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  • i've seen several of the Torchlight features, made during the middle of the last decade, and they are unimpressive. Strictly soft-core in content (resembling Cinemax or Showtime After Dark product), EDUCATING ROXY unspools almost identically to its XXX counterparts, only minus the explicit penetration & money shots.

    Result is just as tedious as contemporary hardcore porn. The six sex scenes go on endlessly with repeated motions of simulated sex and the adult baby talk ("F*ck me, f*ck me!) a constant.

    Minor story line here is even more repetitive than usual. Roxy (sexy but oddly unattractive Darien Ross) is introduced masturbating in bed, but then invited by gal pal Dawn (XXX star August slumming in soft-core ranks) to a party at 10pm. Roxy goes, gets drunk on a "Cannibal Juice" aphrodisiac drink, and humps a girl and then a masked guy to a fare-thee-well.

    Show then goes into a very dull "Restart...Repeat" mode, in which each night Roxy goes on the same freight elevator in a nondescript raw space type building to a cheap set (with cheap decorations), has a drink and humps again. Phoning it in, August keeps Roxy up-to-date about the uninhibited "mystery woman" who's suddenly attending these parties, and eventually the busy XXX star joins in on the humping as well. Open ending of Roxy answering the phone with "I'll be there", promises not really a sequel but rather the horror of a sexual Sisyphus doomed to party on pointlessly forever.

    To say this was done on the cheap is an understatement; I've seen many amateur (mainly horror) videos boasting better production values. Cast is unimpressive: I'd rather see August go up against Mandingo or the like in a hardcore video and Ms. Ross is a drag. Kirsten Price as her lesbian conquest is lovely and went on to a lucrative hardcore career.

    As one of her lays Dino Bravo goes through the motions, but I've seen him go full XXX more recently in one of Sweet Sinner's far more professionally made romantic hardcore offerings.

    EDUCATING ROXY bears a 2003 copyright, but would have seemed old hat back in 1969 (it doesn't contain a single split-beaver shot and zero male frontal nudity).
  • This is the second film from Torchlight that I have seen - the first being Bar Hopping Hotties, which left a lot to be desired - but this one is a real stinker. Educating Roxy is the only one of several films in Torchlight's Educating...(insert name here) series that I have seen, and on this showing, will probably stay that way. The film is just a series of soft-core scenes, with the thinnest of plots to hold them all together.

    The film opens with Roxy pleasuring herself when she gets a phone call from a friend, inviting her to a party in what looks to be a deserted factory basement. A girl/girl scene starts proceedings followed by a girl/guy scene and then Roxy wakes up in her bed. Another phone call leads to another party at the same venue but this time it is girl/guy on what looks to be a gynaecologist's chair, complete with footrests. The last scene is at the same venue but this time it is girl/girl times two.

    The whole film is totally uninspiring and because the sex scenes have to compensate for a lack of a decent script, the sex goes on for too long and are quite boring. The sex scenes look like the sort of stuff that you would see in a hard-core porn film but without seeing the full sex act or the money-shots. Surgically enhanced breasts do little for me, but the fair-haired girl in the final scene was quite cute-looking. I do not think that I will be looking for any more Educating... films.