• Continuity

    When Vickers is standing and facing Weyland while she talks to him about why he made the journey, her hands change position several times. In one shot, they are in front of her while in the next shot, they are behind her.

  • Miscellaneous

    Prometheus crashing into the Engineer's ship would have pushed both vessels AWAY from where the Engineer's vessel finally crashed. When two objects strike one another , especially when one is being propelled as was the Prometheus, the impact drives both objects in the direction the propelled object was going, even if only slightly. The Engineer's ship should have fallen to the immediate left of where Vickers was standing on the surface at the very least, if not several miles away.

  • Revealing mistakes

    The film is flipped when Shaw picks up David's head to place into a bag. This can be most clearly seen by Shaw's camera on her left shoulder changing to her right shoulder.