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  • This wonderful new series, takes what I felt was a dubious premise, and instantly turns it into entertainment gold.

    I'd never liked "ER", though Margulies has formidable talent. Given the right character, script & director, I felt certain she could deliver. In The Good Wife she does. Her distinctive ability lies in nuance, & here she is finally given the perfect vehicle.

    The scripts as well as the entire cast, take directions you'd never expect. That's is the real appeal of the show. Archie Panjabi is a spiffy surprise as the "investigative assistant", if you will. She approaches her character as if she's the entire supporting cast of "Shark", (James Woods 2-season crime drama) rolled into one easy-on-the-eyes, package. She's tough, loyal, funny, & adds to the show's depth.

    Kudo's also, to veteran Christine Baranski for playing her "been-everywhere...done everything" role in a fresh way she seldom has in recent years.

    I watched the first episode with my wife.. (ok, FOR my wife) not expecting much at all. Boy, was I surprised. Subsequent episodes have been exponentially better, richer, & have demonstrated that THIS show simply refuses to go down already beaten paths. I really love that! I have yet to be able to predict anything at the beginning of an episode, as I can with just about any other major network drama. This show is a TV page turner...

    TGW is at once touching, topical, intriguing, even funny. Example: The courtroom judges are not your "standard-TV-crime-show-judges". They always prove to be yet another surprising element this show takes advantage of. In my opinion, this is the show's greatest strength. There ARE obvious choices at every turn in the story lines, the characters, even directorial choices, but NONE are ever followed. Prepare to be entertained and surprised.

    Rare in this era of formulaic crime dramas... formulaic everything on TV, "The Good Wife" deceives slightly, even in it's title, which almost caused me not to watch what I figured was going to be "chick-flick-TV". Males take note. This is simply a great show & will not disappoint.

    Everything in it is fresh, imminently watchable, & the result of great creative effort to not be just another law-oriented drama. IMHO, this really IS "Must See TV".
  • This is not a family/drama series.

    This is an intelligent and well written series about politics and the law.

    The system, if I may.

    The character developments are great, indeed, but the focus of the series is not on the main character as a wife or parent - but as a lawyer, and the cases her firm handles. Her struggles with her husband becomes another way of portraying examples from politics, rather than being the center of the series. With that being said, the drama scenes here and there are extremely well written.

    This is a show that grows on you, like great series does, building up slowly - Until you find yourself hooked. It gives me the same feeling as another great TV-series, The Wire. It is also visually stunning.

    Take your time with it, watch the whole first season. It won't disappoint you.
  • This is the best new show of the season. The "story within a story" method is used to great effect, as we follow Alicia's marital woes, the inter-office politics, the husband's efforts to get out of prison, and the family ups and downs at home. Interwoven with these ongoing plot lines, there's a new legal case to tackle each week. I find this show a rich combination of humour, pathos, romance, mystery...

    Kudos to the young actors who play Alicia's children (Makenzie Vega and Graham Phillips). They are likable teenagers, neither bratty nor too-good-to-be-true. In fact, I think this show is very well cast overall.
  • First post. Thanks to other IMDb reviews, I decided to give The Good Wife a try. And boy I was not disappointed. Julianna Margulies leads a stellar ensemble cast, the acting and script writing is near-flawless, and the weekly stories are believable yet not over-the-top. A nice almost Thriller main storyline flows throughout the episodes, adding a compelling undercurrent to what could have been just another legal drama.

    The Good Wife examines the lives of legal professionals as affected by their cases and work circumstances. It certainly does not mirror the style of any other legal drama in style, timing or episode structure, and I believe it has found a well-deserved niche of it's own on current high-quality television drama.

    I highly recommend you watch this series if you enjoy fine acting and tight, coherent and interesting story lines.

    Greg PS. Thankfully there is no "This is based on a true story" etc. tag-line to distract the viewer from the scriptwriters obvious prodigious talents, and a very enjoyable hour of weekly escapism!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1st May 2012 Review Update (no spoilers): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I have just finished watching Season 3. Literally sitting on the edge of my couch. WOW!. Since my original review this fantastic drama has grown in depth and breadth - I can now place it (almost) with Deadwood, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica and Six Feet Under as an all time television great - no exaggeration.

    The interplay between characters (of whom the depth is truly 3 dimensional) is complex, yet does not try to confuse the viewer in an attempt at narcissistic scriptwriting "greatness" (We all know shows that do that). It just flows.

    Amongst the stellar cast, my favorite character would have to be exotic and mysterious Kalinda Sharma, played by the mesmerizing Archie Panjabi (2009 Emmy award winner for best actress, and Chopard Trophy winner for the phenomenal 2007's "A Mighty Heart").

    Subtle humor is so well crafted and acted, you are guaranteed at least one belly laugh per episode; these become almost a small gift from the writers - an (we want these characters to resonate with you) unexpected and welcome tangent from the often serious, sometimes even chilling story lines.

    Truthfully I can't recall one episode where I reflected "gee that was a bit dull, I guess they had to do that to pad out the season". Forget the usual clichéd formula episodes from the Scriptwriting For Dummies handbook - you won't find them here. No lame flashbacks, no "24 hours earlier" and no musical/costume themed episodes here thanks. Just gritty, compelling and eminently enjoyable television.

    The Good Wife is simply superb.
  • Why is The Good Wife such an extraordinary show? (I write this while eagerly waiting for the fist episode of Season 7) 1) The character. Alicia is independent, but not a feminist; she sometimes fails, but she never gives up; she is deep, but witty and funny; she has principles, but is sexy; she is true to herself, but dares to experiment and change; she is wise, but you can never take her for granted. In a word, Alicia is brain, morals, fun and passion.

    2) The secondaries. They are all pertinent, unpredictable and greatly acted characters. They give perfect balance without distracting from the main line.

    3) The themes. The show presents very contemporary and controversial legal issues, related to seldom visited subjects such as Bitcoin money, odd consented sexual behaviors, electronic fraud, bots interactions, non-conventional marriage, new intellectual property rights, and the like.

    4) The action. The show is always fast-paced but not frantic; lots of interesting and very gripping things happen across the episodes, which always seem plausible and well-grounded, and are a pleasure to see.

    5) The direction and concept. It is a 23-episode per season show. Now, when many series are restricted to less than 12 episodes per year, The Good Wife keeps the fantastic habit of producing lengthy seasons, with time enough to develop both short-time and long-time parallel stories and create loyalty among fans.

    I really like this show. It never bores me, it always delivers, it keeps surprising me but not to the point of losing the essence. I remember watching the first episode 6 years ago without great expectations, just to give it a try, and I came to love it and wait for each new season with renewed enthusiasm. Kudos for Ms. Margulies who works the magic in such a natural way! And long life to this superb show!
  • I keep under-estimating this drama; perhaps because there are no big names associated with the production of it - my mistake! This drama continues to capture me hook, line and sinker every week. I am loving it to the point that it has become one of my 'must see' TV shows.

    The writing is strong, the acting is as good as one finds on any other hit drama show (CSI franchises, Law & Order franchises, Criminal Law, etc.) and the direction is excellent. The budget is clearly huge. Given all that, this show may not win a bountiful of Emmy's although it may win for the lead actress or the support actress.

    However, with all that is on the air these days, this is in the top 10% of all television and the top 2-3% of Drama.
  • I have not been watching any of the law-firm based dramas such as Law & Order. Therefore I decided to give this show a try. I had already seen Julianna Margulies' excellent role in "City Island",which also featured the underrated Andy Garcia.

    I was expected Margulies' portrayal of Alicia Florrick to bear a more victimized expression. What I saw instead was a strong female character - a character not stereotyped as a woman out to give a free vasectomy to every man who comes in her way. She holds her own, and does so without trying to bulldoze anyone who disagrees with her even remotely. Even the minor characters such as her children and mother are developed in satisfying detail.

    I have only watched 9 episodes so far, but I definitely like what I see. Each episode has a definite conclusion, usually a happy one. It is possible to see the episodes out of sequence without feeling like you missed something. I give this show 10/10.
  • I have to say that I simple love The Good Wife. When I first saw previews of the show when it was starting, I was a little hesitant to watch it. Thank Goodness I watched it! I LOVE it. I am a mother of 3, and (lets say age 40+), but when I get ready to watch this show I feel like a teenager again. I wait until it is on Demand after it air on Tuesday nights, and I watch it all alone the next day. But I have to definitely wait until my husband and children are asleep. I do not want anyone to talk to me, nor answer the phone when I watch The Good Wife. This show is so great! It is not only interesting in sense of court cases of great interest, but also has awesome personal issues & interests. When my oldest daughter sees me watch the upcoming previews on occasion if she is watching TV, and I say that I LOVE this show and cant wait to watch it when everyone is asleep, she laughs and says it sounds like a stupid show or soap opera. She says the title alone. But she has no idea how great this show and writers, actors & actresses are. I love all the cast, each and everyone one of them. My personal feelings towards the relationship side to the show: I wish Alicia works things out with her husband and just moves on from this. She already proved to everyone that she can get herself out there, work on a great professional level, and let nothing interfere with what happen with Peter. She holds her own. I love Alicia. I like Will also, but I rather see them as co-workers and friends only. I think if the writers put them together it will change the show entirely-as referring to its title. I also love Ely Gold! His character is so great. He can do anything he sets his mind to do. I love when he told Zack's friend Becca off and threatened her when she was putting things out there and hurting Zack's family. He set her straight, I laughed at that one. He seems to be everywhere when needed. Please let him be a regular to the show, and please make him remain loyal to Peter. I also love Kalinda. I am not sure why she hated Blake the first time she set eyes on him. Kalinda has a way of getting things done as well-she is great! I love Diane, and was sad when she revealed to Ely that she will be starting her own firm-I would hate to see them all split apart. On another note, I crack up to myself when they have that lady judge who insists that both parties answer their pleas & comments by saying: "In my opinion". I laughed at that one, and enjoy her ruling the courtroom on those days. Well to end this: "In My Opinion" this is one of the BEST shows on television. The Good Wife has GREAT: entertainment, drama, suspense and surprises around each corner and always has awesome endings.You also learn a few things when watching each court case. I am never bored when watching any scene, whether is the courtroom, the law firm, Alicia's home or even when they on occasion go for drinks: This is of course is "IN MY OPINION" LOL. Please writers, if you read this extra long review: Keep up the good work! AAA+ Show - Simply Love It!
  • I wouldn't say it's a perfect drama but it sure is entertaining and manages to capture my attention from beginning to end in every episode. Margulies is a great actress, no doubt about that, this show gives her the platform to showcase her acting prowess. The writers have done a good job inter-connecting the law and politics elements of the show, plus there's complicated relationships and family issues thrown in. The characters are all equally brilliant and interesting, my favorite is Panjabi's character the cynical private investigator Kalinda for which she deservingly won an emmy for. Do hope the writers keep up the good work would be a shame to see this be a 1 season wonder.
  • This show can certainly be relevant with all of the political sexual affair scandals of recent years. As many high profile politicians have been known in recent years to cheat and have affairs on their wives. To name a few you have John Edwards, Mark Sanford, John Ensign, and most memorable was Eliot Spitzer who cheated and had an affair with a hooker that's the theme that this new drama "The Good Wife" took a page from and started the book. Only later the pages turn over to new chapters of independence in which new answers and the search for justice is sought.

    Anyway it begins set in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois as a state attorney Peter Florrick(played by "Sex and the City" and "Law and Order" star Chris Noth)resigns after it is revealed that he had a sexual affair with a escort an attractive hooker type. This was paid for by state money and bribes so he's even sentenced to prison time and this has destroyed and hurt his loving and faithful wife Alicia(the attractive veteran Julianna Margulies). Talk about a woman scorned and feeling down in the dumps as she has her two children to now raise.

    However if you were expecting a weekly series of scandal, sex, and affairs, and political back stabbing this series branches off to another direction. After this Alicia decides to once again go back to working for a Chicago law firm where she tries cases of people who've been hurt and have suffered wrong doing. It's like she's using her anger and hurt to help others as she fights for truth and justice trying to prove the corrupt and special interests are wrong.

    This so far is one of the better series on TV, even though you don't have to watch it every week still it stands out for the way it branched out from political scandal it proves that from one's hurt that they can become independent and fight back against the corrupt system for others who have been wronged. And it's good to see the veteran Margulies strut her stuff as she's showcasing her independence in a classy way that seeks justice and truth.
  • Pretty obvious that this show had no beginning, or a middle and an end, but a this series full of pace and adrenaline that provides viewers each episode the Wow effect. the "good wife" has an outstanding plot . The global ADHD we all suffer from makes it difficult for people to commit. The ego wants a commitment, the body wants quick fulfillment. "It's not harassment, this inefficiency," says one of the officers to the hapless Carrie Agus in the beginning of sixth season. the series producers are effective in making viewers mouth gape in shock and ensure that they return the next chapter. Highly recommended for anyone who loves a scandal, courts and both of them together.
  • galensaysyes15 November 2010
    If I were limiting my rating of this show to the realm of present-day American TV, I'd rate it a 9.5. It's the only show I go out of my way to see. And why? Because it's the only one that gets me worked up over the characters, in other ways than by having them murdered or suffering from some dire disease. Dramatic involvement has fallen out of fashion on TV in the U.S.--most shows are too cool to care--and so I take an old-fashioned satisfaction in becoming variously worried, relieved, angry, or cheerful about what the characters are doing and what is done to them. My suspension of disbelief is facilitated by a sharp cast and vivid direction, which puts emotional suspense and its concomitants--focus, pace, mood, foreshadowing--ahead of all else.

    ...And I have just now realized that what I'm describing, or working toward describing, is a seduction. That pinpoints the type of pleasure the show furnishes, and explains the slight suspicion it engenders. Watching it, I feel as if I'm being enjoyably had by a high-priced, attractive call girl who's very good at what she does; but it is what it is, no more. And so, though I count myself a fan of the show, I can't for a second regard it as serious drama, although it's endeavoring to pass as such. Apart from a strong satirical streak--more like marbling, really, since it runs through every part--what it is is soap opera of a fairly high order, showing genuine cleverness and feeling. Of course it bears only a tenuous relation to real life: the legal cases are resolved patly, in sudden courtroom revelations; the personal turmoils resolve themselves into neatly defined crossfires; and in between, one gets little sense of life as it's lived, i.e. continuously. What does Julianna Margulies do in her office all day? What do her kids do while she's at work? The show doesn't care much. It's concerned with the big scenes, the sweeping flourishes, the successive waves of crisis that batter its heroine.

    Margulies' persona, probably even more than her performance, is what holds it all together. The series sets her off like a diamond, but she's the gleaming center. Somehow the actress seems universal: elegant yet earthy, modern but timeless; one can imagine her in any form in which a beleaguered heroine might figure, from Jacobean tragedy to telenovela.

    ...And so I keep watching.
  • Initially before you watch this show you may believe that The Good Wife is just another legal/political drama but it is so much more. It actually is very witty, intelligent and well researched. The subject matter is also very relevant to today's society. You get an insightful view into the corrupted world of politics and the daily moral struggles lawyers must face.

    As the seasons progress and the storyline develops the show is getting stronger. It allows you to be more involved with the characters and share their personal journey. Everybody can relate to the problems and issues they face in one way or another. This is definitely a must watch series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, I loved this series and have watched all 156 episodes; completely brilliant, until the end!!!

    Julianna Margulies (Alicia) is magnificent as 'The Good Wife' and holds everything together, simply a stellar performance. There's suspense, intrigue, insights to the darker machinations of American politics and the corruption that emanates from all of this. There are wonderful characters that are woven into the fabric of this drama, Archie Panjabi (Kalinda Sharma) stands out as an example. I came into this epic saga late but was enraptured; there are so many great performances!

    I've read many reviews regarding Alicia's character and most seem to resonate with negativity as the years roll by. WHAT? Yes, she is a privileged person because she is intelligent and articulate, hence her job, BUT she stands by her flawed husband for years and, for the most part, allows her life to be in a state of limbo; other than holding down a difficult job and caring for her teenage children whilst her philandering husband has his nefarious liaisons!

    Finally she has found love, following tragedy when love was almost realised, but still has to 'stand by her man' (really?) because she is 'The Good Wife'. 155 episodes of varying excellence is finished off with the 156th being a total let-down; yup, a bit of a slap in the face!

    Bet the writers thought that Julianna Margulies would be drawn into the spin-off series so it was worth the risk; oh well, they were wrong. Finish a great story properly for goodness sake; it just feels as if the end of this fantastic series was ultimately being used as a vehicle to promote the new spin-off. Very disappointed...but Julianna Margulies was always dazzling.
  • I recently started "binge-watching" this series, so my views are different from viewers who have watched the show on a weekly basis, and I am going to do all I can to avoid spoilers.

    While this show has a great cast of actors and a slew of interesting characters, there are too many episodes that rely on noise as drama. Too often, I find myself irritated by the frequency of manic lawyers shouting over each other in a court or conference room. The writers should stop relying on this device as a method of creating dramatic tension. More often than not, it merely annoys viewers and makes us reach for the remote.

    The loss of a significant relationship gave the writers an opportunity to grow the main character in imaginative, innovative, fresh ways. Instead, they shoved her into politics against her will. I am quickly losing all compassion for the protagonist. I also find myself caring less about other characters as the story sprawls into implausible reaches.

    Depending on what happens in Season 6, I may or may not care enough to watch new episodes when I catch up to the current season. I hope they steer away from campaigning. Maybe this is 2016 election year nausea talking.
  • This show is awful. The acting is awful and the scripts are awful. Every woman is so super botox-ed that they should call this show, "Frankenstien's Good Wife". The lawyers and judges all deliver lines like they are meat-heads. Every character is so unconvincing as a legal professional. I certainly don't know any lawyers or judges that behave or speak like the characters in the show (and I know many lawyers and judges). This is another example of a show that used the "fast-talking" style of dialogue to make it seem like the characters are smart when really they just come across as rambling idiots. Furthermore, the plot lines are so trite and predictable. Oh look, Encyclopedia Brown solves the case again. What a surprise! I am so bored of this show being on in my house. I am writing this as I sit next to wife and I wonder how anyone could possibly enjoy something so cookie-cutter as this. I have never been so angered by the blandness of something that it drove me to write a review online. Please make the pain stop. Do yourself a favour and watch something else.
  • I do not know where the research for the Pre-Trial Services officer came from but it is far from what we do in my office. Maybe a bit more research would have made me like the show more, however the faults of legal procedure which we follow do not match at all. Feel misrepresented. We do not interview employers, people are able to be self employed. While we do make recommendations to judges, they were far from the type which were shown on the 5/30/15 program. We do make recommendations for release at First Appearance hearings, bond reduction hearings and revocation hearings, but none as were represented. It is extremely rare for an officer will have to take the stand. This explains why I am having problems with non-criminal law judges and know-it-all criminals...misinformation from media.
  • Across the board every facet of this show is top notch.. writing, casting, acting, directing, production values, etc., etc. It's no fluke it is regarded as one of the best programs on television today… and it can stand on its' own merit as one of the best all-time. It's extremely difficult for any show to maintain high quality on all levels from week to week.. but from season to season, it's darn near impossible. This show has well achieved this impossibility. Does it keep going.. it's hoped so.. but you get the distinct feeling that if and when it starts to slip in any category, it will come to an abrupt end. You do not want to have its' legacy in any way tarnished… it's just been too outstanding to let that happen. It would be easy to single out a couple of the actors for praise, but we all have our choice favorites. It's been said television programming has been slipping over recent years, that shows are nowhere near as good as they once were... The Good Wife shatters that argument completely. So now it has finally come to the end (after seven seasons), and it would be easy to nitpick the final episode (which seriously was pretty darn good)... but we all know we have been most fortunate to have had a front row seat to one of the best programs that TV has ever recently produced.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Until the 6th season finale, I loved The Good Wife. Characters are consistent, acting is excellent, casting is the best of all (with the addition of David Hyde Pierce, they reached the perfection in casting.) So why do I not feel like watching it anymore? Because of that stupid meaningless feud which all of you know about. I will get to that later.

    From first season to the fourth, show was slowly yet gradually "getting there". Writers didn't rush it, ratings helped to that I suppose. I have to particularly commend Archie Panjabi and Alan Cumming. Other actors are also excellent but these two are almost flawless and since their characters became cornerstones, we saw their acting capabilities.

    The Good Wife is not my favorite show, though it is near the top. But if I am to categorize "my favorites" list season by season, 5th season of GW is at the top, by far. From first episode to the last, it was heck of a roller-coaster ride. It was funny, tragic, suspenseful, shocking. For those 22 episodes, I loved every minute of it. Like everyone I was extremely saddened by Will's death, but they went through it without dramatizing or romanticizing it. He wasn't the best guy around, but it felt like watching death of a family member. I might seem exaggerating a bit, but honestly, I am not. Alicia and Will were seemingly about to get together again. I was thinking that fight ignited something in them. They still loved each other, actually that's the main reason it was so devastating. They missed that chance forever. Damn.

    Let's get to that stupid feud. Kalinda is gone for good because of that meaningless BS. Will's shadow was cast on the show on that particular episode forever, they managed his death as good as they can, but no matter what you do you cannot replace him. Kalinda was more beloved than Will and more important actually, there are good reasons for that too. She is unique, mysterious, somewhat cunning, extremely resourceful yet actually an emotional woman, and Arcihe Panjabi carried and maybe adopted her character so good, no wonder she won the first Emmy of GW.

    Honestly I wasn't even aware of a feud until the season finale. I was waiting like an idiot that they would reveal her mysterious past someday. I don't give a crap about who is right or wrong. I read all about the rumors and still not giving crap. There are producers, writers, actors who form a TV show from the scratch. But if it comes to the point which GW arrives, audience forms it too in its own way. I don't mean that they should go along with our every whim to write the plot. But you cannot write it to neutralize a stupid fight either. I don't care how they may hate each other. They had to act like a professional, not for the sake of it. Because they owed it to the audience. I cannot believe such a good show run by those people who didn't know what professionalism means.

    They will not succeed about replacing Will and Kalinda. Simply because, there is no time. People loved them in time even if they loved them at all. I personally loved Frank Prady who was there only for eight episodes, because of David Hyde Pierce whom I literally adore. But there aren't many actors like him out there. Unfortunately, The Good Wife won't be that good anymore.
  • gorianth18 April 2015
    My wife and I have been enthusiastic Good Wife fans since the beginning. The thread in the last several episodes is so awful that we quit watching. The show used to be fun and had a somewhat realistic storyline. Lately this business with the election is so over the top bad writing that it is just irritating. Maybe I'll check again in the future to see if they've come to their senses. If the writers and advertisers want me and my wife back they'll have to come up with better story lines. BTW, jump the shark refers to one of the last episodes of Happy Days when The Fonz jumped a shark while water skiing; the series was canceled shortly thereafter.
  • Ex-governor Blago of Illinois, watch this series. You can certainly relate to it. Imagine, it takes place in Illinois. How coincidental.

    A state attorney is busted for corruption. Married with 2 children, he has also tied up with a hooker. Off to prison with him as his embittered wife goes back to work as an attorney.

    She inherits an impossible case as a defense attorney. It appears quite obvious that the defendant is guilty but a mistrial was declared due to an off-the-wall juror who actually thought she was innocent.

    Our girl really shows her meddle in investigating the case. David Paymer appears as the judge ready to dump all over since he hated her husband. Then there is Christine Baranski as a head honcho of the law-firm. From the looks of things, Baranski will be definitely gunning for a best supporting actress Emmy next year.

    Women,whose husbands have disgraced them, have become a major theme today. They're back in the workplace using that higher education they got to good use.
  • vskscot5911 February 2012
    This is simply the best TV series in years! I live in Scotland and we had to wait a month or so more than you guys in US to get season three. Next week is week 5 and this season is every bit as good, if not better than the earlier two. The story lines get better as the series progresses and I can't praise the writers enough. When each new season begins I doubt it can beat the last one but it does.... amazingly! I am totally hooked and can't wait for a Thursday at 9pm. My husband knows not to make a sound when its on!!! Excellent writing and excellent cast. I love the "tension" between Alicia and Will. I do hope though that Kalinda and Alicia re-kindle their good friendship. Alan Cumming, a fellow Scot is superb in his role as Eli, I hope The Good Wife runs for many years to come. Simply F A B U L O U S!!!!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Good Wife in the first season starts as a procedural with some serialized elements (usually a season long story) that maybe takes up 1/4 of each episode. However, the serialized elements have overtaken the procedural elements by the sixth season. In fact, the procedural elements are barely even there at all in the sixth season.

    Yet, the procedural cases are also pretty darn interesting. Sure, it's unrealistic here and there, but not by much compared to other shows (ex. Suits) and it's television. What elevates the show beyond another law show are the grounded characters and season-long stories.

    Please go into this show knowing that it gets better and better. If you are not satisfied with the show by the time Alan Cumming (whose character Eli Gold is one the best) enters the picture in the first season, maybe this show is not for you.
  • I don't feel comfortable enough writing in English so I don't use to write many reviews. so far I have written just 2 reviews, both on movies that were so bad I just couldn't help myself.

    I have been watching this TV show since the first season, and I can't remember any show that after more than the first 3 seasons the quality of the plot, acting and... everything; goes much, much better than at the start.

    This is a show that I just can compare with "The Wire" and "The West Wing" and I am talking big here... Often in these great shows I would have loved the absolutely amazing fast pace some of the last seasons episodes of "the Good Wife" has.

    I am sorry I can't explain myself better and hope you would forgive my, probably, many grammar mistakes. I just hope you get my humble opinion. This TV show is a "MUST SEE" even if you don't like politics and law shows (but you love good TV).

    Note: I was an "ER" fan the first couple of seasons but soon I lost interest in the show... Julianna Margulies is NOT the same actress (even if she is the same person). Nobody could have made a better "wife" than her. Getting JUST a single golden globe last years and being "beaten" by the histrionic Claire Danes or (ffs) Anna Paquin (and don't get me wrong, true blood is not good but it's so fun.. or was) shows me why I don't care about the suppose critics experts think.
  • gonzogrig-122 February 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    I really can't say there's anything special about this show except for the fact that I can't stop watching it. Margulies is forever composed and almost muted as the scorned wife Alicia Florrick. No matter what she faces, Alicia maintains control of herself. Excepting perhaps the famous slap in the pilot. Margulies does an excellent job of showing subtle hints of emotion beneath the surface, belying her vulnerability without undercutting Alicia's strength and resolve. She's both sympathetic and admirable, amazingly able to hold her own against Noth's more forceful and charismatic Peter Florrick. Yet among other characters she fails to stand out.

    Although the cases are well written enough, they fail to engage, especially since more often than not they are no more than blatantly obvious tools of the overarching story. What exactly that story is, is up for debate. There's the story of a once stay-at-home mom adjusting to working life again, trying start a career when faced with younger more energetic rivals. The story of Alicia's emotional journey, trying to deal with the reality of her marriage and the loss of what it was.

    The major subplot focuses the politics that revolve around Peter's attempt to appeal his sentence and get back into public life and his family. Noth is intelligent, human and ultimately very likable as Peter Florrick. The opposite of Alicia, Peter is a force of nature and a scene stealer. Not far behind is Josh Charles as Will Gardner, Alicia's college friend and boss. Gardner is intensely shrewd and likable on his own but half of his intrigue is in his very clear chemistry with Alicia which walks the line between platonic and romantic. Or maybe that's just my own wishful thinking. Christine Baranski is also scene stealing personality as Diane Lockhart but unfortunately the writers give her a limited amount to work with. Panjabi gives a two dimensional performance as Kalinda the firms private investigator and resident wrong-side of the tracks tough girl. The Florrick kids are even worse, acting as nothing more than tools to explore the details of Florrick's indiscretions, doing what Alicia's reserved personality won't allow her to do.

    Although it tries to fill out each episode by masquerading as a detective show, the actual concept is unique; a woman dealing with a damaged marriage in full view of the public. Perhaps what's most interesting is that the show gives a peak into something resembling the real life political marriages suffering their embarrassments in public. All I really know is that I want to see what happens next.
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