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  • This short definitely tries to capture the pain in loss. It explores the life of a widower who tries to forget his partner, but is transported into her "broken" camera; where he experiences her pictures as reality.

    The length of the film allows it to develop a concise beginning, middle and end. On the other hand, the randomness of how the camera works affected my viewing of the film, as well as the random scenes that are captured, that especially differ from what Jack believes is in the camera.

    The images and the sound are beautifully done, and compliment the simplicity of the plot. The acting by Ryan Dunlap, and Mark Gullickson do not completely capture any sense of amazement in the fantastical world, but rather seem almost instantly accepting of it.

    The ending is perfect for any viewers who want to get lost in the past, but can also be used to understand how sever depression results after the passing of a spouse or close family member.

    Overall, it is a 7/10, because there are some flaws. On the other hand it is only 4-5 minutes, so it is worth a watch, but don't expect too much out of it.
  • qqml25 October 2020
    Superficial acting, unnatural, and too hurry to render the movie. I know you only have 5 minutes, but still could have make it more touching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Leave Me" is an American 5-minute short film from 7 years ago that deals with a widower trying to find a way to say goodbye to his deceased wife. It is a bit about photography, a bit about time travel and a whole lot about dealing with loss. But I do believe that the path they chose in how he solved his issues did not feel too original or satisfying to me. I guess this may have worked better as a melancholic full feature drama movie as it would not have relies on such a decisive twist at the end and honestly I was not impressed by said twist. There was certainly potential for more. The writer and director is Dustin Ballard and this was not the only time he worked with lead actor Ryan Dunlap. Both did an okay job, but nothing too memorable and I hope they stepped up their games since this was made. Overall I don't recommend the watch.