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  • The other reviewers probably like Friends and New Girl. They clearly don't understand real comedy. Every character on this show is hilarious and every episode is a classic. This is a must see for all fans of true comedy.
  • In short, Big Lake won't last more than one season. What struck me most about the first two episodes of the series is the the show's terrible plot progression. I don't think the show's progression makes sense even on a laugh track sitcom level.

    The premise of the show is good enough and unique, but the execution is lacking, and the main character's situation could have led to a much more compelling show.

    I was constantly asking myself what the main characters were trying to accomplish in relation to the premise of the show. I was also struggling to remember any of the main characters' names. None of the characters are memorable, save for the history teacher (Chris Parnell) and maybe the main character's (Chris Gethard?) little brother.

    I don't think I've ever seen such horrible story progression in a single episode, even in a sitcom.

    Finally, Chris Gethard is the most un-funny, annoying character on the show and he's the main character. Who approved this show?

    Good parts of the show: Some of Chris Parnell's jokes. A bum history teacher is definitely a great role for him. Um...Horatio Sanz's weight loss? I would rather watch this than George Lopez. Overall, the show isn't George Lopez.

    Comedy Central has never really been able to produce a decent live action show (not based on stand up or sketch comedy) and the trend hasn't changed with Big Lake. I don't see a laugh-track sitcom reaching Comedy Central's demographic.
  • Is this show perfect? No. Is it funny? Absolutely. Gethard plays his character very convincingly depicting a genuinely misguided but well- intending friend that isn't always the blunt-end of the joke. Parnell balances a semi-self-aware slacker with enough common sense to coast through life. Horatio Sanz perfectly combines dumb and funny while avoiding painfully stupid and annoyance. Dylan Blue's character is a vector for the style of comedy that utilizes unexpected responses and juxtaposition of age/lifestyles which he delivers with full efficacy. The rest of the cast does equally well in portraying their characters and filling their roles but with less screen time.

    Critiques of the plot are misplaced as the show's intention is not to tell a great story but instead to use the plot to drive forward situational comedy. As such the show's intention is dead-on. There's seldom a minute that passes without a joke and most of them fly. This type of comedy relies on a laugh track so there's no awkward silence after deliveries that may not work.

    I've watched the series multiple times and it is worth the time. It's easy to critique and therefore will lead some people to never have a chance to enjoy but the appreciation is more subtle as the humour jumps around in style.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just didn't get it. Maybe I should watch while under the influence of.... anything.

    But it seemed to me as if the laugh tracks preceded every joke and were more of an annoyance and stuck out like a sore thumb then something that simply added to the tone of the show.

    Maybe it was the timing.... maybe it was the fact that I was sober. I'm not entirely sure.

    The one thing I can say is that so far the premise seems ridiculous and in no way relatable which if it is the point of the show then it sorely missed me.

    The main characters of the show are not even that. They are caricatures. The main "character" is a joke and so far from reality that I don't even get the joke. But the secondary characters are even worse. OMG I'm a little brother who sneaks out and does unmentionable things for untold amounts of cash and hasn't attended school for years. Really? Cut me a break.

    To me it seems that the premise is okay, guy looses job and parents money and wants to make it back for them. But he will do anything but get a job. The execution is so poor that those of us on the verge of bankruptcy won't get the thought process behind it.

    Maybe I need drugs to get the joke.... if that is the case. Please someone hook me up.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched the first two episodes of this show and thought since one of my favorite movies of late is Step Brothers, the one-two punch of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay would be fantastic. But it isn't. The jokes aren't funny at all. I didn't laugh that much during the two shows because all the funny bits I did laugh at prior, I saw on the commercials for this show.

    I am not sure why it isn't funny. I mean, I watch Hot in Cleveland and if that can be funny, this should be too. I don't know specifically why it doesn't work, but it doesn't. But one thing positive about it is that Horatio Sanz is looking really good. I saw him on a SNL prime time special and he looks so svelte.

    Like the other reviewer said, it has an interesting idea but the characters are bland and unremarkable and the plot line putters along without making too much sense. I think the laugh track is annoying and they could have made it a more Arrested Development type show...including adding some humor into it somehow like that show has. I thought at least the younger brother, who is a "bad seed" like the horror movies of the same name, being super nice during the day and evil at night, had promise...but it just isn't amusing enough to keep me watching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    But retired filmmaker George Lucas had a lot to do with this.
  • mzsmither16 August 2020
    It shouldn't have had a laugh track. Don't punish this unsung classic for the sins of The Powers That Be.

    (The premier party was paid for by one of the cast, not Comedy Central.)

  • dalejarmstrong26 August 2020
    Outdated just 10 years later, but gethard is the goat and James rebhorn is a national treasure
  • I saw the commercials for this, it didn't really look that funny. Now I'm waiting on The Daily Show to come on and I'm stuck watching this. I thought maybe since Will Ferrell was involved in it's creation, it might have at least a couple laughs. I was wrong. All the other reviews pretty much hit the nail on the head. The idea of the show is...OK, and it could have delivered something good just feels wrong. It seems as though it's trying to be a parody of an 80's/90's sitcom. I have never been a fan of extremely repetitive laugh tracks, and this is no exception. But at least in the older sitcoms, the laugh followed a joke that could actually be considered...funny, and the acting was at least sometimes somewhat believable. As stated before, it just feels like its trying to be a parody of a sitcom and it's maybe..supposed to be kinda fake but it just doesn't work. I will also be surprised if this show sees a second season.
  • justinreedsmail1 September 2010
    i think its a hilarious. i watch comedies to laugh, and thats pretty much it. its guy humor also. episode where josh trys to work at dads store is classic comedy to me. I've only watched 2 out of the 4 episodes, but im satisfied.

    horatio and parnell are their usual selfs, bringing the same snl comedy to program. only negative thing i would say is the whole father son/family thing is kind of boring, but other than that and some minor flaws its great.

    oh the little brother is funny also.

    funny funny
  • There is a reason that New York City filmed sitcoms never do well. It's because shows like Big Lake need support from other sitcoms. NYC sitcoms like Big Lake never have the support of the studio system to help ill what matters. It's not like they have 30 Rock next door to help them out. Anyway, the plot is thin. It's about an adult who returns home to his parents in Big Lake, Pennsylvania. I love the casting of James Rebhorn and Deborah Rush as the parents. James Rebhorn is more well-known for his darker roles on daytime but this Jersey resident is one of the finest actors around and needs for his talent to be shown to the world and the same for Deborah Rush. They take the bad writing and work it like professionals. Jonathan, their adult son, has two friends played by Saturday Night Live Alums, Chris Parnell and Horatio Sanz. I love both of them but they're not being utilized very well. Jeremy is the younger brother who acts more grown up and has a thriving business in reality. He would rather launder money to plan for his film school future. His parents are oblivious to the boy's maturity and brilliance but he's lacking a childhood with friends his own age. There are some moments in this show but not enough to keep it going.