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  • This movie shows how much elements of Indian politics can stoop low. But in too much funnier way than we expect that it loses its purpose. Marathi movies are better than Bollywood today in terms of Story and acting. But certainly they lack a will to have a good editor and create an atmosphere according to movie.

    Personally I don't have problems with the movie as I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it could have been a lot lot better given the smart story-line of this movie.

    Everything (corrupt and bad) a politician will do to achieve its goal and keep his crown is shown in this movie. The ending just seals it as a cheery on top and asks our society a lot of questions about morality.

    Makrand Anaspure has his own style to mend any movie into comic one. I recommend no one should miss this movie because despite its comical nature, its a punch to our corrupt politics.