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  • dpfacialfan18 September 2011
    I really didn't expect much from this porno movie. But I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. This is by no means a masterpiece when it comes to porno movies. But considering that I thought it would be a really boring porno with no exciting scenes, it turned out quite well.

    However, one thing really got me upset about this movie. The fact that this movie included one incredibly hot blonde named Sabrina Billi, who was never in a sex scene, really pisses me off. Sabrina was by far the most beautiful woman in this porno and I was looking forward to seeing this hot blonde sucking big cocks and getting rammed by big cocks in her pussy and tailpipe.

    Well you can't get everything. But fortunately we get to see some hot action in this one. The first scene starts out with Tiffany Russo interrogating a suspect in a murder case. This scene was good, despite the fact that i don't find Tiffany Russo's face all that attractive by porn standards. But she has a nice body and you can really see that she enjoys herself in this scene.

    My favorite scene was the second scene. This scene starts out with Andy Brown and Masha sitting by the pool with two guys. At first I was a little worried when Andy Brown took one of the guys and went inside to have sex and Masha stayed by the pool with the other guy and started to suck his dick. But fortunately Masha and the guy joined in on Andy Brown and her guy, and we get to see a hot foursome. We even get to see Andy Brown in some hot double penetration action and it really shows that this girl enjoys being banged by two guys at the same time. Unfortunately we don't get to see Masha DP:ed.

    The last scene was also a good one. In this, one lucky fellow gets to have a threesome with Tiffany Russo and Michelle Ferrari. These two blonds have spectacular bodies and really enjoy having sex. There were also two other scenes in this movie: one with Masha and one guy and another with Michelle Ferrari and one guy. Both were OK but nothing great.