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  • I have no words to explain this masterpiece of Abhishek jain and pratik gandhi.
  • Pratik Gandhi is the best thing that has ever happened to Gujarati cinemas. The way he uses his body language & facial expressions while doing an acting. Take a bow man. I just love seeing Pratik on screen. Keep rocking....

    VitthalTeedi has lots of awesome moments but this scene touched me so much take a bow abhishek Sir 🙏 Excellent direction, zabardast writing, emotions, cinematography etc top notch.

    Kudos Pratik Sir another feather in the cap......
  • Watch gujarati movies its a good thing, but watch gujarati series and with that kind of performance is always carry glad on head... cast perform there best in it. Love to watch.
  • Prateek Gandhi brings such an amazing character to light, yet again. Although the story has its own pace, but no one could have done justice to the role other than Pratik !
  • jppatodiya11 May 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    Such a fantastic movie of year 2021 and pratik gandhi action is superb.
  • This is the Best Series Of Gujarati Films Industry. Pratik's Acting is Very Best.
  • Superb. Superb. Best direction, acting, music and everything. It's a combo of feeling,lesson,comedy and Confidence.

    Overall rating 10 out of 10.
  • I watched pratik gandhi movie since there first release be yar after i like him in wrong side raju and love ni bhavai, love ni love stiries but best role ni VITTHAL TEEDI. BOLO TO MAHADEV 🙏🏼
  • Music, Direction, acting, expression, comedy, emotion all in one web series...
  • Finest acting of Pratik Gandhi who is becoming now Bachchan of GujaratI film industry...and Abhishek Jain who is already Hrishida or Hirani of GujaratI film industry...when these two geniuses reunited it is bound to be grand and best.
  • Nice Story writing Good Dialog Great Direction

    As usual

    Pratik Sir e jamo padi didho..

    Can't wait for next....
  • Pratik at his beat again Abhishek has set new parameters for his own creations Wonderful Show Waiting for new seasons Lots of surprises yet to come What a show Proud of you.
  • Best production, best acting and great story telling!! New bench mark in Gujarati entertainment for sure!
  • Everything is par excellence, be it pratik gandhi, ragi jani, abhishek jain,.... songs, music, cinematography, acting, direction anything. Please subscribe and watch.
  • All credit goes to Pratik Gandhi. His acting and diloug delivery is far more better than bollywood actors.

    Best ever gujarati drama, and very emotional...eagerly waiting for second season.
  • Vitthal 3 A Mind blowing a gem of World entertainment with gujarati language salute all team of abhishek ji enjoy your glory.
  • Direction, Plot, Ambiance, Cast and Dressing everything was so perfect. Oho has raised the bar high for Gujarati content makers. Once you start watching VitthalTeedi, the Gujarati village atmosphere will surround you and in few minutes you will feel that you're one of them too. A must watch series which you can finish between lunch and coffee time. Go for it!
  • Abhishek Jain is back with his masterpiece creation. A must watch for all Gujaratis.
  • rsaparnathi14 May 2021
    This is a first web series, i m watching with my family.

    P. T. Teacher ne pathro marvo ke club na kheli ne zapat maarvi enaa karta pan vitthal jyaare mota bhai ne kahi de k "baapuji to phone nahi j kare" e vakhate baapuji partye no prem ane aadar adbhut rite raju thaay che.

    Hats off Abhishek Sir👌
  • Different story, crime, drama allways work on ott.

    They should be write different and better story. Dont streach it like chewing gum. Make it sort and sweet.
  • Superb Mind Blowing... Jabbarajast..Fantastic... Awesome EVeryone should watch.
  • vaniyakiran13 May 2021
    Loved the trailer. It seems to be Wonderful story. Will be waiting...
  • Great beginning, average progress, too fast at the end. The series starts and is based on Pratik Gandhi, his childhood and younger days where he is shown as a daddy's boy, who falls into the lap of poker for survival of his family. The chemistry between Pratik and his father is very amiable. Vitthal's character is greatly acted by Pratik Gandhi. He becomes a poker player, initially at village level and then starts going to next village to earn money and survival of his family. Some of the dialogue in the series are top notch. At the end, everything goes too fast where he has to go and play poker again, and has to win, for the sake of his sister's husband. It kind of lost the track at the later progression of series which otherwise would have been a great.
  • sameerlodaya7 May 2021
    A good start by Gujarati film industry in series

    Pratik was at his best and other actors were in line with him ..the story is based on a short story called VITTHAL TEEDI..this short tale is well build in series

    Abhishek has taken the Gujarati industry on a new form with his direction..he showed all the required emotions of a poor village family and their sufferings also balanced well with background score and good songs.. good edits was required as some scenes were stretched

    Pratik again played a role of a gambler after SCAM but this time it was cards with his witty smile ,sharp expressions, attitude,and tangy dialogues

    All the sorrows of Vitthal has taken a turn from village to town let's see how they conclude.
  • Incredibly shown the people of Saurashtra and their lifestyle, use of language.👏🏻👏🏻
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