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  • I don't really know what it is, but this movie just didn't do it for me. I've seen plenty of Pinko's (Italian porn company) movies before and they have delivered some hot stuff, but this wasn't anywhere near hot. The ingredients for a good movie were there, but it didn't come together like I had hoped. This movie didn't have any big stars in it, but the girls were still attractive enough to be able to deliver a good porn movie.

    This movie is made up of 4 different scenes. From those, 3 are standard boy girl scenes and 1 scene is a foursome with 2 girls and 2 guys. Despite the fact that the movie is called "Irresistible Michelle", Michelle Ferrari is just in 1 scene. Michelle is in the opening scene with a brunette that I haven't seen before. The scene starts off with some nice lesbian action before the 2 guys join in. This was a somewhat OK scene, but the facts that there were condoms involved and that none of the girls gets double stuffed, really ruined the scene for me. The 3 boy girl scenes were long and boring scenes. The girls were nice looking, but that was about it. There was no passion in this movie. It's not often that you see porn as boring as this.

    I still give this movie a 3 out of 10, because the girls are quite attractive and because we get to see decent camera work that doesn't try anything "creative" or "artistic". I must add that my opinion of this movie might have been affected by the previous movie on the same DVD. That was a really nasty movie with plenty of top notch pussy receiving hard anal pounding and plenty of double penetration and some messy facials. Compared to that "Irresistible Michelle" didn't have a chance and probably came off even more boring than it actually is.