Steel: [regarding Sofia] I don't know, Max. It seems like that girl creature must have put out some kind of mind control virus on you. We should probably kill her.

Max McGrath: What? No.

Steel: [regarding Sofia] The girl creature appears to cause increases in heart rate and respiration. Perhaps you should avoid contact with her.

Max McGrath: Perhaps you should shut up.

Steel: See? She has made you angry.

Max McGrath: [having just broken the lock on the old N-Tek gate] Come on.

Steel: [reading sign on fence] Uh, just... No trespassing.

Max McGrath: Seriously?

Steel: All caps, Max. Looks pretty serious to me.

[last lines]

Max McGrath: Steel, this suit seems tighter than usual.

Steel: Really? We're flying and you're complaining about the suit?

Max McGrath: Go right.

Steel: Let's go left.

Max McGrath: No. Let's go right.

Steel: How about your other right?

Max McGrath: You know what? Let's just go straight then.

Steel: Okay.

[after Sofia kisses Max and has gone into her house]

Steel: Okay, maybe it was good we didn't kill her.

Max McGrath: Yeah, you think?

[first lines]

Molly McGrath: [to Max sitting on roof of house] Max! What are you doing up there?