David Hasselhoff is on the currency in the scene when Paul Rudd's character pays the babysitter.

According to Duncan Jones, this movie is the first project he suggested to Sam Rockwell, but it was considered too big and thus Moon (2009) was made as the first movie.

The Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux roles are inspired and influenced by the Trapper John and Hawkeye Pierce characters from MASH (1970), originally played by Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland.

Before the end credits roll, there is a dedication to the memory of the director's father David Jones (aka David Bowie) and his beloved nanny Marion Skene.

Easter Egg: Sam Bell from Moon can be seen in news report on television when Cactus visits the café.

The film has been described by Duncan Jones as a "spiritual sequel" to his 2009 film Moon (2009)

Mute is dedicated to two people. David Jones and Marion Skene. David Jones is the father of director Duncan Jones and is more famously known as musician David Bowie. Skene was Duncan Jones' nanny while he was growing up.

The opening music to the film is an orchestral arrangement (by Philip Glass) of the song 'Heroes'; a song originally written and performed by David Bowie. David Bowie is Director Duncan Jones' father.

It was originally conceived as a contemporary British gangster movie, then it was changed to be set in Tokyo with Ken Watanabe as Leo. It was after the success of Moon (2009) that motivated Duncan Jones to rewrite it and have it set in the future.

The knife that Paul Rudd's character uses is called a Bowie knife. Named after the 19th-century American pioneer James "Jim" Bowie for whom it was created, the director, Duncan Jones' famous singer father, David Bowie actually took his stage name from him/it.

Clint Mansell composed the score. He was also the composer on Duncan Jones' first feature film, Moon (2009).

In the film, the initials D (heart) R are carved on a bench. This is Duncan Jones and his wife Rodene.

Before Moon (2009), Duncan Jones approached Sam Rockwell for the role of Cactus Bill, but was interested in the role of Leo. Jones would write Moon (2009) specifically for Rockwell.

"Mute" is also the name of a short about a drone pilot director Duncan Jones made before Moon (2009)

In November 2015, Duncan Jones announced that following Warcraft: The Beginning (2016), he would direct the science fiction mystery thriller Mute, starring Alexander Skarsgård and Paul Rudd.

It was almost made into an animated film using motion captured CGI.

Final film of Andrzej Blumenfeld.

The fourth film directed by Duncan Jones to feature Chesney Hawkes's "The One and Only". It is played on an arcade machine before just before Leo orders food from the vending machine.

Duncan Jones: Early in the movie, he can be glimpsed on a photo as an Amish. He is the tall man in the white shirt.

The movie takes place in a future Berlin in the same timeline as Moon (2009) and has an epilogue to the character of Sam.

At the 25 minutes mark, there is a short Spiegel TV breaking news with a caption: "The 156 face their maker - Lunar Industries ex-employee questioned by panel in presence of scores of the clones". Sam Rockwell is seen playing Sam Bell and at least 28 clones.

The lullaby that is heard near the end is a rendition of 'Heart-Shaped Box' by Nirvana.

In the scene where Cactus Bill takes his daughter Home she is in the car watching an old British animated tv show called Trapdoor (1984).