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  • Isawthat29 August 2013
    "My Place" presents episodes with the story told in the person of the children who have lived in this certain house in South Sydney over the period of 260 years, I can only imagine that future episodes will be based in the future as Australia has only been colonised since 1788. I caught an episode recently by accident and am now hooked, each and every episode keeps me enthralled, the directing is superb, the periods recreated brilliantly, the acting amongst the best I've seen! Aired on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Australia's public broadcaster, I can only imagine this series is not gaining the audience levels it deserves. One of the best, do yourself a favor and watch this while it's screening. JM
  • I was well and truly an adult (50+) when I first watched this series. Strange that an ongoing tale about 10-year-olds getting up to mischief over a 200-year period would move me so greatly. I became aware of the series because of a book I was editing. I was enthralled from the first episode. It has a unique perspective. Each episode covers the story of a ten-or-something year old child, who gets into trouble but learns their lesson. Each episode goes back ten years in time. So the adults in one episode often become the children in the next. At the heart of the series is a magnificent tree that the children play on or meet at. In some episodes, they see an Aboriginal girl in the tree, but she quickly fades. The series creates a vast history lesson that has been used in schools to teach Australian children about their past. All kinds of political issues are dealt with - multiculturalism, immigration, Aboriginal rights, the two World Wars, the rise of the labour movement, the convict legacy - but it also deals with personal family issues, tragedies and grief. The girl in the tree is the subject of the last episode. A mischievous Aboriginal child that assumes her way of life will go on forever. Not so. I shed tears for this. Of course, the series has lots of modern interpretations of the past, but the intentions are sincere.
  • Warning: Spoilers