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  • Five reasons why The Irate Gamer should not be watched by anyone.

    5.Chris Bores can't act. If you are going to make a show with the gimmick that you sit in front of a camcorder and act angry, make sure that you know how to act. Any small piece of acting would be good. Bores is a terrible actor. He can't even make a convincing grunt while he plays video games.

    4.Highly unfunny. If you are going to make a comedy show, make sure that you are funny. Bores does a blend of observational humor and slapstick that have it in common to be unfunny and predictable. For example; When reviewing Tetris in a very bland manner, Bores mentions how addictive the game can be but says that he's not affected, just like clockwork, we are treated to a cut of a black screen with the letters 'couple of hours later' where we then see Bores acting like a Heroin Junkie, sweaty screaming out "I want my Tetris". Not only was this joke very predictable to the audience, but it was done in such a manner that I can't imagine anyone laughing at it.

    3.He's not a Gamer. If you are going to make a show about video games, make sure that you can play them. Bores might be a couple of things. A Martial Artist, a Ghost Hunter, a college graduate (at least according to him) but he ain't no gamer. This becomes highly obvious when he complains about how some, if not all, of the games that he plays are too hard, and these include games that six year old kids were beating on their first try. Only eight seconds into Contra, he got killed, which he then blamed on the game, for being too hard. This often lead to Bores cheating his way through the game or playing it on the easiest difficulty level. Which is just plain stupid. He's there to review a game, not skip through it on the easiest setting. Would you watch a cooking show where the cook would simply order take-out because cooking is way too hard? I don't think so.

    2.He's not a reviewer. If you are going to make a show where you review games, please be sure that you are able to review things. Reviewing is not really a skill, it's just saying your opinion on something in a manner that most people can understand it, Bores takes whatever game he can get his hands on, talks about it's flaws (like, how easy to die it is for him) and then says it's terrible. He often doesn't bother to go into any detail, with most of his episodes ranging from 2 to 5 minutes in length (with maybe some additional minutes for abysmal acting).

    1.RIPP-OFF. The concept of the show came from the much more talented and enjoyable James Rolfe who created the character of the Angry Video Game Nerd back in 2004. After becoming a YouTube sensation in 2006, Chris Bores mimicked him with his show, something that he admitted, although privately to the AVGN Homepage, and has denied since. All comments on YouTube about the similarities are often taken down minutes after being posted and Bores pretty much pretends that James Rolfe doesn't exists, unless he gets pinpointed in a radio interview, where he will say that it's all a coincidence, despite saying in the mail to James Rolfe (that was posted on Rolfe's forum) that he was inspired by his world famous 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' review, which makes sense, seeing that the Irate Gamer did not only review the exact same game, but he also stole a large portion of Rolfe's jokes, and in order to not come of as a plagiarist, he decided to review the highly popular and well made Konami sequels, which he reviewed poorly, saying that they were just as terrible. Bores has often stolen more subtle jokes from other YouTube NES reviewers, including from the lesser known WizWar, where he stole a lot from his Predator review, including his 'Fists of Fury' punchline and from VideoGamesAreAwesome who did a hilarious dance video with R.O.B. and were badly mimicked by Bores.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How does Chris Bores sleep at night? There are a lot of games review shows on the net these days and as you would expect there is a lot of repetition of content what with people reviewing the same games and what have you but I invite you to watch the Irate Gamers review of TMNT for the NES then watch the earlier review of the same game by the Angry Video Game Nerd. Bores parrots every point in the similar but less amusing phonier sounding outraged style he even repeats slightly altered versions of AVGN's creative foul mouthed exclamations. All in all he's not the worst reviewer on the net but I find it reprehensible that he found a popular pundits work and seems to have copied it. It might be a coincidence but it would be a pretty odd one
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Don't watch this show; it's an unfunny rip-off of the much funnier show "The Angry Video Game Nerd" (James Rolfe).

    The creator, Chris Bores (whose name describes his show better than the actual title) is infamous for plagiarizing the content of hordes of other reviewers, and will deny any claim of him possibly being inspired by other reviewers.

    It all began with Bores' review of the NES game 'Back to the Future', which James Rolfe had reviewed a year earlier. Bores blatantly elaborated on the same glitches in the game and even copied the famous joke "I wish I could go back in time to prevent this game from being made" from Rolfe.

    Later, Bores decided to review some "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" video games, one of which had already been reviewed by Rolfe, again about a year earlier. As you would expect, Bores complained about the same things as Rolfe did, and even stole swearwords that Rolfe came up with.

    James Rolfe dressed up as a Ghostbuster for his review of "Ghostbusters". Later, Chris Bores also dressed up as a Ghostbuster.

    Also, Bores can't act. He relies on the special effects he uses in his reviews, but his reviews still aren't much more watchable.

    Besides this show, Chris Bores has also made so-called parodies of "Mythbusters" and "Ghostbusters", which are actually just complete copies of those. He gave one of his own DVD's a positive review on

    These are just some of the reasons for which you should avoid watching this show. Instead, go watch "The Angry Video Game Nerd", which is of far better quality.

  • After hearing negative comments on how bad Irate Gamer is, I decided to watch his first episode. After that I now understand why everyone hates this show so much. It's so bad, that I have no interest in watching his other reviews if he couldn't live up to his title.

    It's been noted by other people, but I like to say it in my own words. Chris Bores is basically someone who has watched Angry Video Game Nerd and tries to do his own version of the show which falls flat on the floor. If he was going to do his own internet show on reviewing games, he'd have to find his own image and theme, not steal the identity of another successful series.

    He's way too boring, Chris Bores spends no time in coming up with jokes that work excellent. He makes James Rolfe look like Robin Williams, who is a natural in throwing out a good joke and punch line. Chris is one of those guys who would use a joke that seems funny to him but to others it causes groaning and annoyance. If he was a stand up comedian, he'd already get bombard by trash on the stage. I can say a lot of things that I would rather watch than watch Chris Bores, but that would make this review too long.

    The way he reviews his games are bland and the skits he comes up with are something a kid would come up with. Take his review on the NES Back to the Future game, his bee joke was lame and the part where he goes back to the year 1987 had no effort shown what so ever. I got too distracted by the flat screen computer monitor and modern wireless home-phone, when it was meant to be 1987 not the mid 2000s. Angry Video Game Nerd however, reviewed the same game not once but twice, and delivered the jokes perfectly. Plus Nerd spends a lot of time coming up with his skits for his own series. For Irate Gamer, I can't imagine him doing that well in school if he fails to do well with his projects.

    While I do know that the first Angry Video Game Nerd episodes were simple, except Jame Rolf got better as he progressed further with his series. Chris Bores however never has improved, and I could care less if he ever does. If you want to watch a good internet show about an angry gamer playing bad or challenging games, Angry Video Game Nerd is the right show for you. Irate Gamer is not only a disgrace, it's also managed to be in the same level as one of those low budget Turkish films that try to copy an American film. So if you're curious to watch Irate Gamer, do so with caution cause don't blame me if you keep falling asleep.
  • Pearljam10915 December 2011
    Now, when I write a review, I like to write a positive and negative paragraph...There is no way I can do this on this review. So I guess this interview will be only two paragraphs, the introduction and what is bad. This is because there is no good that comes to mind when I think of the Irate Gamer.

    The show, if you can call it that, is nothing but a shameless knock off of the "Angry Video Game Nerd". Even with that aside, the show is without a doubt thoughtless and horrendous. The jokes are predictable and dull, the information is downright inaccurate at some points, and the production is half hearted. To conclude, this show is to the AVGN what Turkish Star Wars is to Star Wars.
  • mechanoise18 October 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Chris Bores fails to impress in this terrible series that does not review games.

    A reviewer's job is to provide ample detail of content and personal opinions of the game that's being reviewed. Having a strong backlog of gaming experience, as well as a depth of knowledge of the variety of game genres, is very much needed when you're attempting to pass yourself off as a credible reviewer that mass-public should take seriously;

    Chris is neither of these things. The Irate Gamer Show strongly focuses on weak and unnecessary stories that attempt to tie into the game being reviewed. It's clear that criteria exists for ample reviewing, in that in order for a game to be reviewed it must have enough set up for bad jokes, it must be a game he can play (if it's a neo review), and must have cheats available.

    The Irate gamer show is split into the classic Irate Gamer HD show, Irate Gamer neo, I-rate the 80s, IG Shorts, and History of Video Games. His biggest problem is that his research is weak, making critical mistakes that are typically written off as 'jokes'.

    Common mistakes include: - Citing the Genesis was made to compete with a console that wasn't even out yet. - Marking frustration at a game for not having a number 9 on its roulette when there in fact 'is' a 9 on there. - Saying Al Alcorn's name as Al Acorn.

    To sum up, Chris Bores is not a real gamer. He complains many games are too hard, even at the easiest setting, reviews the first level of games whilst commenting many times that he only played a few hours into the game. Christ also fails to go into any depth of detail regarding the game, aside from very basic information such as characters, locations and main objective - there are never any details regarding the story, controls, playability, etc.

    The Irate Gamer show serves as a piggy-back for his other work, as Chris shows gaming to be one of his lesser skills. I'm also disgusted that he lets him 'mom' parade around the channel comments, spouting incredibly childish and offencive remarks towards anyone who shows negativity. Personally, I am in the majority that believe he portrays his mother, and it's rather sad.

    I honestly don't feel he's trying, and until he has a bit of humility about him I won't give him the time of day. Shut the channel down and try something else.
  • And to think I liked this show... LIKED! Boy I was wrong! couple of things...

    1) He was BORING!!!!

    Oh my gosh, I have never seen any body in any video be this boring... I can understand if people are inexperienced in front of a camera and trying things out and they be boring, but this guy, UGH! Now I know where you people are coming from! His voice is so monotone!

    2) The GOD AWFUL ACTING!!!

    And before you criticize me of calling him a bad actor, I have a bunch of acting experience, limited in front of a camera, but I have stage acting! And boy, talk about bad movies having bad acting! This guy is HORRENDOUS!!! He can't convince me any longer that he's good!

    3) NOT A GAMER!!!

    I know you people have gone this way, but, let me give my thing about gaming! I have played video games basically my entire life! Hard games, easy games, difficult games, etc... but when this guy complains about how hard a game is when I could probably beat it in about a day.

    4) These aren't reviews...

    These are infomercials! The fact he complains a game is hard when it's not, he destroys the games afterward, and he gives them the finger after he shreds them, just proves these are infomercials!


    Originally, I would watch his videos with not a care in the world, but then... I read reviews on this site...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Irate Gamer is a guy that makes video game videos, he is a wannabe Angry Video Game Nerd. AVGN is not a wannabe because he came some years before Irate Gamer came. He's name is Irate Gamer but is he so irate? The answer is now. Like in Super Mario Bros. 2 review, he was not that much angry and the jokes just sucked hard that i almost slept. The toilet scene just wasn't funny cause i can get that star from that cliff in a second with Peach and he just stand and don't try. He knew that everyone said he's a wannabe so thats why he made Irate Gamer Neo where he reviews newer games and good games rather then old and bad games which is good but still so awful. If you write one single comment that isn't nice, he will block you and you will never comment on his channel or his videos. He can not act and he think that the animations would be funny but they are boring. The worst video he made that many also think is the worst is Top 5 Disappointments of E3 2011 and almost everyone disliked it because Skyward Sword was in that video and i also disliked it and i comment something that was not nice and now he blocked me. Sorry Chris but i don't like your videos and you are not much Irate so you be named The Gamer Neo instead.

    The Irate Gamer - 1/10
  • The Irate Gamer is seriously one of the worst gamers on the internet, and in real life. I wouldn't have a problem with Irate Gamer but he chooses so many bad choices and that makes him bad for the good reasons. He wants to copy James Rolfe's identity, use it in a corny way, and make his own show cashing in "The Angry Video Game Nerd". It's like The Asylum taking a hit block buster, raping it, and turning it into a special FX fest with poor acting. The special FX in here aren't so special as it weren't you, gamers. The physics in Chris's world don't apply. Now on to the rant on the Irate Hack! He is, you know what that means, not funny. That one joke he made in his ROB the Robot review, was one of the worst jokes in existence. Don't get me started with his other jokes, they're as corny as you think. He is also a very bad actor, and I mean very bad. His friends give out terrible roles as well. Well, he only has little friends, that's why the additional characters are all played by him. He isn't so irate, he just makes these faces like he's taking the biggest dump in his life, and oh boy, overacting. Gotta add the over acting! His research is as thick as his acting, I can't explain it, and I must say that I'm disappointed that this hack is still alive!
  • The Irate Gamer gets a lot of hate on YouTube. For good reason. He blatantly rips off the AVGN, he isn't funny, and he tries to control every square inch of his channel and videos. But, it's watchable. It's not like the Bubsy cartoon pilot, where you wonder "Why am I doing this?" 10 seconds after you turn it on. No, "The Irate Gamer" is watchable and tolerable. That being said, he isn't enjoyable. There is a HUGE difference between, "enjoyable" and "watchable". "Watchable" means it doesn't kill you the moment you turn it on. "Enjoyable" means you find worth and happiness in it. Chris Bores' show is watchable, but it's not enjoyable. So, for those of you that think he makes a good show, fine. I won't disagree with you, because there are people who think he makes a good product. But, if you are like me, or if you're trying to find opinions on who is better, watch the AVGN instead of the Irate Hack, because if you are looking for laugh-out-loud moments, you won't find any with Chris Bores.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hi All,

    I know there is all this stuff about AVGN vs IG but let me state things how they are. To be fair to Chris he uses some nice special effects considering the budget for each of his videos and I like his retrospective videos on the 80's but ....well thats about it.

    Original Idea's: He rarely comes up with his own idea's and when starting off he completely ripped off the AVGN down to the words used in his script. Even recently he reviewed The Silver Surfer on the NES and while he did touch upon things AVGN didn't it still reeked of James Rolfe e.g. "Your gonna die die die DIE!". In other words it was the same review just repackaged. There are millions of other games he could review, why does he review so many games that the AVGN has reviewed. AVGN aside he still blatantly steals material from other reviewers.

    He is Not Really a Gamer: In the past he has reviewed games that were perfectly good or at least average yet complained about them e.g. Home Improvement on the SNES. His critiquing was awful as it was based on the difficulty level and not on the game play. He simply found the game difficult which is not grounds the discredit a game. Often when reviewing a game he will bring out his almighty GAME GENIE to progress.

    His Jokes Are Not Funny: While I am sure some of his videos get a chuckle from some, the majority of his jokes are childish, predictable and are not very clever in anyway. He relies too much on special effects to get a laugh which is the sign of a bad script writer.

    Censorship: Listen I can completely understand if a YouTube user is getting abuse in the comments section then he/she have every right in the word to remove comments and block users but when the level of censorship hits North Korean heights then thats not right. Even a hint of AVGN mentioned in the comment section is removed. If the video is critiqued too much then the comment is removed. More often than not any ratings are disabled.

    At the end of the day I am not picking sides as AVGN himself has his own failings (e.g. his acting isn't great sometimes) but I am merely saying what I see. Chris has done a very good job monetizing his reviews and I wish him the best but sadly to most he is a poor mans AVGN (which is an awful tag).
  • My god! Are you kidding me?! This guy thinks he'll get a lot of respect because he rips off the Angry Video Game Nerd? And he thinks if he keeps doing this, he'll the next best thing on YouTube, like Smosh and Nostalgia Critic?

    Why can't he make up his own ideas? Instead, he has to rip off another one's? Dude, get some talent. Even I can come up with my own ideas! Like, play with dog turds, I don't know. But I bet watching a person play with dog turds would be subscribed or respected more than this pile of f---.

    I just don't understand why there are people out there who think if they use all the traits of a famous YouTuber, they would gain more respect. In conclusion, the Irate Gamer sucks, and doesn't deserve any of those views. F--- this gamer, f--- it to hell!!
  • There is an extreme controversy that has leaped to the forefront of internet culture over the past few years. Pertaining to web-critic Chris Bores, a man better known by the title of "The Irate Gamer."

    For some background, "The Irate Gamer" is a series in which Bores appears in character, and "reviews" video-games. Often games that are considered too difficult, of a poor quality, or flawed in some way. Within the context of the series, Bores is a short-tempered man, who will eventually reach such a point of frustration, he will begin to rage (becoming, as the title implies, irate), generally culminating in a flurry of insults using all sorts of colorful language that IMDb will definitely not let me repeat.

    The series also features a number of running gags, secondary characters and other assorted elements to keep the material fresh.

    That's a fundamentally solid set-up for what promises to be a good, fun series. Which is where the controversy comes in- Bores wasn't the first person to do this. And in fact, much of Bores' shtick is heavily inspired by (if not outright plagiarized from) the well-known internet critic "The Angry Video Game Nerd." (created and portrayed by James Rolfe.) Bores has even gone so far as to admit that the "Nerd" was a heavy inspiration for his character. (Though he has since attempted to deny this) And many rightfully feel Bores has been shameless in stealing material from Rolfe's series. (As I said above, he's borderline plagiarized Rolfe's material on several occasion) And this has lead to a lot of bad blood and extreme backlash between Bores and the numerous individuals online who view his content. And it is an issue that will likely remain controversial for years to come.

    But I'm going to attempt to remain neutral on this issue, and give my thoughts on "The Irate Gamer" without factoring in this ongoing controversy. And it's unfortunate, but even beyond the controversy, I don't believe there is much to like here.

    Bores just isn't charismatic or likable enough in his delivery or look for this sort-of material. Nor is there enough of a wit to his writing.

    I really hate to use these words (as I don't want to appear mean), but Bores comes across as far too awkward and forced when he's on-screen, and his look and general demeanor don't quite fit with what he's going for. You never really buy the idea that he's becoming angry. And you definitely do not buy the idea that he really means what he is saying. He has too much of a sort-of dopey "everyman" feel to him, and he just cannot emote the anger he is going for. While his heart may be in the material, you just can't feel it. I don't think this is necessarily Bores fault. Some people just cannot pull off certain types of material. But by attempting to force it, Bores makes the episodes almost hard to sit through, because it feels too much like a performance. It's unnatural.

    Adding to that, Bores has also exhibited a degree of selfishness and spitefulness in the series several times. Even becoming sort-of a bully to people who do not like him. And it's not in the context of his character. It's clearly a bit of narcissism on his part coming through in his writing. I've watched quite a few of his episodes out of curiosity, and I was shocked by the pettiness he displayed at times. Dismissing everyone else. Being incredibly mean-spirited. Even throwing rather nasty "Easter Eggs" into at least one video that take subtle swipes at the "Angry Video Game Nerd." (Despite the fact that Bores has taken his material in the past.) I can be accepting of Bores being un-charismatic, because that's not necessarily his fault. But to become so spiteful at times is uncalled for and I have a much harder time forgiving that.

    The writing leaves much to be called for. Bores doesn't seem to necessarily understand the art of writing jokes. Or how to string together sentences or cuss-word-loaded exclamations in an amusing fashion. Bores has tried to introduce narratives to his reviews, but I find that they are ill-structured, and often feel a bit meandering and underdeveloped. The humor is far too random, and includes many moments that will leave the audience scratching their heads.

    While he will sometimes bring up valid points, and even deliver occasional good, original content, I find that his pattern of consistent sub-par writing, his lack of presence on-screen and his occasional attitude problems rob too much of any potential likability and watchability he might have otherwise had. His episodes that do work are too few and too far between.

    And I cannot help but interject that the clear stealing of material from other internet critics (obviously most notably James Rolfe) is a huge problem.

    I am giving "The Irate Gamer" a 2 out of 10. I don't believe he's quite as bad as he has been made out to be, but I still find his work of a generally exceedingly poor quality. And I think it's best to skip it.
  • The Irate Gamer is seriously one of the worst gamers on the internet, and in real life. I wouldn't have a problem with Irate Gamer but he chooses so many bad choices and that makes him bad for the good reasons. He wants to copy James Rolfe's identity, use it in a corny way, and make his own show cashing in "The Angry Video Game Nerd". It's like The Asylum taking a hit block buster, raping it, and turning it into a special FX fest with poor acting. The special FX in here aren't so special as it weren't you, gamers. The physics in Chris's world don't apply. Now on to the rant on the Irate Hack! He is, you know what that means, not funny. That one joke he made in his ROB the Robot review, was one of the worst jokes in existence. Don't get me started with his other jokes, they're as corny as you think. He is also a very bad actor, and I mean very bad. His friends give out terrible roles as well. Well, he only has little friends, that's why the additional characters are all played by him. He isn't so irate, he just makes these faces like he's taking the biggest dump in his life, and oh boy, overacting. Gotta add the over acting! His research is as thick as his acting, I can't explain it, and I must say that I'm disappointed that this hack is still alive!
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd is the best, but this guy Chris Bores is trying to copy the famous YouTuber, I like reviewing Best and Worst Movies, Video Games, Shows ETC. I am a smart person that know better for my opinions, You are not smart because You're reviews are sh*t. I hope you need to stop copying any others and put something different, because it's plagiarism, this guy is an asshole who doesn't know any better for reviewing video games that are worst, but all the video games are positive and not positive, You're content is mostly disliked because of the videos, ratings and some controversy you did. Do something original like make a video about blogs, or make a video about using Good content. AVGN is way better than you

    Original means people are smart to create but you are a lazy reviewer that had no effort for making it, I'm not gonna recommend this channel on YouTube, because his content is bad but his reviews are the worst, finally he stops uploading since 2016-2017, Thank god it's over. Go watch Cinemassacre instead, his videos are great.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's hard for me to begin describing Chris Bores without my mind immediately wanting to resort to profanities, but I will make sure I refrain from doing so here.

    Well anyway, what is there to say about the Irate Gamer that hasn't already been said? Everyone's already pointed out that he's a blatant ripoff of the Angry Video Game Nerd, his jokes are terrible, the information in his videos is often inaccurate, and he cannot play a video game for his life.

    What ESPECIALLY bothered me was his most recent Irate Gamer episode.

    *Possible slight spoiler warning here*

    About 20 seconds under the 7 minute mark, there is a scene where random people are cheering, but underneath that you can distinctly hear "*explicit* YOU AVGN!" being shouted in the background. The fact that Chris is willing to stoop this low and bash James Rolfe, a truly talented, genuine and inspirational filmmaker, is just beyond insane. No civilized person with a clear conscience will resort to this behavior, and any respect I could have POSSIBLY mustered for Chris is now completely non-existent.

    So having said that, is there any redeemable qualities in his videos? Well, the special effects are okay, but that's really it. His quality of work has shown no signs of progress over the years, as far as I could tell. While James Rolfe has matured over the years and proved himself as an experienced mind with special effects and cinematography, Chris Bores' videos have the same production quality since he first started.
  • Chris Bores is obviously the wannabe James Rolfe. Although in recent years James Rolfe's acting and writing have come a little closer to Chris Bores', James Rolfe is still not only far superior in every way to him but also far more original with his material too. The only episode I think Chris Bores did a better job covering than James Rolfe was the Rob the Robot episode. Asalieri did a hilarious comparison video of the two on youtube.

    Despite that little mishap James, his material has been consistently original, well written, and well produced. Chris on the other hand has consistently been terrible in every way except the production department. His videos do not have the same level of production quality as James' but he's not far off. He has proved to be proficient in technical abilities of video making, but that's about it. I will admit his "I rate the '80s" is a little better, but his coverage of games is usually downright inaccurate and terrible. His "History of Video Games" has proved to be full of inaccuracies and flaws and yet even after remaking them in HD he didn't even bother to correct his mistakes or bad jokes even though numerous people have pointed them out to him on youtube.

    "The Irate Gainer" made a hilarious parody video of his History of Videos Games series on youtube. I give Chris credit for continuing to push forward with his Irate character and other video series despite the huge backlash and hate he has been getting and I give him credit for trying to move away from James Rolfe's style and trying to develop more of his own, but it's too little too late. He burned his reputation by copying James' lines and video series styles without giving him credit, getting any kind of permission from him beforehand and then trying to lie about it claiming it was a "mistake" later. You can see proof of this on the "Irate Gamer Sucks Blog" from July 2009.
  • This is a bad show, so is the Angry Video Game Nerd, who I gave an 8 because at least his jokes are good, this guy's jokes are cheap gags or sometimes lame jokes that a Irate Gamer fan would find funny. His reviews are just copies of AVGN's reviews, he even stole the infamous joke "I wish I went back in time to prevent this game for being made", and made a skit just to be original! All the characters in the show are usually him or friends that can't act. He isn't a gamer for one thing, he complains about a game being hard, complains about the ending of a game he plays, WTF! He is also a bad actor, he tries to act but for a fact, he never acts angry, he never tries. He even has another show, Breakfast Rant, he complained about Lucky Charms changing marsh rooms, WTSF! DON'T watch this dude, WATCH the AVGN (even though he is horrible), his jokes are actually creative and that actually do work. Irate Gamer fans, change your taste.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ok, I'll be honest here. This show is competently put together, but that's the best thing I can say about it. Being a big fan of AVGN, when I heard about this infamous copycat series, I decided to check it out for myself. Chris Bore tries really hard to review these games in an angry nerd manner, but he just doesn't cut the mustard. Here's the problem. 1) His voice is really annoying and he can't act to save his life. I've never seen anyone who can act "angry" so poorly. Plus, as many other people have said, he copy/pastes the nerd so often, it's pitiful. 2) He doesn't research properly. Guys, if you are going to research something, it takes longer than a 15 second google query. Also, his script writing is piss poor. He doesn't apparently know that a "predecessor" means something that came first, not afterward. 3) He has annoying supporting characters that seem unnecessary. To be fair, James has done this before also, which is why I think the reviews are better when he's alone. But at least James is funny, this is more than can be said for Chris. 4) Ultimately, there is nothing here that makes Chris stand out from the pack. It's the same low budget tripe that has become so common on YouTube. But at least James Rolfe has charm. Chris is just a bore. I know I'm reiterating what everyone has said, but it's the truth. What more can you really add? He just needs to be more original. If AVGN is Transformers, he is Go Bots.

    Now in all honesty, his work does seem to be at the very least fairly well put together, the problem is just that he needs to do his own thing. Chris needs to find his own voice/identity and only then will he possibly get his name out. But he has to earn it, not by piggybacking off another internet reviewers' popularity. I give it 5 stars out of 10 for effort, and that's being generous.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Irate Gamer is a AVGN-esque show with a bit more of personality in some elements to it. While it's true that the first season of the show....isn't very good. The later episodes show off better acting delivered from Chris and his friend who plays the sage, a funny story which doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things is nice to see, and overall some pretty funny moments to laugh at. Really the biggest problem with this is the man himself doesn't establish his own identity until later episodes as the first 2 seasons are to be fair, AVGN knockoffs (which he has admitted) but regardless the amount of hate this guy gets isn't justifiable and you should at least give his reviews a shot.
  • Chris bores AKA The Irate Gamer has to be the one of the worst game reviewers I've ever watched and there is more bad of him then just being an AVGN Ripoff. Bores constantly uses green screen effects that aren't needed at all, he always does a stupid montage scene when it's clearly obvious that he's not actually playing, he uses game genie in almost every game he plays, he doesn't do his research, unfunny forced jokes and majority are food references, he has bad grammar, over uses his stock explosion effects, forced video game spirte jokes (to make him look retro), and he forces the way on how he's a "gamer" with obviously trying to look all retro by showing his posters or saying "Now I've always been a big fan of ____ when I was a kid". Not to mention, Chris Bores sells his Irate Gamer DVDs with COPYRIGHTED FOOTAGE! In his volume one DVD he kept the Back to the Future music AND in his Season 4 "Rise of red" DVD, he kept the Power Rangers TV show footage and music! Does this guy not know the law?! Speaking of Rise of Red, bores is so unoriginal he had to use Power Ranger footage to end it off, and in that same episode there's a scene where Archfiend says "F*ck you AVGN!"... Wow Chris, what the heck did James Rolfe ever do to you? Chris Bores has been making fun of James only because James wanted to make his first ever feature film which was his dream goal as a child, and Chris makes it seem like he's some criminal. Irate gamer mainly nitpicks a lot in his game reviews and dies on purpose! It's so obvious when he does this and sometimes when he takes the game out of the system, the system isn't even TURNED ON! Now in 2015 he's reviewing classic good games and trashing them because "it's hard!". In his Megaman review not only does he die on purpose but he's using game genie too! Irate gamer can't even play Megaman without cheating?! You honestly can't trust this reviewer. Did I mention that almost all the characters in his show is just him green screened wearing another costume (ex: Kool Aid Man, Evil Gamer, News reporter). The Irate gamer character compared to Chris Bores himself isn't really no different, they're both ignorant and aren't funny. The Irate Gamer character isn't even likable as he's always trying to kill some other character for no reason. Irate gamer has been doing reviews for almost a decade and he still sucks, give him criticism and you'll be blocked.
  • I realize there is a hate on for this guy but I'm going to do a quick summary of the big picture from a retro gamer/collectors perspective.

    Honestly, I've seen worse. This doesn't justify anything good or bad from his reviews but it is what it is, a low budget web show. I don't feel he is the great actor or even a good one at that but I enjoy watching NES, Atari, and so on reviews. Because of his strength is not acting I think taking a more narrative approach (like Aqualungs Atari Reviews) would really help him out with this problem. Maybe do more of an animated approach to the review (Code Monkeys did a great job of this) could have help out with the lack of alternative actors that appear on the show as well.

    I always though he was a bit of a mock AVGN wannabe but he's not alone in that department and you know what, his History of Video Games series made me think twice about making that initial judgement call.

    Overall I think he tries a bit too hard and needs to play on his strengths more then rehashing his weakness time and time again. Its not a horrible web show and he gets a lot of flack for it, which is too bad cause internet heroes are a dime a dozen and I would like to see a fraction of people even make the attempt. Not defending him by any means, he's done some things that are a little hard not to comment on but there's a little more to see here than just flaws.

    Me I watch it time and again but I don't think I will be buying anything from his store anytime soon. It is what it is, take it or leave it really. I got a soft spot for retro gaming, so this is one of the web shows I check out.
  • collflan-402857 November 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Don't know about bad review XD PROBABLY AVGN FAN. A very funny siri about bud games epic XD Watched it with my dad before divorce and move to australia
  • Whether you see him as a AVGN knock-off (which he was by his own admission) or as the underdog funny-man of YouTube, you have to hand it to Chris Bores for being one of the veterans from the early days of online comedy reviewing to have lasted as long as he has. But with this in mind, is the show any good? Even taking into account Bores' low-fi, DIY YouTube heritage, the "classic" episodes have not aged well and while in the later years, Bores began to develop the show with more characters and After Effects, the quality overall is pretty underwhelming.

    Chris Bore has always come off as a forced, frat-boy version of the AVGN character. His comedic range as a writer is limited it is sometimes mildly-entertaining in the same corny way that weird uncle can be at Christmas parties (as with his Woody Allen-eqse Ronnie The Skeleton). But like that uncle after a few to many drinks, it gets old really fast.
  • I would have to say this is a nice, funny show. a lot of people say he's a "rip-off" of the angry video game nerd but to be honest, I think he was inspired by the nerd to make those films. and for goodness sake the angry video game nerd is NOT the only game reviewer. There are dozens and dozens of people that are practically doing the same thing. so please people don't start jumping to conclutions here. okay maybe he said the same swear words like the nerd but doesn't anyone like saying it besides the nerd and the irate gamer? for once in a life time, give him a chance! Chris bores' acting is NOT entirely terrible. he seems to do a bit well and nice. but to let you all know just in case, I am a fan of BOTH the Angry Video Game Nerd AND the Irate Gamer. I like them because they are entertaining to watch on youtube. so please guys, let Chris bores be and let him have fun.
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