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  • Exchanging bodies is a surefire fantasy element, used to great effect in this Girlsway 3-parter released via Adult Time. It's much better than the standard issue DVD from the label, usually made up these days of three random vignettes.

    Contrasting students Ember Snow and Emily Willis are vying for valedictorian in their class, but one day they fantastically without warning switch bodies, waking up startled and dismayed in the other's carcass. Next surprise is Emily's sister Gia Paige showing up to make love to her gal pal Ember, a relationship Emily was not previously aware of.

    Inhabiting Ember's body, Emily goes with the flow and we have a lengthy, delightful XXX scene highlighted by Emily as Ember fascinated and greatly enjoying Gia's huge posterior, which has grown to be perhaps the premiere booty in porn (vying with Lela Star's similarly enlarged ass).

    It's a great deal of fun, leading up to the inevitable sequel, in which Ember as Emily will have incestuous sex with Emily's mom Dana DeArmond, set in the kitchen of the famous "Immoral Proposal" mansion, site of thousands of porn location shoots.

    Finale inevitably has Emily and Ember having sex with each other in the other's body, making for an interesting form of self-love. They've been trying to get back to normal using a magic spell found in an old tome at the library, left for them by guest star librarian Lauren Phillips.

    Only drawback is the unconvincing library set: merely a bookcase and couch (suitable for the subsequent sex action) in a random room in the mansion, hardly believable as a library.