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  • Yet another Korean thriller. Twists after twists. How simple the plot is?. A mobile (Hand Phone) which has some voyeur stuff gets lost and stolen. Then follows the cat and mouse chase. I enjoyed this - moves at a true Korean swift pace. I liked the twists that kept appearing. I liked the way "Tae-woong Eom" gets worked up - very realistic - you seem to side with him - and his helplessness with the thief. Actions are brutal and some scenes are masculine-violent. That was neatly done. The mother of all twists was rendered very smoothly at the last scene just before the closing credit and it was too shocking for me. They just handed that in the end - very heart wrenching but true Korean style. I give it 8 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ****may contain spoilers*** Yet another Korean thriller with a twist that will keep you gritting your teeth and your eye sockets plugged in for the long haul.

    I thought the script was very well thought of with stress given to even minute details.(the window scene in the beginning where its broken, the very window he enters the house in the end.)

    Well some might argue if the window was open, how did gas accumulate inside the house to be blown to bits....VALID POINT...Then again lets just speculate, Shall we!! and enjoy this thriller which Koreans are churning out like butter and thriller buffs like me are always happy to spread them and feast.The only downside of the movie was that it stretched for an extra 20 mins for what the plot panned out to be.

    6.5/10.It will leave you in a deep vein of introspect.Can you trust anybody!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Another stress flick from South Korea, its about a man who lost his phone and everything's change. This idea is very fresh in Hollywood but not very fresh in Korea if you've watch a lot of korean movie. A popular character in korean movie culture is a man who swearing a lot. A lot you know since "Memories Of Murder" and a lot in their movie. I'm kind of tired with this character, its like an easy character in Korea because I've seen a lot of korean actor do it really well like what Song Kang Ho did in No. 3.A stressful character with a lot of problem, why every main actor in south korean movie will have a gangster-like character even he is not a gangster, kicking people around like the awesome Tony Jaa. This is trend in Korea now and I'm kind of tired of it. For me, I Saw The Devil is the best korean movie so far till 2014. Handphone is just a mediocre but will be a good starting for any beginner in korean cinema. It got a lot of twist but maybe its too long with a lot of unnecessary scene and one thing a bunch of twist is not really helpful, it will make you think if there is more twist? I'm tired right now. Its quite enjoyable but tiresome sometime. Better keep fast forward if you are boring, its 2 hours and you will read bad language subtitle for 1 hour. "Pulp Fiction" is swear less than this movie.