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  • The overblown moniker refers to cream-pie action, poured on with a trowel by untalented pornographer Chris Streams. (Even his logo is idiotic, as he mangles his own stage name with "Chris Stream's Productions" and a misplaced apostrophe.) Running time exceeding four hours is ridiculous.

    Most appalling to me is the fact that Chris imitates slavishly the style of his distributor, Jules Jordan, so much so that in a blindfold test (no credits) I would have attributed this work to the master JJ himself, on an off-day. Camera angles and gonzo approach are pure JJ but without latter's elan or glamour (see: fancy costuming, not evident here).

    Since I'm in love with Jenna Presley I enjoyed, up to a point, watching her segment, way too long but almost saved by her verve. The only fully redeemable portion of the 2 DVD program is the corruption of Aubrey Addams, a delightful lesbian-video starlet (see her classic "My Little Minx") who regresses to the gonzo crap she started in, suffering through a sequential gang-bang and unexpected d.p.'s, managing to stay cute and fresh all the while. It's this brand of misogyny, the desire to witness a sweet young thing deflowered and abused, that is perpetuated in the porn world, especially in the current Dark Age when Gonzo Ruled the Earth (where's Victoria Vetri/Angela Dorian now that we need her?).