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  • lor_13 January 2021
    Lack of effort says it all about this mediocre second volume in an Amber Lynn vehicle for Wicked Pictures.

    She runs a neighborhood watch group for her block, dealing with a local peeping tom, whose identity yields a yawn when revealed for the final segment. Extremely poor script by director Randy Spears has brief set-ups for each basically all-sex vignette.

    Lynn looks well-preserved but old, even compared to her hubby Brad Armstrong. Spears tells his girlfriend Janet Mason he's just got a divorce (fans will note that he was married to India Summer in Part One, not alluded to here, perhaps because it's ludicrous anyone would dump Summer) and they celebrate with sex, Randy ending by a cumshot on her feet, his favorite fetish.

    Token lesbian scene has married lesbian couple Sam (as a blonde here) Ryan and Angie Savage, who are frightened by the peeping tom, and then illogically make love. The subplot about the peeper is left hanging.