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  • The first few moments of "Tamnaneun doda" may seem childish. However, if you can get past it, this drama takes off to the sky!

    Humor! Action! Suspense! Romance! Amazing acting! Cuteness! See the history and culture of Jeju Island and see the beautiful scenery! I can not say enough good things about this drama.

    However, beware. This drama is very controversial and can be offending. Which may be why this drama is given 10 stars by some and 0 stars by some others. The only minor thing I will complain about is that the drama loses some momentum two-thirds in. A thrilling ride nonetheless.

    Comedy in Korean film is rare. Especially in dramas. The only other Korean dramas I've seen that pulls it off this well is "Full House"(2004) and "Lie to me."(2011) This alone and the fact that "Tamnaneun doda" breaks new boundaries, I give it 10/10.