The Office, which I also think is funny, but the shots to the camera, the expressions are some of the best parts. We have all of the shows on dvr because my daughter and I usually can't wait till the next Wednesday to see it again! Again...Best show in years!
  • When I saw summer promos of this sit com I thought it looked forced and very predictable. As Cam would exclaim, "Surprise!" It is well cast, written, and consistently laugh out loud funny. The documentary camera bit is actually as well done, no, even better than one of the best, The Office. I recognized most of the talented adult cast, they have great chemistry, and it was so hilarious when Shelley Long guest starred as the ex wife. But it is the kid actors on the show who are amazingly well directed in their parts- Manny, as a son, stepson, brother, uncle, and cousin is a hoot: he can wisecrack with the best of them, and then break your heart when dad isn't able to fulfill his promise for the weekend. I always thought Steve Levitan did agreat job with "Just Shoot Me", on NBC and I think he and ChristopherLloyd have got a hit show for ABC. Take a look at this so ABC won't cash in on some more ridiculous reality shows.
  • I saw the trailer for this show a while back and was instantly intrigued. Shot in a "mockumentary" style it follows the lives of three couples who's various members are related as family members. Although the set-up is slightly cliché, a gay couple, a stereotypical family and a Columbian wife and son (from her first marriage) with her American husband, this is where the standard ends. The dialogue is fantastic and at many points I found myself really laughing quite loudly, something which is very rare for a TV show to accomplish for me personally. The casting is also spot on with the inclusion of Ed O'Neill (the infamous Al Bundy!), Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen and Sofía Vergara, with each actor really bringing something unique to the mix. I strongly recommend this show to anybody who appreciates good comedy, the "to-camera" sections of the dialogue have a very close resemblance to the original UK version of "The Office" and for those who are familiar with this, Modern Family will be a welcomed return. Great show, great acting, great script. Highly recommended.
  • Because I have not one, but two, DVRs I'm able to give all the new shows a chance, which I did with "Modern Family". Am I ever glad I did!! I have found that everything about this show is believable. Though the situations that occur during any given half-hour show would obviously never all happen in that short a stretch, I have no difficulty in believing that they would all happen. I never feel that anyone's exaggerating to draw a laugh or milking a laugh. It's just the only "laugh out loud for the whole show" on TV today. It is, IMHO, the funniest show since MASH, and that's saying some.

    There are some parallels to another of my favorites, the little appreciated "Arrested Development", "Modern Family" has its own unique flavor; and the flavor is . . . hilarious!!!
  • jwarpness21 September 2018
    The first 5 seasons of this show were as good as just about any sitcom that's been on tv. In season 5 however, it started to decline, drastically. I still watch because I've been here so long I want to finish it out, but most weeks it's painful. They 'jumped the shark' long ago, and the once hit comdedy has been on a traumatic tailspin ever since. Reading rumors as of late that the upcoming 10th season could be it's last, makes me feel somewhat, well, relieved.
  • I'm just gonna say that this show has gotten so bad lately that i started literally hating all characters. Each and every single one. Well, just about...

    After pretty good first few seasons, everything that followed was getting harder and harder to watch. Jokes are so lame that elicit more and more facepalms.

    The only character i still respect in this show is Ed O'Neill, and that is just because he used to be a women's shoe salesman... I will never forget Al Bundy.
  • I decided to check out "Modern Family" after hearing all of the critical praise about it. The show was five episodes in, so I caught up on the action online. And I must say that the acclaim is well-deserved. The show is nothing like what I'd imagined when I read about it. It is not a typical three-camera sitcom and it actually IS as gut-wrenchingly funny as people say.

    With any modern TV comedy, people are going to compare it with "Arrested Development", which is highly regarded as one of the greatest shows ever by many. "Modern Family" is not quite "A.D.", but I can see why some people may compare the two.

    "Modern Family", like "Arrested Development", is a comedy about a wacky extended family that is filmed in a quasi-documentary style, similar to "The Office". The characters don't acknowledge the camera, but they do contribute "talking head" segments to supplement the action. The show is less cartoony and surreal than "Arrested Development" or "30 Rock", but the comedy can still get pretty off-the-wall.

    The ensemble cast is great. There are three branches of a single family. The patriarch (Ed O'Neill) has re-married, bringing a Colombian-born wife and her son into the fold. The daughter (Julie Bowen) and her husband (Ty Burrell) have three kids. The son (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and his partner (Eric Stonestreet) have just adopted a Vietnamese baby. The show focuses mainly on the parents and how they raise their families and interact with each other in today's society.

    My favorite character is Phil (Burrell), who plays the dad who tries to be "hip". He means well, but he's really kind of a wimpy husband. Phil's always putting himself in awkward situations (without always realizing it) and some of his lines are hilarious. He tries so hard to be the "cool dad". Next I like Cameron (Stonestreet), who's gay and proud of it. He's sensible and sensitive and he has some great lines, too.

    Although I haven't really connected with the show like I have with some others (just a matter of personal style), there's no denying that "Modern Family" is an above-average comedy. It's written well, with humor sewn throughout the fabric of each episode, and each episode packs some laugh-out-loud moments. And I say this as someone who rarely actually bursts into audible laughter. (Occasionally, with shows like "A.D." or "30 Rock".) This show does it, though. Phil, in particular, has me in stitches.

    To give you a comparison, I'd say "Modern Family" is like a cross between "The Office" and "Arrested Development". Presented more like the former, with humor and content drifting more toward the latter. More grounded in reality than "A.D.", though, and without some of the triple-entendres and zingers.

    The show finds windows to sneak in some wholesome family morals like togetherness and acceptance, but the episodes always end with a laugh.

    But the rumors are true. "Modern Family" IS a very funny new comedy. Check it out on ABC or if you don't believe me. (Or wherever else it's available.) It definitely should be on your radar.
  • tacticalguy12 October 2009
    I wasn't sure about this show. I liked Ed O'Neil and wanted to see him succeed in another comedy. I talked my girlfriend into watching the pilot episode and we laughed uproariously. The casting was so good. Ed O'Neil's delivery is absolutely pitch perfect. Ty Burrell is annoying but, in the perfect over-compensating way that you would expect from a dad who feels his Life has aged while he has remained a teenager. Julie Bowen manages to under play her role as Ty's annoyed and insecure wife. Sofia Vergara is absolutely gorgeous as O'Neil's younger, Latina wife. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet are hysterical together. The show ties together so well each and every episode.
  • Modern Family is an exemplary show. It's got everything to love in a sitcom. It has humor, heart, great acting, great writing, likable characters, I could go on forever. The jokes are sharp, believable and it's also not too hyper like a lot of today's sitcoms are. It has quieter moments. And not that I'm bothered by a laugh track, but it also understands that you don't need a laugh track to be funny. I love to watch it with my family every Wednesday. My family and I love it to death. It's as well one of those rare examples of a show that hasn't suffered from what I like to call "SpongeBob Syndrome" (With flanderizing characters, recycling episode plots, etc.). I definitely recommend it :).
  • phd_travel8 February 2012
    Not funny at all! I gave this a chance and tried a few episodes but gave up. It's the opposite of laugh out loud funny! Why do so many people like this and why does it win so many awards? The situations are so contrived and exaggerated. People just stand around looking daft and some supposed joke takes place. Hate the camera work too.

    Sofia Vergara is quite a natural comic but the rest just look ill at ease and unpleasant.

    This is the most overrated comedy in years. How can this compare with Big Bang Theory?

    I can't be the only one who doesn't think this is funny.
  • This show run it's course after season 3. It's basically just repeated storylines each season. God only knows why this show is still running and why the cast, whose acting is simply awful, get paid so much. Somebody put this show out of its misery
  • Scripted shows that employ a documentary format often use the P.O.V. talking-head shot as a gimmick to put more visual variety into the show, and to create a style of story-telling that they hope will keep your attention without having to improve the plot or characterizations. You can tell because they often go back to the interview at the most weakly-written moments. This is one problem, but not the major one, with Modern Family. The aspects that disturb me the most are these: they're supposed to be modern families and there are no working mothers (do the writers misunderstand the term "post-feminist era"?) except for a few temporary jobs in single eps. Also there are no poor or even lower-middle-class characters. Actually, I do remember one character who was poor, but of course he was a one-time character on a Christmas episode. I'm sick of the characters whining about first-world problems like not being able to buy the "perfect gift" for their spouse on their birthday. What's so tragic about buying the iPad the day before or after their birthday? I realize this is a satire, but the writers don't seem to have that much contempt for the people they're satirizing. They don't seem to be TRYING to show how spoiled and self-centered many upper-middle-class are (it just comes out that way). That's not part of the satire, except maybe with the character of Haley (Sarah Hyland). Another thing that bothers me is that Claire (Julie Bowen) comes off as a lot crazier than the writers seem to intend. She's ALWAYS breathlessly freaking out, and it's more irritating than funny. In real life she's be at least an OUTpatient in some psychiatric facility. The gay couple (Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson) are gay stereotypes, especially Cameron, but since I hate political correctness and they're actually funny it doesn't bother me much. It would be nice, however, if the show did what it could to improve America's perception of gay people. Since Camoron is a prissy, whining, crying drama queen, the other character, Mitchell, could be the antithesis of a gay stereotype. The comedy could come from people thinking the character is straight. Manny's (Rico Rodriguez's) character doesn't resemble any human being on the planet. He's too cartoonish (sitcoms have always had kids who act like adults and adults who act like kids) and neither funny nor well-acted. On the positive side, Ed O'Neill is amazing as Jay Pritchett. As he was in "Married, With Children", he's like a comedy machine, delivering every line perfectly. To sum up, Modern Family is funny and entertaining but not particularly witty and intelligent, and uses a kind of soft-edged, sentimental satire that flatters, but doesn't challenge, the audience's ability to laugh at itself.
  • What's happened! Seasons 1 - 5 were absolutely hilarious "Modern Family" was the best show, one of my favourites in those seasons the writing was SO clever and the laughs were constant it genuinely was a very good show always entertaining with its "mockumentaty" style to it but after season 6 things obviously changed writing creativity was dropping off and the laughs weren't there anymore and seasons 7+ forget about it I'm not finding any laughter at all I hardly watch it anymore. The show had a really good run but they have dragged it on too much now and sadly have ended it poorly. If the show had been left at season 5 my rating would have been 9 - 10 stars and would have well and truly deserved each one but the older seasons have really hurt that rating they just aren't funny anymore and it's really disappointing. The kids have grown up and you just don't get the same laughs if any at all. Do yourself a favour if you're looking for a new show with lots of laughs definently watch this one watch seasons 1 - 5 and then stop! Don't ruin it for yourself I don't watch it anymore other than the odd one here and there just to see the show finish because I was so disappointed it's just boring cringe, worthy even. I'm so disappointed!! Why they felt they needed to make 10 seasons when the show had obviously lost its touch well before season 10 was been filmed and to ruin such an amazing show I'm so disappointed "Modern Family" I'll try to only think of your early seasons back when you were for sure worth the watch and I'll try to forget what a mess the shows become.
  • This show is the worst. The writing is, as if someone took cliché and patronizing story lines and ideas, pasted them to a dartboard, lobotomized a chimp and let her go nuts with fecal matter. The best part is the flung excrement, has more substance than the show itself. Did no one notice the desperation of of the casting, and ensemble of washed up untalented, familiar faces to play into the insecurities and dullness of the American viewer. This work of unintelligible garbage should to laid to rest, to make room for anything else. P.S. Anyone who compares this piece of self-indulgent, dimwitted, cliché, exploited deleted, sycophantic waste of space to "Arrested Development" should seek a psychological exam, because you are probably entitled to Mental Disability benefits. This show should be cancelled immediately before American Families become any stupider.
  • mfsucks9 September 2010
    I really don't know how people say this show is good. Believe me, it's not. I wanted to see this show because of the positive reviews it has received, so I watched the pilot first. It was boring, clichéd, and annoying. Even Ed O'Neill is bland and boring, that made me sad. The normal family (Phil Dunphy) is dumb and uninspired. The gay couple is stupid and annoying. I don't have anything against gay people, but the fat one is nothing less than annoying and disgusting. The other gay is OK, but he doesn't make me laugh at all. Sofia Vergara looks too much excited, like she's's really creepy. The kids are bland or clichéd at best. After the pilot, i though "Well, it's the pilot...maybe the second one is better...." Well, that's not true. Everything is bland and boring at best, or annoying and unbearable at worst. The characters, the story, the comic parts. Believe me, I tried to laugh with this...I couldn't. Now for the big picture.....there is no music whatsoever. It makes you feel like you're watching a home video, maybe that's why the series is boring. And finally the worst part.....the goes up, down, left, down, up,, who gave the camera to a 15 year old drunken kid? It makes me dizzy to watch this show, and with the story and characters, it makes me sick. I can't stand watching more than 5 minutes of this "thing" now. So, to summarize, DO NOT watch this series, there are better things out fact, almost everything could be better than THIS!
  • I've only watched a few episodes from the first season, but, aside from not containing one iota of actual comedy, this is one of the most offensive shows ever created, and the writers should be castrated. One could understand if this were satire or black comedy, but it simply isn't anything, while it does succeed in offending practically every minority group on the planet, especially gays and hispanics. Instead of a real gay couple were served up with a couple of raving gay queens. Instead of a hispanic, were are treated to a modern day Carmen Miranda. But speaking as a gay person, this is the most offensive piece of garbage since Will and Grace. I know the networks have no class, talent or style in their work, but this is beyond all that. Simply pathetic!
  • oyvind198021 April 2012
    I just bought this after a friend of mine recommended it, because it was supposed to be so funny. And maybe it is, I'm sure it is for some, but not for me, here is why: not one single funny character! the gay couple i super annoying, the fat guy is supposed to be funny because he is fat and dramatic, the colombian kid, funny because he's fat and acting like a grown up, not funny! the women in the series, sexy super cliché all the time, not funny! the kids, not funny. the father (son in law of Ed..) is the most funny character, but is sometimes over acting his part. To sum it up, i find the whole family kind of irritating. They're always hanging out together (who does that!), pretty, rich and perfect family. I feel more like throwing up than to laugh. In fact I haven't laughed since episode two (I have just watched season one..)Maybe this series works for rich white happy families who recognizes them self in the "funny family situations", people who just had a baby and think that kids are super funny just being kids. Maye I am just a little F#%d up for needing more morally deprived series like "its always sunny in philly", "peep show" or "trailer park boys" to get me to laugh:) I don't like comedy series to be about "learning something". It reminds me of a modern "step by step", but even though I disliked that series for the same things, they at least had some funny characters and good dialog.
  • star_punk10 February 2016
    At first when I heard the name of the TV show I was intrigued. I started watching it and man, I haven't laughed so hard in my life. I hope there will be more and more seasons to watch! And Sofia Vergara is AMAZING! Best actress EVER! I can't wait to watch the next episode! And Lily is so cute. There is a humor in every episode. I have my favorite episodes like when Lily cursed at the church, or the episode with the tornado, and there is the Halloween episode when Sofia shouted 'You put egg on my house I kill what you love'. And then there is my big thank you to the creators and the great job they had done, they are doing and the more that will come.
  • Imitator Family steals everything bad from the last 60 years of television. From "The Office" it steals hurky-jerky rapid camera shifts to try to show it is "new"; from "I Love Lucy: it steals contrived plots that are completely unrealistic. From "Steinfeld" it tries to pretend it is a "real-life" show and thus about nothing, even though most sit-coms are about "nothing" and their attempt to turn them into something. And by taking plot devices from everything from "Father Knows Best" to "Roseanne" it tries to create laughs where there are none. While Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet play horrible stereotypes poorly, Ed O'Neill is good and Sofia Vergara is very good. However, in 10 years this series won't even be seen at 2 AM in syndication.
  • bradleyoshea17 February 2012
    This show is severely overrated. I admit it is occasionally funny, and the premise of the 21st century "modern family" is an accurate and humorous representation of today's familial diversity. However, the acting from the majority of the cast is so pretentious and falsely exalted I have to skip through the episodes on Hulu just to look for a laugh.

    By far, the saving grace of the show is Cameron - the lovably gay eccentric that this world needs more of. His mannerisms exhibit a delicate confidence and appreciation for life's nuances. If only Mitchell could match half of Cameron's genuine exuberance, they'd be the perfect family. Cameron remains my only real laugh instigator on the show.

    I'm shocked and appalled Julie Bowen won an Emmy for her indigestible supporting role. Apparently, acting like a bitchy, whiny, bossy 13-year-old is what being a mom is all about in today's modern family. She'd fit right in with the cast of Troll 2. Phil remains the only bearable flesh of the family, and even he's losing my vote lately. Gloria has blatantly been mistreating and exaggerating her "accent" for a laugh to the point where she's probably offending the country of Columbia. And don't get me started on the kids.

    Here's some advice for the producers: Replace everyone but Cameron, Manny, Jay, and Lilly. Hire some writers who know what 'subtle' and 'organic' mean. Stop giving yourselves the hype. Unless you can deliver you'll be just another rock painted gold like Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way.'
  • I weep for the untimely departure of the wit and intelligence of this show's first seasons. For the past two seasons, I felt the writing less subtle than before. But this (hopefully) final season takes the cake! The stories are garbled, the direction inexistant at best and the acting on constant overload. I won't cry its demise.
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