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  • Sure, I love modern crime dramas like CSI, but in my opinion, Columbo is on a whole other level. Most crime dramas airing currently are all about complicated chemical tests, DNA, and high-octane car chases and shootouts. Columbo is subtler than that. His common sense, shrewd observation, and disarming demeanor solve the cases. And, more than that, you really get into the psychology of the killers, who are often at least somewhat sympathetic characters driven to the edge by circumstance. In every episode, the scene where Columbo finally confronts them with the solution and hard evidence is always fantastic. This is a gem of a TV show, and I think anybody who likes CSI, Law & Order or any other crime dramas, will seriously enjoy this series.
  • I just purchased the complete series DVDs and have begun watching. I had forgotten what a great show this is. It's quite interesting to watch as Falk develops the character over time into the iconic Columbo we all remember. In the earliest shows he not as much the sly and subtle adversary lulling the suspect into feeling he can evade justice by outsmarting him.

    The "how's he going to nail him" rather whodunit approach also makes the show more watchable multiple times than many mysteries where if you remember the culprit it spoils things. It's a lot more difficult to remember how he figure it out and confronted the killer than it is with other shows to remember who did it.
  • I am a huge fan of detective series- Inspector Morse(my favourite), Agatha Christie:Poirot, Murder She Wrote, New Tricks, Monk, Ellery Queen, A Touch of Frost and Taggart are all wonderful, but I can't not mention Columbo.

    Columbo is sophisticated, funny and clever, and is quite simply one of the best detective series ever. It does show who does it a vast majority of the time, so the viewer knows who's the murderer before Columbo does, like on Monk and sometimes on Diagnosis Murder as well. But the real fun is Columbo investigating why the crime was committed, how it was committed and of course the exchanges between him and the suspects.

    Columbo is well filmed, with nice photography and interesting locations. The stories are involving and well paced, the murders and motives are calculating, the scripts are intelligent with some humour in them(the quintessential "just one more thing" and anything to do with Mrs. Columbo), the music is cleverly composed and the direction is strong. I can't fault the acting either- Peter Falk is simply brilliant as the dishevelled, cigar-smoking, dog-eared Columbo, a detective who has a brilliant mind and is endearing in his own way. Morse, Miss Marple, Jessica Fletcher and Poirot are very like that as well. And there have been many memorable guest stars, Dick Van Dyke, Nicol Williamson, Gene Barry, Jack Cassidy, Robert Culp, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick McGoohan, Ray Milland, Rip Torn and George Hamilton are just a few of these memorable guests.

    Overall, one brilliant detective series, clever with a great central performance. 10/10 Bethany Cox
  • Throughout the entire run of the series which went over 30 years with revivals and such the LAPD never assigned Peter Falk some gang-banger slaying or a domestic dispute where a drunk and jealous husband might have carved up an unfaithful wife. No, Lt. Columbo always got the high profile stuff with prominent people as victims and perpetrators. Before there was Brenda Lee Johnson there was another disarming detective who got the job done every time.

    Peter Falk created one of the most indelible characters ever on the small screen with Columbo. The rumpled raincoat in an area where rain is a rarity, the bumbling manner, the general obsequiousness all played into an image he deliberately wanted to create for the perpetrator he was trying to trap. We all knew who did it every week and we all knew that there was an elaborate plan involved that the perpetrator put into operation. Often it called for an attempt to frame someone else.

    It would all unravel bit by bit. Even if the murderer didn't confess outright you knew it was all over. The best criminal lawyers didn't let anyone wriggle out of a Columbo trap.

    Columbo was a great working class hero, an Archie Bunker, or a Ralph Kramden who took the police civil service exam and worked his way up to the top of his profession. It was why he was so popular.

    And it's why he will ever remain so.
  • Columbo is definitely the greatest and most legendary TV detective of all time. My Mum passed on her love of this series to me when I was a child and we have been watching it together ever since. As well as the brilliant stories written for this show, I have to say that it's Peter Falk who makes this series so phenomenal. With his dashing good looks and kind, gentle manly voice, he just gets you transfixed as soon as he appears on the screen. I think he was a very underrated actor indeed. It was so sad to hear of Peter's tragic death but he'll live on in my heart forever as he was a wonderful part of my childhood. Anyone who loves a good crime solving series, you can't beat Columbo.
  • "Columbo" is simply the best detective series ever! Peter Falk as Columbo is wonderful and I absolutely love him. Although the formula is pretty much the same for all the episodes, I never get enough of that cat-and-mouse game that Columbo is playing with his "victims". There are delightful elements of surprise in each episode, that also add up to the puzzle that Columbo himself is. Falk's acting is splendid, his mannerisms are unmistakable, he is so intelligent, natural and subtle. Falk's talent for comedy is a treasure. There is great humor in Columbo's antics, the script is smart and ingenious, and the guest stars, especially the villains, are always a treat.

    Besides, Columbo is a very intriguing character. We never really get to know who he is. Yes, there is mystery around Columbo, and catching a glimpse of the man behind the smoke screen is one of those things that have kept audiences watching for decades. He is indeed a fascinating character. "Columbo" will never get old, it's pure entertainment of the best kind. Splendid work!

    Seasons 1-7 are the best and remain unmatched by anything else on television, including Columbo later seasons. It's not only the charm of the 70's and 80's that make it fascinating, but it's mainly the quality of the scripts in the early years of "Columbo".
  • Someone told me that they found it interesting how my present demeanor was at that given moment. She said "Your total confusion, which manifests itself by way of your befuddled verbosity, all we have to do now is to put a beige trench coat on you and you're just like Columbo" Such a description does indeed describe Columbo to a tee!! Peter Falk did a remarkable job at portraying this seemingly inept detective who engages in a very unorthodox approach to unraveling burden of proof is a needle in a haystack murder cases! Most every episode was set up the same way. Cold, calculated, murders were executed by sophisticated Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Malibu Beach moguls. These money mad misfits could utterly destroy someone very effectively just because they're a little bored!! The initial scenario was such whereby all of these wealthy and subtle socialites could devour a disoriented detective like Columbo in record time. Everything starts off with the plutocratic murder suspect (who is the special guest starring on the episode for the week) delving into the recreational hobby of spoon feeding Leutenant Columbo a largess of condescension! To them, they have already considered the issue of murdering a family member, for a macabre motive, as an accomplishment which was water under the bridge, hence, they have successfully gotten away with this heinous act! Later on in the episode, Columbo's innocuous questions begin to resemble diatribes, and these elusive sophisticates begin to sense it. While all of these wealthy Southern California monsters are labeled as "Cool as a Cucumber", Columbo's actions make them lose their professional composure just a tad!! As Columbo persists with his line of questioning later on in the episode, the audience gets a feel for what is going on. Here is where the show, "Columbo" becomes extremely intriguing!! These social register suspects do not become victims of their own vanity!! As Columbo moves in for the ultimate goal of a conviction, the emotionally detached socialites, otherwise known as the suspects, begin to understand that Columbo is really not all that obtuse and simple minded! They have discovered that Columbo actually has a little moxie, they're surprised, however, they realize that they simply have to go one on one with Columbo! It now becomes a proverbial battle of wits!! Every time, of course, there is a happy ending, so to speak, and the affluent and prominent, upper crust, Los Angeles Area elitist is convicted of murder. Ultimately it is a circumstance of may the best man win!! A bevy of pecuniary powerhouses have become out-witted by a precocious, archaically inquisitive, and rough around the edges detective!! The television show "Columbo" has got to be one of the most innovative shows ever to hit the small screen. Peter Falk does a remarkable job in this series, and the array of famous guest stars procure an articulated finesse to this show!! Critics have rated "Columbo" as one of the best shows to ever be produced, I totally concur!! I give "Columbo" five out of five stars!!
  • The late Peter Falk helped create one of the greatest ever TV characters in Columbo. However, credit too must go to the scriptwriters & all concerned in the production. Falk's seemingly dithering, fumbling & slightly absent-minded detective masking a razor-sharp brain was the real charm of the character. Add to this the humour that was introduced into some of the very well-written stories, all made for a great show. My favourite humorous moment of all was when he entered a mission for down-and-outs in Los Angeles to interview a witness. In the mission run by nuns he was attended by actress Joyce Van Patten. Seeing his shabby raincoat she naturally wanted to find him a new one, thinking he was down on his luck. After a small protest the sister dismissed it & said, "All are welcome here!.". Endearingly embarrassed as only Columbo as acted by Falk could be, he informed her he was in fact a police detective. The sister then thought, naturally, that he had gone undercover, dressed accordingly & praised his scruffy appearance. "How clever of you!" she concluded. Absolutely priceless scriptwriting!!!. There were many other great comedy asides, usually involving his poorly paid job, but this one I mention was really brilliant. Thank god, despite Peter Falk's death we still have so many great Columbo's to enjoy.
  • There are a few "Columbo" episodes which were panned by some critics. I DISAGREE WITH THEM ALL. There is one VERY important reason for this. Regardless of the plot, regardless of any script, there is one irrefutable fact. Peter Falk OWNED the role of Lieutenant Columbo. The way only HE could and did that part made any other criticism of the show completely IRRELEVANT! As the ostensibly "bumbling" homicide cop, Falk was always believable as the policeman whose first name no one ever heard. He consistently fooled the murderer into a sense of false security, making them think he would never be able to pin the crime in question on them. But it never mattered WHAT the perpetrator might have thought - he ALWAYS got his man (or woman)!
  • Good series about a peculiar homicide detective , Lieutenant Columbo , he is a rumpled , cigar-smoking TV inspector, but really dogged sleuth , who is often called on finding out high profile killings , as he investigates twisted cases in Los Angeles City . As Columbo always finds a way to trap the astute murderers or discover enough evidences to make them confess . He has a particular personality and special physical , as he looking like a bum or vagrant , bumbling conduct , scattered mannerisms , he wears a rumpled raincoat and high top shoes . And driving an old car 1959 Peugeot 403 convertible .Columbo taks about his spouse in several chapters , though Mrs Columbo has never seen on Tv screen , Columbo is sometimes seen talking on the phone with her .

    Splendid series with plenty of suspense , humor , mystery , emotion and twists . Peter Falk , who in real-life was a long life cigarrette smoker and he added this personal touch, as well as he provided his own wardrobe , including his famous raincoat . Peter gives a magnificent acting as the botcher detective with ingenious demeanor, and disheveled appearance , a completely different point of view against the original project that was as a suave and polished inspector . Falk provides a humorous , comical dimension , but beneath his unusual aspect he is probably the most obstinate and intelligent investigator in Los Angeles police department facing off cunning and nasty people . Falk's debut as the raincoat-clad officer was in 1967 : Columbo , Prescription murder , directed by Richard Irving with Gene Barry , William Windom , Nina Foch , this was the TV series pilot in which he investigates the death of a psychiatrist's wife, of course, Columbo winkles out the killer ; this show's was an instant success . Although , Bing Crosby was offered the first role , but he refused and then Falk took the character who he went on until his death .

    The series was extraordinarily played by Peter Falk in 68 episodes. Scriptwritten by famed writers as Steven Bochco , Stephen J Cannell, Jeffrey Bloom and Peter Falk himself . Directed by notorious filmmakers as Leo Penn, Alan J Levi , James Frawley , Vincent McEveety , Boris Sagal and Spielberg made 1 episode titled Murder by the book . Some actors also directed episodes as John Cassavetes, Ben Gazarra , Sam Wanamaker , Norman Lloyd, Patrick McGooham, Daryl Duke and Peter Falk himself . And uncountable , prestigious guest stars , such as : Anne Baxter , Roddy McDowall, Jack Cassidy , William Shatner, Jose Ferrer, Oscar Werner , Johnny Cash , Laurence Harvey , Ricardo Montalban , Richard Foxworth , George Hamilton , Rod Steiger , Ruth Gordon , George Wendt , John Dehner , Tyne Daly , Richard Kiley , Martin Landau , Dyck Van Dyke , Lindsay Crouse , Hector Helizondo and many others
  • jurandyrsf25 July 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Those who came out with the idea for the series were really inspired. The actor who played the hero's role couldn't have done a better job. Columbo is just perfect. It sensibly balances the harshness of murder crimes with the righteousness, the cleverness and the humanity of police lieutenant who investigates them. You see humans rather than monsters, lifelike behavior instead of extremely abnormal mental patterns. It doesn't feed on the spectator's anguish, neither intends to terrorize the audience. It relates the exploits of Lt. Columbo, a modern detective as honorable, cunning and effective as Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. Columbo teaches and delights the viewer, without shocking him or her. It should be rerun frequently so as to allow for contemporary TV buffs to compare current, sadistic shows with a sample of the best tasted shows delivered.
  • Growing up in the early 1970's there were a few TV shows which I would call "iconic"; "Kung Fu" was one, and the UK series "Thriller" was another. But if we had pizza in those days the one series which would make you want to open a beer and heat up a pizza was "Columbo". We all know the story; you see the murder and Columbo gradually pieces together the clues, often by thinking "what would I do in that situation?". In one episode the murderer gives a kid some money to go to the movies and Columbo says "did he ever do that before?". The kid replies "No, never, is it important?" and Columbo replies "Well when people do things they never did before that bothers me!". And that is his modus operandi; no matter how carefully the murder is planned, the killer always forgets something. He had a host of stellar co-stars but the standouts are Robert Culp (my favourite), Patrick McGoohan and Jack Cassidy. Although Peter Falk passed away 1.5 years ago he has left a body of work to be celebrated forever.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You know your gonna get entertained by a show when right from the start you know who did the murder. The whole premise is to make the suspect squirm and there's no better guy to perpetrate the squirm than Peter Falk...enter...Lt. Columbo.

    Most TV show characters come and go and most of the characters are pretty much the same. One show goes away and another comes along that's similar and the characters aren't any different. Columbo is one of those shows that's nothing like's unique all unto itself.

    Peter Falk was a semi-popular actor before this series came along but he pretty much made this his legacy by playing the part of a poorly dressed, over worked, under-slept and wildly annoying police detective who just wouldn't let something go. There was a never a simple murder investigation in his eyes. It was always meticulously investigated but by the end, the suspect was just about to lose his mind from being annoyed and poked and prodded with questions. Welcome to Lt. Columbo's world.

    If you happen on an opportunity to see this great show, do so. I can promise you the late Peter Falk will be smiling down on you.
  • I'm a huge crime fan, Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie et al. Columbo is head and shoulders above all comers. Such a clever premise of seeing the murderer at the start and watch Columbo snare his man (or woman). Columbo is a genius. But it only works with a suitable villain. jack Cassidy is my favourite but there are so many real stars making an appearance (check them out). True, the later episodes don't compare to the pinnacle of the show but every episode is worth a watch (or 2, or 3......) Just one more thing.......
  • jontyboy34520 August 2014
    I am a big fan of the show and urge everyone to watch at least one Columbo episode in their life. My favourite episodes are the three Jack Cassidy ones and the William Shatner one. Shatner delivers an incredible performance as Ward Fowler in Fade In To Murder. It is very cleverly written- both detectives challenging each other throughout and Lucerne 'helping' Columbo to solve the crime. If only they made shows like that this century. These days old shows can look dated- but look past that and you'll see some of the best actors of the 1970's going to to toe with the world's greatest detective. Jack Cassidy was the best villain ever in the series and if you don't like the Cassidy/Shatner episodes you probably are not a Columbo fan.
  • screenman9 October 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    There was a time around the 1970's when a new American detective character seemed to pop-up on out TV screens every week. McLeod was one, a cowboy transplanted into the big city. Cannon was another: a fat, course toughie, almost a classic gumshoe. And of course there was Kojak: tough as nails but with a sensitive touch. I seem to remember a comic song in the charts eulogising them all. They're gone now, and largely forgotten. But not Columbo.

    Some 40 years on from his creation, the shabby and irrepressible detective is still being shown in repeats. Each plot is pretty much the same as every other. He and we know who-done-it in the first quarter of the program. After that, by a mixture of psychological warfare, dogged persistence and Holmesian deduction; we see the over-confident culprit brought down. The similarities of the plots don't make them any less fun to watch, because really, the entertainment is Peter Falk's wonderfully wacky character.

    The unpromising motorcar, the crumpled ever-present mac, the constant now-politically-incorrect cigar all add up to a character who has only one ambition and fascination in life - solving crime. The frequently mentioned, but never seen wife is little more than a conversational foil, like Rumpole's 'she who must be obeyed'.

    Although out of date in many ways, Falk's detective is still a great entertainment to watch. The much more recent and graphic CSI series have little more to offer.
  • toddj-1590116 September 2019
    My Hero
    Detective perfection, most laughs when he take the "quickest way down the hill" to check on a car crash.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I got into Columbo pretty late. I caught a couple of late night / early morning episodes of season 10 on 13th Street in Holland some odd years ago, and they kind of stuck. 13th Street kept repeating them, and more, so eventually I saw pretty much everything from seasons 8 through 13 on that channel (more than once). I never considered the show to be more than just that (a show), but Peter Falk's rendering of an offbeat Hollywood detective investigating the rich and famous left me hungry for more. And thus I bought the whole series in the well-known 'cigar box'. This review is about the first seven seasons that I just finished watching. The rest of it, I will soon review per episode.

    I must admit, the Columbo show is at least entertaining enough all the way through. It turns out that Frank (which is apparently his 'real' first name) has been an upper class detective all along. So, there's lots of beautiful settings, and just as many high society murder victims and suspects, played by loads of familiar (especially of their time, though) faces - some actors and actresses just kept coming back for new parts. The cases themselves are always at least interesting and puzzling enough, though I'll admit I hardly ever paused or rewinded to check on certain details, when I had my doubts about the credibility of it all. The humorous details concerning all kinds of stuff - mostly his wife and his dog - make up for a pleasant bonus.

    If you're willing to let Columbo do all the work, and be taken with his witty charm, the settings, the houses and the familiar faces, you're very likely to have a good time with this. I did.

    A decent, though not too big, 7 out of 10.
  • wkozak22128 March 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    In the pilot, prescription: murder, I am pretty sure he is smoking a premium brand cigar.I looked at the bands on the cigars in his jacket pocket. They look like a brand I have smoked. Also, he did have two different cars. One had a light convertible top and the other one had a dark convertible top. Also, just one more thing, he carried his cigars in a beat up metal tin. You can see it from time to time in some episodes. If you are really good you can tell he had a different dog in different episodes. This is easy. Look at the dog's coloring. Also, even though he basically wore the same clothes they did change from time to time. In some episodes he wears a white shirt in other episodes he wears a non white shirt. His tie also changes. You can tell the color is not always brown and the prints on this ties are different. You have to look very closely. Especially regarding the cigar bands and the ties. I am 57. I have been watching the show since it first premiered on TV. I have watched and re-watched the episodes over and over. I have also watched mystery films just as long and read mysteries the same amount of time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dick Van Dyke arguably justifiably puts the world out of his wife's misery (It was humane, he didn't torture her with his rendition of a cockney accent beforehand), but then loses all respect, from me, by offing a puppy-like ex-con, in a cold act of misdirection.

    Nothing needs to be said about Falk, other than I don't believe in god, but I believe in Columbo.

    Van Dyke is a good villain, the fact that you may not feel as involved with him as you might with some of the other Columbo classics, is testament to a solid performance that doesn't over-egg the pudding.

    I'm dithering between giving this a 6 or a 7, I think Van Dyke's assistant brings it up to 6.5 alone, for her amazing hotness, and I love the wino (a caricature certainly, but well done), and the driving instructor amuses, although the scene with the nun does go on slightly.

    The solution may be far from perfect, but it was still fun, perhaps a prime example of, 'Columbo being a dick', to get the Van Dyke. And why not?
  • I love all the Colombo's, I am still watching them on Netflix. I would love to see Mark Ruffalo come back as the new Colombo! I think he would make a great Colombo and I think he even looks like him and can play the part well. I know nobody can replace Peter Faulk , , But I would like to see the show come back with Mark Ruffalo play Columbo, Does anyone out there agree with me? I love all the shows, I wish there were more to see. Netflix does not show any of the later shows, so Iam disappointed with that. My favorite episode is etude in black. I also like the episodes with Jack Cassidy and Robert Culp. Everyone should watch the movie Now you see me and Zodiac starring Mark Ruffalo and see if he reminds you of Peter Faulk

  • cfitzpatrick063 July 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is such a good show. It is very easy to watch!!

    Peter Falk does such an amazing job playing Colombo.

    When you watch it you actually feel like you are a detective and you also know when Colombo is working he knows who the killer is. I really recommend this show to anybody who likes crime dramas. There such amazing actors in this and perter is one of my favourite actors. Colombo has such a great vibe to it and I fell that it is better that other shows such as monk)

    (One more thing! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Peter Falk excellently portrays his character. I am sure that Vincent D'Onofrio got his character's behavior on "Law and Order: Criminal Intent". In fact many of these stories are rather like Law and Order in their substance and manner, including some rather bad scripting. However Falk makes up for that in all his skill. Where the stories have that bad writing, both in script and substance, Falk makes up loads for. I do not want to knock the show. It is a classic, and perhaps these detective shows require it, like court drams require a little imperfect, dramatic scripting to satisfy an audience. But for the good! Falk is just amazing. He pulls off the bumbling guy in the trench coat just perfectly. I know I am knocking the stories and writing, but really what makes this show is Falk, Falk, Falk! That's what it is a classic. I am sure it could have done rather well without Falk, but it could never have become the classic it was without him. So I can only take away one point for what is lacking in the writing because of Mr. Falk.
  • Vincentiu3 November 2012
    a detective. out of any definition. slices of humor. intelligent birth of truth. and fascinating solutions for each case. Columbo is a strange synonym for Superman. nothing beat him, nothing disappointed him, a murder is only a puzzle who needs some patience. Peter Falk makes not a character but a legend. and his performance is only subtle lesson about life. insignificant, he has key of each crime. dusty, ugly, ridiculous, he is master of each case. a cartoon character. and good example of great performance in a role far from great ambitions. Columbo is not a TV show but a chain of sentimental memories. a trip. not in crimes circle but in a special definition of good guy victory. and it is more important than every crime TV series.
  • I recently viewed the complete series DVD set, and was happy with it, since most of it stands up, and Columbo himself is such an original character, played perfectly by the late Peter Falk. "Just one more thing" became his trademark phrase, but it masks an ingenious mind that is not fooled by the brilliant plans that the various wealthy/famous suspects devise over the decades.

    I always wondered why Columbo remained a Lt. for his whole career, since a man with his arrest record would be quickly promoted in the force. It may have been politics, or perhaps he was content being a Lt., and didn't want to be stuck behind a desk.

    Many famous actors guest starred as murderers, in particular Jack Cassidy, Robert Culp, and Patrick McGoohan, who appeared multiple times in different roles(a silly practice, but not uncommon, unless the actor tried to disguise himself, like McGoohan did.) 'Try and Catch Me', with Ruth Gordon as a sympathetic killer, was my favorite episode.
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