Quotes (4)

[last lines]

Henry: What do I do?

Chris: You let go. Henry, have great faith. Fall majestically.

[first lines]

Dr. Lieberman: The same?

Henry: The same.

Dr. Lieberman: Still happening every night?

Henry: It's driving me crazy. It's like I... I can't shake it. It's stays with me all day, and I... Is that normal?

Dr. Lieberman: Well, it's not uncommon for a person whose gone through an ordeal to have lingering nightmares.

Henry: The same nightmare? Every night? For six months?

Eliot: It is with great reluctance and heavy hearts that we send off our dear friend - oh my God, what is his name?

[laughter all around the room]

Chris: You know you're not afraid of dying. You're just afraid of having no choices. But Henry, there's still one choice you can make. You can choose to let go.