• WARNING: Spoilers

    Based on the novel "Cuando quiero llorar no lloro" of Miguel Otero Silva. Three men born in the same city, on the same date, at the same time and with the same name and with a curse that condemns them to die when they are founded.

    Victorino Mora, lower class, son product of a rape, a man who chose to be thug for hire. Rebel and religious of great attachment to his mother. Killed by Victorino Gallardo.

    Victorino Manjarrés, middle class, is a son wanted in a great spirit of integrity and justice. His childhood was marked by an obsessive father with the militia and it has been raised to make it a general of the nation. But for lack of financial means to carry out that race, ends of police. His greatest obsession; capture Gallardo.

    Victorino Gallardo, of high class, is an unexpected, machiavellian and ambitious son, a man that his fortune on gambling and women decided to engage in the path of drug trafficking to the waste. He is killed by Victorino Manjarrés.

    Victorino Pérez, the false Victorino, orphan who at birth was called Victorino but in the civil register is called Victor. It is adopted by a family of homosexuals and even though it has nothing to do in the omen is determinant in the same. Killed by Victorino Gallardo.