• WARNING: Spoilers

    Mustafa Bulut is literally "madly" in love with Narin, yet Narin does not love him and does not accept him as husband. Unrequited love has made him very short tempered,impulsive and obsessive especially when is comes to Narin. Both Mustafa and Narin suffer emotional and physical scars of this unconsummated marriage. While Narins physical torture suffering is witnessed by the town, Mustafa's pain is misunderstood.

    Dr Serdar and his family meanwhile move to Guzelyurt and somehow get involved in Mustafa and Narin's marriage. The actions of Dr.Serdar's family start to seperate Narin from her Husband, giving Narin freedom from Mustafa, but Mustafa is not ready to accept this fate. As a result he clings even tighter to Narin and gradually delves deeper into his madness, losing all sense of reality, living in a warped world where he is Narin's and Narin is his, forever and for eternity. Situation complicates when Dr Serdar also forms feelings for Narin but is unable to profess them.

    Will Narin return back Mustafa's love? will Mustafa succeed or loose her and his sanity? Will Doctor profess his love? Will Narin decide between Love and Duty towards family and honor? These are the themes explored in the series.

    The actions of Mustafa to attain Narin, Dr Serdars increasing attraction towards Narin and The troubles that plague Bulut family due to Mustafa's actions drive the plot of the series.