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  • Girlfriends Films not so famously doesn't believe in screen credits, with about 99% of its nearing 1000 releases issued with only the actresses (and just those who haved sex on screen) listed. So it's impossible to figure out why or when a new screenwriter (let alone director) has taken over.

    That's the conundrum in watching the 143rd (whew!) edition of its WSW series, which definitely seems different than usual. Many recent episodes have been made up of random, seemingly "unreleased" material as four sex vignettes, but this time out there's a story and one far afield from the tried and true seduction gimmickry girl/girl porn fans have become accustomed to watching.

    I was thrilled to see a real performance, in this case by lead actress Megan Rain, who is introduced with a bandaged head, helped out of her wheelchair on a return home from a hospital stay. She's suffering from amnesia, caused by her hitting her head on the bannister after sliding down at some party, evidently drunk.

    In a real movie we would have some visuals, perhaps in flashback, of this seminal event, but Girlfriends likes to keep matters simple (and cheap) so all we get is talk, as Megan is surrounded by finacee Gina Valentina and friends telling her who she is and what's happened - remember, she has amnesia?

    This was interesting to watch, because I naturally began to wonder if everyone was gaslighting the girl, as the amnesia gimmick seemed to be heading toward some plot development or at least character development. Perhaps Girlfriends and WSW was getting serious and aiming beyond mere XXX content?

    No, it turns out to be just a gimmick. Gina tries her best to rekindle the strong relationship, but Megan remains skeptical: she can't remember who Gina is and feels nothing at all for her future wife. She and pals use this gimmick as a soapbox on which to mount familiar pornographer proselytizing, like "I think you're born a lesbian", but Rain still is unconvinced. Even a self-serving indoctrination by showing her a photo book put out by Girlfriends of stars in various lesbian sex positions doesn't help.

    Their busty friends Darcie Dolce and Emily Mena have interracial sex, with Megan watching, more or less a device to get her horny, and eventually she's seduced by Gina for the expected hot and heavy XXX scene, in which either muscle memory or merely the usual stepping out of character has Rain convincingly enthusiastic in the sack.

    But in soap opera fashion, Megan still has no memory, and wants to strike out on a new life, in which Gina doesn't figure. She phones and then goes to a lesbian movie theater (huh??, in 2017?) where she watches a movie (along with us fans at home) where Karlee Grey and Lena Paul indulge in some big-bust/hairy-vagina action on the big screen.

    Improbably, Honey Gold, the tattooed ethnic starlet four years after this release has yet to make her mark in the biz, shows up in the audience where Megan has been masturbating, announcing she's the owner of the theater. She takes Rain upstairs to a remodeled area she's turning into a bar (clearly a lesbian bar is in the offing) after it was used as a residence and easily seduces Megan. It seems that they were hot & heavy girlfriends years before Megan took up with Gina, and once again, Rain's muscle memory makes her a wildcat in bed with Honey.

    Is Gold gaslighting Megan, too, with a cock & bull story about their earlier love affair? Will Gina return to make her pitch and get Rain to marry her after all? Such weighty soap opera questions are left hanging, because once WSW 143 has achieved its prime directive of delivering four complete and lengthy XXX scenes covering nearly 3 hours of running time, all script and story issues are left unresolved and irrelevant.