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  • I actually enjoyed this. After reading a few reviews I expected it to be really slow and boring but was pleasantly surprised. Sure it took a little longer going places than some of the rushed non-stop explosion fests available but that's why I liked it. It felt like it was it's own film and not just a carbon copy of all other superhero style films out there, it actually took time to build a sense of mystery and develop the characters rather than just rushing from one plot point to the next.

    I felt like I got to know the main character and was intrigued to see more of the movie universe unlike many forgettable action/sci-fi movies out there.

    If you go into the film expecting non-stop action sequences go watch the avengers, if you want something with a little mystery and gradual exploration of that mystery watch this
  • Make no mistake, Max Steel, the Mattel toy property, turned Cartoon Network staple, turned full length movie has become the worst reviewed wide-release film of 2016. After a single weekend, the movie has garnered a staggering Metascore of 26, and a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. Those are scores usually reserved for direct to DVD video game adaptations and the occasional Pauly Shore movie. I'll admit with so many metrics stacked up against it, my interest both as a critic and a connoisseur of junk cinema was piqued. I wanted to hate this movie; I came in with the expectation that this movie was a special kind of crappy. But alas it's just the regular kind of crappy.

    The plot of Max Steel promises the adventures of a middle-America teenager named Max (played by perennial kids-TV bit-player Ben Winchell) and his alien companion named Steel. Due to Max's seemingly inexplicable ability to conjure energy on a molecular level, Steel acts as a symbiotic techno-parasite consuming it with relative safety. In return, Steel (voiced by Josh Brener) enhances Max's physical abilities and protects him with a laser spewing bio- tech suit. Little does Max know that his new friendship with his alien buddy upsets a certain celestial balance, that holds the future of our world in the hands of a sinister enemy.

    The plot promises these things but in an election year, we should all be wary of false promises by now. While watching Max Steel I was less concerned about the fate of the world than the fate of those involved in this project and made the mistake of taking it seriously. The film co-stars award nominated actors Maria Bello and Andy Garcia whose natural gravitas threatens to give Max Steel more weight than your average Smallville (2001-2011) knockoff. I understand that veteran actors need to eat but most actors should draw the line when asked to put on a half-assembled Power Rangers outfit.

    The film itself is a cheap, shabby, impotent mess that tries oh so hard to ape the grungy self-serious aesthetic from recent superhero fare. But instead of finding a balance between pretension and moment- focused excess, the camera diddles through colorless scenes that look like they were shot through a layer of cellophane and Vaseline. This of course is when we get exteriors of antique pickup trucks chugging through amber-waved back-roads. When it comes to the heavy climaxes, the movie seems poised to give us the same blighted industrial zones we've seen in everything from low-budget horror movies to late-period Steven Seagal flicks. Only this time it's lighted like a neighborhood Zap- Zone to give the film's target audience (mainly toddlers and their misguided gamgams) the desire to whip out their video games.

    It's all so genuinely and quite unpleasantly sad to see a movie like Max Steel. Watching bloated, intelligence insulting, big-budget fare fall flat can give anyone a sudden jolt of schadenfreude. Yet watching something whose only real crime is being too big for its britches, well it's just not that much fun. The film and its makers are trying to mimic a certain style, a certain flow, a certain spirit yet it simply have none of the right tools to do so. So they patched this puppy up with as much exposition, flashbacks and Josh Brener inspired wisecracks to trick you into thinking it was all worth it. But it's not, it's really, really not.

    Max Steel is like going to the zoo, visiting the tiger exhibit and seeing a tiger born and raised in captivity. Many people arguably worked their best on this film, but because their best is inspired by the limited cultural echo chamber of comic books, blockbuster movies and Halo, we get a movie that lazes about, the fierceness in its eyes completely absent.
  • One of the worst super hero movie of 2016. Extremely slow to tell a story, no action (except for the last few mins of the movie), too many annoying flash back. Seem like the director wasn't sure if he wants to make a sci-fi movie, chic flix, or comedy.. it turns out to be a big mess that drag on and on. People walking out in the middle of the movie, if it wasn't for my 11 year old, I would have done the same.. After the movie, my 11 year old even comment how bad the movie was! Here's an example of how slow the movie was.. the first min. of the movie, it also indicate Max has super power, it took about 30 mins of the movie to finally confirm his super power. Then another 40 mins of the movie to talk about nothing much with flash back.. and finally 5 mins of action (fight scene) to beat the bad guy. When you think it's all over.. they spend another 15 mins to put some unnecessary romance and filler to make the movie 92mins long, so that you don't think the movie is being too short.
  • Was it great, nah but it was a fun ride and it WAS NOT A REMAKE OF THE CRAPPY SHAQ FILM. Max Steel was a kids series a few years back now being brought to the big screen: Shaq's film was based on John Henry Irons AKA Steel from DC Comics that came to prominence when the Death Of Superman run was in full swing: The reviews that I've read for the "racist remake!" or the "Whitewashed retelling of a Black man's story!" are baseless and ridiculous.

    Was the film Oscar worthy...Hell no it was for kids, tweens and ol Max fanboys that liked the cartoon...Cool CGI & fun.

    And to qualify, I am Black. I am 100% dedicated to what's good for Black people and I am 100% for the truth and honesty for all of us...Peace & love all!!!
  • I remember a cartoon that pretty much was the same deal, except that cartoon more had a base on action sports which was what I was expecting with this film but as it turns out there was another more recent cartoon, this movie was based on.

    Max is a kid who moved around a lot and he discovers why when he moves to the place were his mom and dad met and it triggers the energy spectrum that gives him super powers.

    The formula was straight forward and it should have worked but all it did was doze me off, literally snoozing. Thought the movie did have some interesting surprises, but I spent most of the flick trying to keep my eyes open to pay too much attention.

    Will say I enjoyed Andy García's role in this film. Far different than anything I've seen him in before and he most likely did it cause it was fun to do and he looked like he had fun. So that was enjoyable.

    Max Steel could have been so much better, but it's not. So it's not worth watching. Should have based it on the 1st cartoon I guess.
  • Well, I was completely disappointed. The only tip I can give to y'all is the movie, "Max Steel", is similar to "Power Rangers". Therefore if you are still into or starting to like those series, then go for it.

    Otherwise if you're trying to find a good time, this will make you cry tears in despair. Likewise, if you're a viewer like me who wants to explore, you'll probably enjoy the beginning, but puke toward the end.

    Here's some details into why the movie isn't a success for me:

    The protagonist is arrogant

    The villain is arrogant (oh... they're supposed to?)

    The movie skips a lot of character build ups

    Finally and most importantly... yelling solves EVERYTHING!!! These would be great in books/novels, but doesn't help movie production.
  • Well lets take it one step at a time. 1) the movie starts well with a mystery going on around our main character and a good enough introduction of the rest of the characters. 2) the plot is good but it doesn't fit only to one movie so i hope for another one. 3) the end, well i am not gonna spoil this but the movie prepares the audience for the end (that makes the movie predictable -ish) but who doesn't like to say "i knew it". I liked max and defensively loved steel, i hope there was more about the background of steel and max but i put my faith on the next movie if there is going to be any. It's a movie decent enough to go on a sequel. So i am giving it a 10 because for the kind of movie it is it's very good.
  • Based on an earlier review I saw on this movie (I'm hoping it was a joke, because it was seriously off the mark) I felt obligated to post an honest review! I went to see this movie tonight with my two boys who are 12 & 9 years old. They are both HUGE fans of the Max Steel cartoon that was out a couple of years ago that this movie is quite clearly based on. They both loved the movie & were so bummed when it ended. We are all 3 hoping this becomes a series & has at least 1 or 2 more movies to further develop the story. And, being a nerdy, comic book/super hero/sci-fi/fantasy fan, I enjoyed it myself! Good clean movie, a bit intense in some scenes with a "Tornado", and one "almost" swear word, but otherwise a good movie for kids!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    People claim that this movie was a bit slow, but it's the first. So it has more of a story/background to cover than some of the other 'superhero' movies.

    I found it funny, exciting and entertaining.

    Because of how poorly it did, I won't be surprised if there isn't a sequel, but I wish there was! I'd love to see more 'Steel'

    Give it a chance, if you are open minded and in the mood to watch something goofy we thought it was worth it. We put it on just to check it out, ended up loving it and laughing out loud constantly.

    I remember watching the TV show (animated) a bit when I was younger, but couldn't remember the story line. So sure if you are hardcore animated show fans, you might be disappointed. But live actions are never like the cartoon.

    Cheers :)
  • Alright so those thinking that this is a remake of Shaquile o Neal's Steel, they are wrong. First of all Steel and Max Steel are two different characters. Steel is a character from DC Universe and goes by the alias of John Henry Irons, and Max Steel's real name is Max McGrath and belongs to Mattel. This is an entirely new movie and character. But overall the movie is great! The film is based on the reboot of the series rather than the original one from the year 2000 and it shows Max McGrath's origins into becoming Max Steel. The movie is great and the special effects are awesome. However you should watch it yourself to judge it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Far from awful, as many reviewers would like to say, and nothing to do with the 1997 film by Johnson. Based on the Mattel toy and following cartoon series, which was in my childhood a firm favourite. I went into this film with low expectations, but I came out of it having enjoyed my time spent.

    Let me be clear, this is not an amazing film. But it is good enough to enjoy on a lazy day.

    The love interest is boring, the plot linear, and the film is let down by one liners that fall flat. Special effects were good, though that is something any film these days can claim.

    Though it is never going to be be a work of art, I enjoyed Max Steel far more than when I recently watched the critically acclaimed Captain America: Civil War (pro tip: Do not waste your time on that).

    Why? This film (unlike most superhero action flicks) is not saturated in a truckload of "Merica!" patriotic drivel, the character relationships are far from groundbreaking but they are realistic, and it is self-aware enough that it doesn't feel the need to take itself seriously every second.

    As Steel proclaims "It's called Turbo Energy!", Max just looks at him and says "Really?"

    It made me laugh, the relationship between Max and Steel was fun and realistic enough to make me empathise with them. I loved the voice acting by Josh Brenner, and Ben Winchell as Max was surprisingly good for the mediocre role of 'tween hero'.

    The story hinted at more to learn in the way of lore, which I think would've been great to see unfold, but sadly will not happen thanks to the commercial bomb that was Max Steel's theatrical release.
  • Despite the bad reviews, I actually found this film quite entertaining and for a kids film, rather cute. The special effects were great considering it is a lower budget film. In fact, I found it had more originality than most superhero plots. As far as the bad reviews, it is extremely unfair to compare this film to superheros films that have major stars and billion dollar budgets. With no major stars, it just doesn't draw as many movie theater patrons that first week. I give it a 9 only because I agree with some reviews that there could to be more of Max in his superhero costume. The kids in the audience really like the superhero persona and their outfits.
  • You know those horror movies that start with a bunch of kids going away to have fun in a cabin in the woods and it takes about five minutes to know everything that will ever happen to them? It's like that, but lame sci-fi.

    It starts with the single mom moving back with her teenage son to their home town. He is young, sexy, but vulnerable and he's got superpowers and a friendly alien that he didn't know about. Oh, and a girl that is all but stalking him in order to be his boyfriend. And the mother knows something, but doesn't prepare him one bit, because he might not be ready. And the alien is amnesiac. So in order to be a bit interesting, they plug in a villain. A lame villain that makes no sense and has zero character development.

    In fact, that's the feeling you get from the movie as a whole: plug and play. Every piece of it, be it plot, special effects or actors just some refurbished bit of crap from some other film in the genre. It is worse than a failure, it is something that they made knowing it had no value. The more I think about it the lower I want to rate it, so I stop here.
  • I like this movie.

    Ýes it has humor, action and off course love the whole package. Clearly it's not for everyone.. But then again, what is?? It's such a stupid sounding, hipster kind-of statement.. -_-,. Tell me one movie that is for 'everyone'?! Then you can have my Ferrari anytime! (if i have one).

    Man, I love the fact that it's just plain old feel-good action movie with humor. And the idea of what you can do with this kind of tachyon energy. And well if this was a pilot, i would love to see how much more they can do with this concept. Mattel is clearly the underdog here. So if you think it's a big commercial for these toys.. well.. it's a toy from 1997.. Then they are not really doing a great job selling these things in 2016.. So.. Stop talking about "it's not for everyone" and it's a "mattel commercial".. Because i think more people will like this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Max McGrath (Ben Winchell) doesn't know much about his respected scientist father who died in a mysterious storm. His mother Molly (Maria Bello) brought him back to his father's old stomping grounds on the advise of colleague Dr. Miles Edwards (Andy Garcia). Max is a loner at school except Sofia Martinez befriends him. He's having strange effects and visions. Then an alien Steel escapes from his father's old lab and joins him. Max is emitting tachyon energy which, joined with Steel, is used to form the superhero Max Steel. Steel is an Ultralink alien and they end up battling other Ultralinks threatening to destroy the world.

    I wouldn't say that this is horrible or irredeemable. It's simply weak stuff. Firstly, the Mattel name does not fill me with confidence. While Marvel and DC have gained credibility through some good work on the page and on the screen, Mattel has no such background. The very name denotes cheesiness on the big screen. I don't know anything about this IP's origins. The story is nothing special. There are a couple of first rate actors. There are a few twists. One is obvious from the start. Another one is head-scratching and less than reasonable. As an origin story, this is no Spider-man, Batman, or Superman. It's really another Young Adult movie at its heart and not terribly good even on that level. There are a few too many problems to overlook.
  • justinamazing201010 December 2016
    This movie was pretty good, people who are saying this is a remake of Shaquille Oneal's movie Steele is completely wrong this movie has nothing in common or anything to do with the movie called Steele. First off the movie called Steele with Shaquille Oneal completely sucked and bombed and Max Steele is based on a cartoon called Max Steele and is 10x better than the crap movie called Steele. Max Steele has been a cartoon since 2001 and I have been waiting for a movie about the cartoon series. Of course it's going to not be a great movie but it is a good movie for families to watch. Maybe a console game would be good but not based on the cartoon.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I downloaded this for my son who loves the animated series. I watched it in super fast motion to see if it will hold his attention. At 55 minutes you finally see Max's armor. He gets hit once by a... I don't know... some creature and the suit disappears. 17 minutes later, he gets his suit again and dukes it out against another dude in an armored suit. Didn't need to watch the fight scene. I can tell that this movie will hold the attention of a child for about 17 minutes, only because they can't wait to see Max Steel in his armor fighting creatures like in the series. Alas, it is a big pile of poop. I was watching at 10x speed and was still bored. Sad. What a waste. They should have made a 2 hour animated movie.
  • flowheavenly18 February 2017
    I just do not get it why this movie got so many negative reviews. I consider it one of the best superheroes movie I have seen. Amazing scenes, captivating colors, fast action, interesting plot. I liked the concept of energy it presents, and the connection with the work of Tesla. Grab some popcorn and enjoy it!
  • 'MAX STEEL': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A sci-fi action movie, based on the popular Mattel toy series. It tells the story of a teenager, and an alien, that merge their powers together in order to become a superhero named Max Steel. The film was directed by Stewart Hendler; who's also directed the sci-fi TV shows 'HALO 4: FORWARD UNTO DAWN' (based on the popular video game) and 'H+' (co-produced by Bryan Singer). It was written by Christopher Yost; who's also co-written 'THOR: THE DARK WORLD', the upcoming 'THOR: RAGNAROK', and multiple animated TV series. The film stars Ben Winchell, Ana Villafane, Maria Bello, Andy Garcia and the voice of Josh Brener. It's received almost unanimous negative reviews from critics, and it bombed at the Box Office. I think it's a decent kids' movie, but it's definitely nothing special.

    Max McGrath (Winchell) is a teenager, that just moved to a new town, again, with his mother (Bello). At the same time, he's discovering he can generate enormous energy. He's also attracted the attention of a local girl (Villafane), in the new town, and the attraction is definitely mutual. When an alien, named Steel (Brener), introduces itself, things become even more complicated.

    The film is the type of movie that I would have probably loved as a little kid, so I definitely can't be too hard on it. I even kind of enjoyed it, as an adult, because it reminds me of the type of movies I really liked as a kid. Yes it's cheesy, and generic, but it's kind of fun.

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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Alright, this movie does kind of su@k but it doesn't su@k any less than the teenage melodramas that Hollywood has been pumping out over the years. So yeah, I'm not sure why people are rage hating on this but all I have to say is why ain't you guys rage hating on all the other garbage out there? Maybe if you guys rage hated earlier we wouldn't be in this situation. Anyway, I think this film is more for viewers under the age of 15 years old. It is better than Twilight, I'm guessing. Chances are it is just as good as most Hunger Games movies, I'm guess. Anyway, the little robot thing is cute. Yeah, that's all I got and in the end, isn't that what really matters?
  • I'm felt bad that it was not released here in my area or not in all cinemas(IN my country Philippines). I understand that most of the company theaters are reluctant to show this movie because it was unknown( Unknown artist or not well know comic stories) But when I bought a copy of this and saw the story. I would say it was awesome. Aside from the literal fantasy scenes, I was able to get lessons that can be applied and very important in life. "Never run from your past but to face and enhance it","Find who you really are and what you are capable of(in a good way)", "Never choose to fight alone but to fight with someone in order to move mountains". I love the movie the movie, the comedy is there and also the actors delivered the role perfectly. Kudos to Ben and his buddy. ----- If only it was shown to all cinemas, the rate would be different because a lot of youngsters out there expecting to see this but sadly, it was not :) Thank god i was able to bought a copy of this, just now... Loving it!
  • zebragirl-4711314 July 2017
    I thought that the movie was really good in a way. It was a very good adventurous movie that kept me on my feet and wondering what was going to happen in the end. The acting was good, the robot was really cute and kinda funny at certain points. I, overall, liked it. I know others would think that it was pointless but I, on the other hand, thought it was well told.
  • Maybe all of you super sophisticated film noir wannabe's should stop watching movies for 12 and under children.

    The movie has a plot, the problem for these critic's is they only respond to repeated sexual references or TA to keep their attention. Move along there is plenty of that to keep you inspired.

    This is a family flick that a parent doesn't have worry their six year old is going to be given an unwanted dose of Hollywood sexual innuendo and bare behinds etc....

    If not for these film snobs a second film for 12 and under children would have been nice to have been made. We enjoyed this one.
  • EagleScoutDuane12 January 2017
    While a lot of other people did not like the movie (clearly from the other reviews), I loved it. Of course the origin movie is going to be slower then the cartoon that it is based off of where you had its origin within a few episodes. I believed the origin was perfect; yes it was different from the cartoon but I assumed it would be different. I loved the original max steel that came out 10+ years ago where he was a secret agent as Max Turbo and Max (whatever) as the civilian. This isn't the late 1990's or early 2000's. I hope there is a second movie being made. They don't make movies for the critics, they make movies for the fans; i'm definitely a fan.
  • I just saw Max Steel. It's not a masterpiece. It's very predictable, very CGI driven, and not always thought out all the way through. And still, it's a very charming coming of age story with the sci-fi comics element serving as an enhancement of teen age issues. So the coming of age problems of finding who you really are, who are your parents and who are your friends, all get extra dimensions.

    The moment you see this movie, and the comics it's based on under this light, you'll enjoy it much more. The action scenes arriving mostly toward the end of the movie are more of a plot device accelerating the pace of the story while still making sense - inside the world constructed in the movie. This way we get to the very predictable conclusion in a reasonable time and without wasting long minutes on some more identity crisis and teen age angst.

    Technically it's all very professional, the actors do their share, most of them don't shine too brightly but they all get the job done. If you don't expect something else, you'll get some cute fun.
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