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  • The girls for the most part are cute, but the movie has a fatal flaw in that the scenes tend to be way to long. Granted, I usually do not mind a long sex scene, as long as they vary up the sex that is. The first scene is a good example of this as the two girls basically do the same thing for a long time and not only do they do essentially the same thing position wise and such they also keep saying the same stuff over and over again. The girl wearing the bandanna is particularly bad at doing this, also lingering on these two girls one really begins to really notice this two girls are probably a lot older than they are being made out to be and they have a lot of skin problems too. This could have been avoided if the people who made this film would have did a better job at editing and varying the sexual positions and the things the girls did to each other. The next two scenes there is one attractive girl who is super cute getting it on with an okay looking gal. THe final scene was my favorite with two very cute dark haired girls in a secretary type setting. This one also suffers a bit from lack of any kind of story and is basically one random scene after another something they would improve upon in the next entry into the series.