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  • Title derives from an art installation and performance from the '70s by Carolee Schneemann, a hint of the pretentiousness of this Kayden Kross BDSM exercise for her Deeper website.

    The usual accoutrements of BDSM are present, stressing bondage and domination and throwing in a pinwheel, chastity belt, choking, etc. A modeling session out of Antonioni's Blow Up features Jax Slayher's big dick for some impromptu IR content as we witness newbie Naomi Swann unconvincingly going along with all sorts of extreme behavior.

    Forced sex is a constant factor, and yet another "Quarantine" segment documenting the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds coldly for fetish and submission antics.

    Methinks Kayden is taking her work way too seriously here, providing gonzo content within the trappings of artistic expression.