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  • BandSAboutMovies8 August 2022
    Warning: Spoilers
    Fran (Patsy Ferran, a force of nature in this) has the idea that if she looks through the phone book and cold calls men all across the country with the last name Kafka that she can find her soul mate. She has no job, a Ph. D. and a $700 phone bill from all those calls in the middle of the night.

    Director Robin Blake (who also wrote the script with Nick Blake and Marianne Wiggins) somehow take the idea of one woman on the phone with a thick Boston accent trying to find the Kafka man who will take her all away from this doesn't seem like it would be the movie that would get in my head and stay there, but here we are. This is so darn well made and mesmerizing and man, Patsy Ferran is absolutely incredible at this dialogue that sounds like she really said it and no one wrote it and that is the best dialogue of all.