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  • I bought InFamous a few weeks ago and i was amazed by the depth of the game. It's so fun to just run around and blast bad guys off the rooftops. The power of the character is amazing, as the story evolves you get more and more powers.

    The story in the game is also great and the gameplay never gets dull.

    One of the most amazing things about the game is the paths you can choose. To be good or evil. If you want to be a 'superhero' or a 'villan'. It's not really the first game to do the whole "dark side vs light" but it nailed it nonetheless.

    To sum it all up. This game is awesome! If you haven't bought it yet, do it!
  • Sucker Punch was well known for making the family friendly Sly Cooper series for the Play Station 2, but for the Play Station 3 they went in an entirely different direction and made Infamous. The story is about a bike courier named Cole MacGrath who lives in the fictional metropolis of Empire City. The game starts when an explosion levels the entire city and a quarantine is placed leaving the citizens to deal with a plague and new gang members with exceptional powers given to them from the blast. But Cole has gained powers too. He now has power over electricity and has vowed to master his powers and stop the gangs from taking over the city. As the game starts you are given the option of being good or evil. And this is where the real excellence of Infamous starts. Each choice you make affects yourself, the city, and the story. For example, in the first mission if you choose to share an emergency drop of food with the people you'll be praised, but if you choose to keep it all to yourself you'll be scorned. In addition to the main storyline, there are many side-quests that can be taken and some of these involve the same karmic choices between good and evil. Some of these are repetitive but they aren't repetitive to the point where they aren't fun to play. All the karmic choices in the game offer multiple playthroughs as both good and evil, with evil giving you more power but also deals with more destructive consequences and good powers give you more control over electricity. Infamous is incredibly fun to play, without getting too much into the main plot I can say that the game-play is near perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better superhero game from Sucker Punch. This game may lag in certain points but it is none the less a great game for the PS3.
  • baird-9204817 November 2018
    Love it, love it, love it!!! The coolest game in ps3
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm in the middle of playing so many games right now which is probably the reason why I haven't reviewed a game in a while. Well, I figures out how close I was to beating this one and thought "Yeah! I'm so close to beating this I'll just clear it in as short of an amount of time as possible" and while it is a fun game there are just too many things wrong with it to like it as much as other PS3 games like Uncharted 2.

    The plot is that Cole is responsible for a blast that destroys a good chunk of the city and turns the whole thing int chaos with the US Government quarantining the place and the rise of criminal groups all over the city. Fortunately for Cole's sake that blast is from a sphere that gives people superpowers which are determined completely at random (just roll with it, it's a superhero game) and it is up to him whether he wants to be this world's Superman or the biggest douchebag he can be.

    The Karma system is completely useless. Maybe it's because I played Mass Effect games and the morality in those games are brilliantly tough to determine which one to go for in some situations. Here, it's completely black and white. The first morality choice is to decide whether to shock civilians or not trying to get food even though THE CHARACTER DOES NOT EAT! Every piece of moral choice is like that to such an extent that unless you're trying to be the biggest asshole possible you're going to walk out of this as a saint, literally the only time doing something bad affects your karma in such a way players would need is whether you want to drain the electrical energy from a downed opponent's brain. I know that may seem horrifying but it replenishes the power you have so you don't have to walk up to a power source which towards the end replenishes most but not all of it... That's seriously the only thing and even so healing people costs Cole nothing to do so doing bad actions may become the most obsolete thing in the game which sucks because you don't feel like a hero that way doing what any decent person would have done in those circumstances, at least not to me.

    The gameplay simply put... It's no Prototype. However with that said it's fun basically being an electrical god at the end literally having the ability to summon lightning at your beck and call. There is a lot of fun things to do with enemies and it is fun to slide on power lines between buildings. There are other abilities here but I think I've named the most visually fun out of all of them. The Boss fights range from challenging, like this is an epic fight to the last one which is basically run around a crater spamming the shooting lightning button until he falls down. So the gameplay is the best part of the game but the only real weakness to that is the underwhelming final boss fight.

    The story is standard, there is very little emotional development here but that ending! What happens is that in an alternate timeline where Cole while getting the sphere powers doesn't save anyone and just runs away like a coward eventually causes a timeline where everyone dies but him, so he activates the sphere one more time to go back in time before Cole got his powers and future Cole orchestrates the whole thing so he has villains to fight and have him become a true hero so past Cole beats the crap out of him and kills him. That's literally how the game ends, the time travel flaws are worse then the ones in The Terminator especially considering my Cole destroyed the sphere, rendering the other bosses to use it completely non-existent and the ability for Cole to go back in time to begin with and finding a photo of Cole and his girlfriend married this time is impossible considering she dies! By the way, they NEVER explain how the time travel is meant to work. If this game is meant to go for the "Time travel and create an alternate reality" then wouldn't there already be a reality in where Cole gets hit by the sphere and becomes a hero? Either way, there is no way to look at the ending and go "Wait what?!". But enough on me theorizing Time Travel.

    One thing I also like is the environment. It may be very small to begin with but my favourite part of the game is after boss fights opening up another part of the city and running around that and sorting things out. It doesn't get boring while playing the game, even if it's a little samey at times but I'd say my only real complaint with the environment is that the trains are never connected between the three sections. And the side missions range from fun to "This'll just stop the enemies from spawning there, that's the only reason I'm doing this". Either way, it is a fun thing to explore.

    I'd say if you want a simply so-so experience then that's fine but there are good things about the game especially if you enjoy superhero simulations for the same reason I do in that you're a near-god and you are exercising the power you have in beating up bad guys. While the story in Prototype is weaker by a large extent I just found myself enjoying that game more. I guess when I heard the idea of a superhero simulation that says "Good? Evil? It's all valid!" and using a morality system I just expected so much more then what I was given.