[Mera and Arthur find an Atlantean device in the desert]

Mera: [can't activate it] Nothing.

Arthur Curry: Of course it's not working. It's been sitting here gathering dust since before the Sahara was a desert!

Mera: Before the Sahara was a desert... You do your best thinking when you're not thinking at all. Hold still.

[extracts sweat from Arthur]

Mera: We need water. You're the closest source.

[uses the water to get the device working]

Arthur Curry: Show-off. I could've just peed on it.

Queen Atlanna: I am Atlanna, Queen of Atlantis.

Thomas Curry: I am Thomas, Keeper of Lighthouse.

[Mera jumps from a plane into a desert]

Cargo Pilot: She jumped! She didn't have a parachute!

Arthur Curry: Redheads! You gotta love 'em.

[jumps after her]

Orm: People of Atlantis, hear me! My brother has come from the surface... to challenge me for the throne! Let us settle this in the ancient way: by bloodshed do the gods make known their will!

[Mera destroys the device]

Arthur Curry: WAIT! Shouldn't we have written it down?

Mera: I memorized it. Didn't you?

Arthur Curry: Uh, yeah.

Mera: What did it say?

Arthur Curry: Something something trident.

Arthur Curry: We should turn back. We can still warn the surface, try and prepare them for what's coming...

Mera: Turn back?

Arthur Curry: Look, I learned from a young age not to show weakness, okay? I solve my problems with my anger and my fists. I'm a blunt instrument and I'm damn good at it. I've done nothing but get my ass kicked this whole trip. I'm no leader. I'm not a king. I do not work or play well with others. And I can't let you die, trying to turn me into something I'm not.

Mera: You think you're unworthy to lead because you're of two different worlds? But that is exactly why you ARE worthy! You are the bridge between land and sea! I can see that now. The question is, can you?

Arthur Curry: I'm no leader. I came because I have no choice. I came to save my home, and the people that I love.

[last lines]

Arthur Curry: My father was a lighthouse keeper. My mother was a queen. They were never meant to meet. But their love saved the world. They made me what I am: a son of the land, a king of the seas. I am the protector of the deep. I am... Aquaman.

Mera: [introduces Arthur to Atlantis] Welcome home.

Arthur Curry: This is bad-ass!

[Aquaman smashes into a submarine captured by pirates]

Arthur Curry: Permission to come aboard.

Mera: Your half-brother, King Orm, is about to declare war upon the surface world. The only way to stop his war is for you to take your rightful place as King.

Arthur Curry: Trust me, I am no king.

Young Arthur (13): I already know how to swim.

Nuidis Vulko: Not even close. You have to forget all the teaching of the surface world, go deeper to discover your Atlantean instincts.

Mera: Atlantis has always had a king. Now it needs something more.

Arthur Curry: Well, what could be greater than a king?

Queen Atlanna: A hero. A king fights only for his own nation. You fight for everyone.

Mera: What are we doing?

Arthur Curry: Hiding inside a whale, I got this from Pinocchio!

[later, Mera finds out who Pinocchio is]

Mera: You based our escape strategy from a children's book?

Arthur Curry: I didn't read the book, I just saw the movie!

Queen Atlanna: [to her son] You could unite our worlds one day.

Orm: Down here, we have a legend about the Karathen, an ancient sea monster so powerful that even King Atlan himself couldn't contain it. So he imprisoned it in the depths of the ocean. In that abyss, the creature bides its time, waiting to rise again. Atlantis has been lying in wait, and now the beast has awakened.

Arthur Curry: You know, there was a time when I wanted to meet you one day, get to know my little brother, let him know that he wasn't alone, and we could hang out together. If only I'd know what a dick you'd turn out to be.

Orm: You were the reason our mother was executed. And I've hated you for it ever since. But I do not want to kill you, Arthur. I am going to give you one chance. Go home. Do not ever come back to Atlantis. You are not going to win this. A war is coming to the surface whether you like or not. And I am bringing the wrath of the Seven Seas with me.

Arthur Curry: You know I can't let that happen.

Orm: I know.

Cue Ball: Hey, buddy. You the Fish Boy from the TV?

Arthur Curry: It's "fish man." What do you want?

Cue Ball: I'll tell you what I want. Could we get a picture with you?

Arthur Curry: What's the plan?

Mera: The plan WAS to get the Trident first, then challenge Orm for the throne!

Arthur Curry: So we did things out of order, shit happens!

Mera: [about Orm] Once he is named Ocean Master, he will be unstoppable.

Arthur Curry: I don't know these people. How can I make them accept me?

Nuidis Vulko: By winning the hears and minds of the people, by proving that you're worthy. And by retrieving this.

[takes out a map showing a trident]

Arthur Curry: I already got one of those.

Nuidis Vulko: Not like this one, you don't.

Arthur Curry: My mother had fled an arranged marriage, left her whole world behind, but in my father's lighthouse, she had found something unexpected. And my father found the love of his life.

[Jesse Kane is trapped under a missile]

David Kane: Wait! You can't leave him here! Help me! Please!

Arthur Curry: You killed innocent people! Ask the sea for mercy!

Manta: I plunder the seas, and you're the Aquaman. We were bound to meet sooner or later!

Arthur Curry: Let's not make it a habit.

Arthur Curry: We got a bogey on our tail!

Mera: What does that even mean?

Arthur Curry: Enemy behind us!

Mera: Why didn't you just say so?

Arthur Curry: Enemy behind us!

[from trailer]

Queen Atlanna: [to young Arthur] Legend has it that one day... a new king will come. Who will use the power of the trident to put Atlantis back together again.

[Arthur approaches King Atlan's trident]

Karathen: A half-breed mongrel dares to come and take the sacred relic of King Atlan?

Arthur Curry: Stop.

Karathen: [surprised] You understand me?

Arthur Curry: You're right, I am a half-breed mongrel...

Karathen: No one has spoken with me since the time of King Atlan.

Arthur Curry: I'm no king. I'm here because I have no choice. I came to save my home, and the people that I love.

[Orm and Arthur tap their tridents together, to begin their duel]

Orm: You wield our mother's trident. Powerful, but flawed. Like her. I wield my father's, and it has never known defeat!

[Arthur defeats Orm]

Orm: Finish it!

Arthur Curry: Yield the throne.

Orm: Forgiveness is not our way!

Arthur Curry: Maybe you haven't noticed, brother, but I'm not like you.

Orm: Do it! KILL ME!

Queen Atlanna: NO! That is enough killing!

Orm: Mother?

Thomas Curry: [to Arthur] Your mother always knew you were special.

King Atlan: In this trident resides the power of Atlantis. If you seek my power, journey beyond the edge of the world to the hidden sea. In the wrong hands, it would bring destruction. But in the hands of a true heir, it would unite all our kingdoms above and below!

King Nereus: Violence has always plagued the surface. They will destroy themselves.

Orm: Not before destroying us first. We have been hiding long enough. The time has come for Atlantis to rise again.

[Orm defeats Arthur]

Orm: I am the one true king!

Queen Atlanna: [to Thomas] Wait for me. I will be back here one day, at sunrise. I promise.

Manta: I think I'm gonna need a bigger helmet.

Fisherman Princess: [sees Arthur in action] The Trench! He commands the Trench!

King Nereus: Impossible!

Mera: [in a plane for the first time] I've never been this high before... or this far away from home.

[underwater training]

Nuidis Vulko: The ocean is not just our home, it is who we are.

Young Arthur (Nine Years Old): You can talk underwater!... Wait, I can talk underwater too! This is awesome!

Nuidis Vulko: We can do so much more than talk. Being Atlantean is more than just being able to breathe under water, your body is equipped to survive in the extreme cold and pressure, and your eyes adjust to see in the darkness.

[Atlanna keeps her promise, and meets Thomas at sunrise]

Thomas Curry: You came back! You came back!

Jesse (Manta's Father): [to David] You need to live, so you can kill that sonofabitch!

Mera: Atlanteans are many wonderful things, but forgiving is not one of them.

Orm: Today we unite our kingdoms. Tomorrow we scorch the surface! RISE, ATLANTIS!

Jesse (Manta's Father): [holds up a dagger to his son] This was your grandfather's. He was one of the first black frogmen in World War II. He was so good at what he did that he got the name Manta. However, when the people he worked for didn't appreciate him enough, he went back to the sea.

Young Arthur (Sixteen Years Old): Was my mother executed because of me?

[a tidal wave levels the coast]

Mera: This was Orm's doing. Worse is to come.

Mera: You must defeat Orm.

Arthur Curry: And what if I can't?

Mera: Last time you fought him on his ground. This time, fight him on yours.

[Mera kisses Arthur]

Arthur Curry: [stunned] What was the plan again?

Mera: [smiles] The plan is not to get killed.

Arthur Curry: Then by bloodshed, do the gods make known their will!

Orm: The time has come for Atlantis to rise again.

Arthur Curry: I don't even know your name.

Mera: It's Y'Mera-Xebella-Challa. You may call me Mera.

[from trailer]

Arthur Curry: [to Mera] This is the exact spot where Vulko gave me my first swimming lesson.

Manta: [to Aquaman] You can't run. You owe me death!

Arthur Curry: My birthright, it died with my mother.

David Kane: [quotes Lovecraft] Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men!

Mera: Sometimes we have to do what's right, even if our heart aches against it.

Arthur Curry: Who the hell are you?

Manta: Maybe this will jog your memory.

[first lines]

Arthur Curry: Jules Verne once wrote: "Put two ships in the open sea, without wind or tide... they will come together". That's how my parents met: like two ships destined for each other.

David Kane: I'll make you a deal: you don't tell me how to pirate, and I don't tell you how to captain.

Queen Atlanna: You must forgive me, for everything.

Arthur Curry: This happened because of me.

Queen Atlanna: Not because of you. None of this is your fault.

[Arthur knocks down Jesse Kane]

David Kane: DAD!

Arthur Curry: Dad?

[to Jesse]

Arthur Curry: That's your kid? Shame on you.

Orm: Join me or die!

Brine King: And you expect me to address you as Your Highness?

Orm: Not Highness. You can call me... Ocean Master.

Brine King: [to Orm] You can take my army, you soft-bellied slug, but you will never have my allegiance!

Arthur Curry: You're the guy from the sub!

David Kane: Yes, but now I have Atlantean steel! Call me Black Manta!

Mera: [to Orm] Your Highness, there is no victory in vanquishing the foolish! Your brother is clearly an imbecile!

Queen Atlanna: You're afraid.

Arthur Curry: Yes.

Queen Atlanna: Good. You're ready.

[Arthur finds Thomas at the pier at sunrise]

Arthur Curry: I always know where to find you.

Thomas Curry: Old habits.

Mera: Those were Orm's elite commandoes. The one who led them, he wasn't Atlantean; I've never seen him before.

Arthur Curry: Yeah, I have. He and his father were pirates. And he blames me for his father's death.

Mera: They picked a dangerous line of trade. It's not your fault.

Arthur Curry: That's not how it feels. It was up to me, and I let him die. I could've saved him, but I didn't. And now I've made an enemy. And he could have hurt you. And that would have been my fault.

Mera: Well, he's behind us now. It's what lies ahead that should concern us.

Orm: Vulko, my trusted vizier, you have stood by the throne since my father sat upon it. Have you any advice for me, as this war begins?

Nuidis Vulko: I have already given it, my king. But I will stand by your decision, as always.

Orm: My decision. To protect it... while you betray it? You think I do not know of your treachery, that you were ever loyal to my mother's bastard son, that you have spent years training him to take the throne from me. Do not deny it!

[guards surround Vulko]

Nuidis Vulko: I do not.

Orm: Why? I am pure of blood! I have dedicated my entire life to Atlantis! He wanted nothing to do with it! You swore to serve the throne!

Nuidis Vulko: I do serve it! Arthur may only be half-Atlantean, but he's already twice the king you'll ever be!

Orm: [to guards] Take him. But make sure he gets a view.

[Arthur appears at the Brine, riding the Karathen]

Nuidis Vulko: The king is risen.

[Orm is arrested]

Nuidis Vulko: [to guards] Take him. But make sure he gets a view.

Orm: Kill him, and you'll get your prize.

Manta: Killing him is my prize.

[Tom brings an unconscious Altanna in from the storm]

TV commercial: We are something else. Try Arthur Treacher's!

[the TV goes dark as the electrical power goes off in the storm]