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  • What's with the 10 out of 10 reviews? really?. Sure it's probably the best (or second best) DC Justice league era, but that's not difficult. Like all the other offerings, it's overblown, wooden, one dimensional and over reliant on over the top CGI. As a child I was always a DC fan and I want them more than anything to bring this thing together, but Marvel have certainly laid down a tough marker for how it should be and DC still haven't met that challenge. The main thing missing from the film is charm and simplicity, sure Momoa just about saves the day and I think he can develop Aquaman into a loved character, and the film is a step in the right direction. But 10 out of 10 it most certainly isn't.
  • If you are a preteen, the story may work for you. If you have any common sense, the bad dialogue and blatant rip off of every sci-fi and fantasy movie cliche will drive you crazy.

    Special effects are decent, and the story moves along at a decent pace. Momoa carries the film despite being surrounded by one dimensional characters with digitally botoxed faces. I would never watch this movie again.
  • I have no idea why somebody would give this movie a good score, let alone 10. After 20 minutes I have decided that its for the best to switch my brain off and enjoy the show. But damn this movie is way too dumb. Character development is rushed and is given in a form of cringy and weak dialogues. Jokes feel like they are just out of place, but specific moments are created just for them to happen (which makes it even more ridiculous). There are some really stunning shots, but its more of an exception rather than the rule. But the main issue, which makes this movie unwatchable without at least 4 cans of beer, is the fact that its linear as hell, there are 0 unpredictable plot twists, from the beginning of the movie (or even from trailers) you for sure know how its going to end. Also the mood is unbelievably inconsistent, at some points characters are dead serious, while in 2 minutes they may be cracking jokes. Its not as bad as in Justice League, but black manta just looks pathetic with his constanty frowny or angry face. WB, u evil corporate idiots, stop ruining your movies by trying to be like Marvel and making movies based on a formula which clearly doesn't work. It just looks like a parody and not a well done one.
  • I don't know where the hype for this film comes from, because it can't be from the content. The dialogue and characters in this movie are often ridiculous in the least entertaining way possible. Silly can be entertaining, but it can also just feel stupid. The female characters only seem to exist to be Aquaman's conscience (because he can't think for himself, as he's boring), they have no flaws or vices (in other words no depth). The villain is a cheap charicature of the warmonger, with a few poorly expressed environmental ideas thrown into his perspective. The good points of this film fall mostly on the visuals. It is a stunning film in terms of the undersea beauty portrayed, a literal riot of colour across the screen. I would also say that action is pretty positive, the combat is intense and epic. Overral though, I wouldn't reccomend
  • C'mon, 10/10 seriously? the director used every action figure/action movie ever created to fight with or against Aquaman, splashing on testosterone. The Atlantis guards are Power Rangers, the underwater fighter jets are from Star Wars, the battle with other underwater kingdoms looks like a battle from the Lord of the Rings, some personages are a version of the Street Sharks, even Godzila had a resurrection moment!. Do you remember the Disney's the Sword in the Stone? even the guy name is Arthur! Did you spotted the dinosaurs at Jurasic Park? I only missed a Smeagol-like scene with the trident... my prrrrecioussss.

    Ah, and a very funny scene is watching Aquaman trying not to fall (and looking very scared) from the roof of one house in Sicily (two stories high) , when he'd just jumped from a plane thousand meters high with no parachute in the desert.

    But Nicole Kidman was beautiful as always.
  • Everything I saw, read and heard about 'Aquaman' before it came out had me convinced it wouldn't be my cup of tea. My impression was that this would be yet another bloated studio tentpole with cheesy dialog, a generic story and artificial looking CGI. However, once it opened, a passionate film fan I respect a lot started spreading so much obviously genuine enthusiasm for the movie that I eventually got over myself and watched it.

    I think it was the moment when Nicole Kidman swallowed a goldfish that I started to suspect I might actually enjoy this movie. That suspicion, however, turned out to be wrong, because I didn't just enjoy it: I ended up ADORING it. The weirdest thing: the film DID contain all those elements I had feared - and yet none of that seemed to matter. It just works. It shouldn't, but it somehow does, which is why I've since come to the conclusion that director James Wan is some sort of genius wizard filmmaker. Don't let the generic superhero tropes and cheesy dialog fool you into thinking this was a typical mainstream movie (though I DO suspect those things managed to fool the studio executives into thinking exactly that: which is probably how James Wan got away with it), because in truth, this is the least generic, most bonkers big budget studio flick I've seen in ages. It's the film 'Valerian' wants to be. It's crazy; it's over-the-top; it's beautifully designed with incredible attention to every little detail in every frame; it doesn't take itself seriously for a second, and yet it fully commits to - and loves - its characters and the world they inhabit.

    I was awed, literally awed by the design of the Atlantian society and technology; the worldbuilding and visuals are so distinct and original - which caught me completely off guard, because I didn't expect that in a 200 million studio picture for the masses. When the music score went into full synthesizer mode as "Aquabro" and Mera arrive on the collapsed bridge leading to the underwater city, and the screen virtually explodes with the most colorful creatures and underwater vehicles imaginable, I had a stupid grin on my face out of pure joy and adoration for this stunning display of artistic vision (the stupid grin stayed on my face for the remainder of the movie). And the film didn't let up. 'Aquaman' never loses steam; there's no weak third act (at least in my opinion); the wondrous discoveries and beautiful, unexpected designs and creatures keep coming until the very end. Although it has a very different tone, I was actually reminded of watching 'LOTR: The Return of the King' for the first time.

    It's true, 'Aquaman' delivers the typical, clichéd, cheesy superhero tropes in spades, but those generic story beats - some of which were probably demanded by the studio - seem to be all surface; they're not what James Wan (or his characters) are really interested in. It almost seems to me that the director only used those tropes as camouflage to sneak in nods to every film of every genre he ever loved and get really creative with the worldbuilding. His biggest accomplishment, however - the film's greatest strength - is something that only few blockbusters ever achieve: he successfully combines a genuine sense of wonder and awe with complete, unabashed fun.

    So, to sum up this review: against my expectations, the superhero film I least expected to like managed to do what not a single superhero movie so far had done for me; it filled me with an urge to immediately see it again, because I was so in love with its bonkers, "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" approach to filmmaking. Naturally, I now hope James Wan will also direct 'Aquaman 2', as I'm sure if given the chance, next time not even the kitchen sink will be safe.

    P.S. (for new IMDb users): In case you don't know whether to trust this review or not, because you have no idea what my tastes in film are, just click on my username - gogoschka-1 - and you'll see what my favorite movies are.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Finally, DC seems to be moving towards the right direction. I a big fan of superhero movies, not caring whether it Marvel or DC. The movie is very straightforward and you quickly get excited to know what's to come next after the first act. And oh please, the songs used are really good plus the visuals are really good. There are lots of surprisingly good underwater battle scenes and oh my that battle with Black Manta kills it. The main characters are very well explored. The ending could have been done better but it seems that would have made the movie's runtime longer. It's really worth the 2 hours of watching it as the pacing is really good.
  • That was actually terrible, Jason Momoa is actually just a frat bro they picked off the street... amber heard was definitely not cast for her acting ability... and everyone else is just as bad. The only redeeming quality is the sfx, they're very good even if they look like the gungan city from episode 1. It was paced awfully, written awfully. And OH GOD the music was atrocious, I'm pretty sure I can find the weird string music from the desert scenes on imovie. And PITBULL!!! What is this 2006?! Just wow, the only good scene in the movie is the trench, which speak to wan's horror roots. But Jesus the choices made here are baffling. I don't want to be over-dramatic but I'm pretty sure this just ruined the genre for me. Jesus
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This review is coming from someone who likes superhero films but I'll admit, aside from Wonder Woman and Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, DC films are not my fave. ANYWAY:

    I cannot believe this has such a high rating? What on earth are people getting from this? The dialogue was TERRIBLE. The acting was also TERRIBLE. It couldn't pick a genre. Was it a comedy? Was it a soap opera? Was it a policital piece on pollution of the seas? Was it Star Wars? (did they really need all that tech??) Was it Avatar? WHO CAN TELL.

    It was honestly all over the shop. I felt like each scene had a different director who was just going to completely disregard what everyone else has done before them.

    Positives: the underwater CGI was magnificent. Like, really beautiful. Jason Mamoa is charming. I'll give him that. The female lead didn't need saving once and didn't spend the entire movie screaming, so that was refreshing!

    Negatives: literally everything else.

    At this point, Wonder Woman is carrying the entire DCEU on her shoulders (in my opinion).
  • I checked all these reviews before seeing the movie. "Most Beautifully visualized!!! DC movie... so far". "Better stuff than what MCU offered us for 9 years!". I was SOOO excited! I love all superhero movies, MCU and DCEU. I have been hoping for a good DCEU movie for so long, and have gone to each one hopeful. Wonder Woman was a step in the right direction in my opinion. I saw the reviews for this movie and was so excited to see it. And was subsequently let down, partially because I didn't read into the feud between the two franchises's fans.

    Look, this movie should not be reviewed as highly as it is. It has GREAT visual effects and Jason Momoa is actually pretty good. However the rest of the acting and writing is so so so so subpar. I've been reading reviews all morning, about character development, how it is way less cheesy than MCU movies, just the right combination of funny and serious. Every scene feels forced like a formula: have at least one funny joke, one cool visual effect, and one heroic speech about the importance of what we are doing. So repetitive, the entire movie. How is that revolutionary, or better than any other films the DCEU has produced? I blame my disappointment in this movie based on the DC only fans who are just forcing good reviews on this movie based on their hatred of Marvel. Because while I definitely love DC, and I like Marvel sometimes too, I pay $15 at the theatre for a GOOD MOVIE not a BRAND.

    I hope my review brings down some of the hype. It is still a pretty good film and OF COURSE I love Aquaman and think that every fan should see the film. But I could have waited until it is cheaper on DVD to watch, because it simply isn't worth it. Please don't let the annoying reviews that praise this film as some above holy savior of the franchise sway you, because it is not that jewel of the DC universe they claim it to be. And if any of those reviewers read this, please, when reviewing movies, leave your anger at the MCU at home so I can not waste money on a film that is by no means, saving the DC franchise. The last thing I wanted was to associate this film with disappointment.

    tldr: this film really needed a poorer review because the amount of praise it is receiving is unrealistic, and causing people to get their hopes too high about a mediocre film.
  • nyeekasmalls1 January 2019
    Jason Mamoa is absolutely scrumptious, this was solely my motivation for seeing this film. And when I tell you it was terrible! My God! It felt like my five year old wrote the script. It was painful. And it was like 2.5 hours long! It was the worst!
  • Dimple6731 December 2018
    Hard to watch!! Poorly acted and charmless!!! Laughable at times and as boring as listening to a conch shell for an overly bloated 2 hours plus. This was a grind when it should have been a breeze. Not in for anymore of expensive tripe like this that keeps getting peddled like art! It's. It even decent entertainment!
  • Has anyone read the Aquaman comics? Does anyone know Aquaman's story? Does anyone care for Aquaman?

    This film is the story of a weird tattooed trash amphibian thug who speaks like a hoodlum and who, for some reason, gets trained on the beach with his top off. It is like the trashy beefcake anti-hero of 21st century or something.

    what rubbish.
    • Cinematography
    • Visuals
    • Directing
    • Action scenes
    • Villians
    • Develepments
    • Atmosphere
    • Choreography

    I didn't even think another human being could top Snyder's visuals in DCEU. Well, I wasn't wrong about that one. I still think his visuals are the best in DCEU but this movie had lots of moments too, those wide angle and tracking shots were a treat. The cinematography was really satisfying, so thank you to Don Burgess and James Wan for that. Underwater CGI scenes were breathtakingly beautiful to look at. Set-pieces makes you forget about the world you live in. Not on the same level as LOTR or Indiana Jones or Star Wars but It's close, and I think that's a pretty tough thing to accomplish. Dialogues were cringy now and then but, unfortunately, that's what makes a super-hero movie ''good'' nowadays, and this probably will continue for the next 10 years. Too bad the days where Nolan's TDK Trilogy gave you goosebumps with just words are gone. Now it's just you have to act weird and say something out of place to create a chemistry between the characters. I can't even believe how people buy these kinds of contrived relationships anymore. Anyways, let me say this, the movie isn't something like Thor (2011) It doesn't make you feel like you're on a movie set. It actually has high-quality different places that set the movie's atmosphere perfectly. If you guys worried about if the movie is just a copycat of MCU film, you can relax. The only similarity between this movie and MCU movies is 9 unfunny and awkward moment. The movie actually harbors multiple layers. Antagonists are actually valued, they're not just background actors or extra performers, they actually have moments to shine. This isn't something like Ant-Man. It doesn't have a stereotype, cliché, and generic film elements that created for the lowest common denominator. It actually has innovations for its genre. This isn't something like Black Panther, It doesn't have PS2 battle scenes. The CGI is actually well-crafted. This isn't something like Captain America: Civil War or most of the MCU films out there, it doesn't have a dim or bland color grading. The movie actually looks lively and vibrant. This isn't something like Guardians of the Galaxy, the characters don't act irrational or illogical, they actually have good reasons because they have developments. This isn't something like Ant-Man and The Wasp, It's not just a filler movie. It actually has a worth-seeing climax. This isn't something like Wonder Woman, It doesn't fail or fall flat in the third act. It actually fulfills its mission at every level. This isn't something like Avengers: Age of Ultron or any other MCU movie. The tone isn't out of place. The movie doesn't have a recurring and predictable theme. The camera isn't too shaky or it doesn't change in every second when an action scene comes up. The villains don't act out of character when they're in a situation. This isn't another Justice League, it isn't trying to be something else. It actually knows its place. But still, nothing can save this universe, not even something as good as The Dark Knight. But as a standalone, this is something worth seeing in the theaters.

    PS. It's not better than what MCU offered us for 9 years
  • We know that the DC cinematic universe that emerged as a result of the partnership between DC Comics and Warner Bros does not go well. Aquaman does not fall into this category. The film first appeared in China. Then the comments about the movie excited me. I was looking forward to it. It was a movie I really liked.

    The story of the film is a complete story of origin. We see how a character emerged and how he was a hero. We see what Arthur Curry has been going through since his birth. I mean, you can follow the course of the story very easily and there is no scene you will be surprised. From time to time clichés and boring moments can be experienced. When you think it's a story of beginnings, the cliches don't bother you much. I think this is a must for superhero films.

    While watching Aquaman, you feel a lot more of Wan's touch to the film. Aquaman literally makes you feel like a "movie". Because while watching the film, you can see the introduction, development and the result line in a very comfortable way. Everything is as it should be. The characters perform their duties more than enough. In the first 20 minutes, you already feel inside the film, and your attachment instinct confirms this. The origin of Aquaman is generally preserved. There are some minor changes to the film. At the same time, there are critical changes in the Black Manta and Orm. But if you are a comic book reader in general, Arthur Curry's story will give you pleasure. The film also touches on a beautiful subject; People pollute the oceans and nature. Jason Momoa had a successful performance. In particular, he has reflected the character change very well. Willem Dafoe is an actor that everyone will enjoy watching. Willem Dafoe had to have more scenes.

    The film has technical errors, logic errors, clichés. But in spite of all this, the good aspects are much more. James Wan really created a separate world for the film. The underwater scenes were very good. The visuality is tremendous. Sea creatures, underwater conversations, used camera angles, location preferences, costume designs, fighting scenes, visual effects were very good. The music was just as good as the visuals. Even a separate film for Atlantis can be shot. 8/10
  • INTXb17 January 2019
    There was not a single intelligent line delivered in this entire movie. It is was a non-stop spectacle of the absolute dumbest variety.

    Those that are saying this movie is boring are obviously referring to the fact that their brains were left to rot for 2 hours and 23 minutes.

    I can't imagine a movie being more devastating to the industry than this one... having it be so successful and so dumb at the same time is a formula for more dumb movies to follow...
  • Watched it!!! And have no words to describe the splendid performance of the cast and how beautifully wan visualised and presented this..This is the true jewel so far in DC universe👍🏻 Won't Add any Spoilers😋 this is something you should witness
  • luofa8 December 2018
    I want to cry now ......last year after watching Justice League, I was depressed. My friend didn't say anything but I know she think DC films sucks. So I went to see Aquaman alone yesterday, for the first time in my life,everyone was applauding after the movie (Maybe because everyone who go to watch Aquaman premiere is a DC fan but when I was waiting for a taxi I heard a boy talking to his girlfriend that "This Marvel movie is wonderful!!!" lol) James Wan is AMAZING,Aquaman is very imaginative and it's nothing like any other superhero movie I've seen before, he knows what we want, BEST DCEU FILM (Yes I think it's much better than SS/JL/BVS/MOS/WW) I can't believe that Aquaman's net production cost is160m, much lower than JL(300m) BVS(250m )MOS(225m) even SS costs175m!!! WB should give James Wan more budget to direct Aquaman 2!!!! P.S. James says he may direct a horror-style Batman movie,pls WB let him do it!!!!
  • It was hard to stay awake during this completely one note movie. Seriously, there is no real plot here to speak of...a couple of pretty women in too tight onesies and just a lot of noise and not much "real acting" was put into this less than impressive feature. After about 10 minutes I pretty much figured we had wasted our money. Even my husband agreed that this was less than he had hoped for and he usually loves all of the super hero movies regardless of who is the hero. But of course everyone is welcome to their own opinions...but for me, this was a real snooze!
  • mysterarrow3 May 2019
    Some trashy tattooed thug who looks like he is even more gross than the Rock trash talks and speaks rudely and crudely all over the place and they want us to believe he is the son of a queen and royalty. No wonder the movie included rap 'music.' Anyone who has read an Aquaman comic book will shake his head in sadness.
  • markfiorentino6 January 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Hello, Reader: "I am Commentatus, King of Filmus Commentia, heir of the Power of The Film Comment", and so on and so forth. That was the whole film dialogue in a nutshell. Every film needs context and character development. The context was explained meticulously in a boredom parade of dreadfully crafted dialogue, and Power-Rangers-styled fighting. God awful CGI - comparable to that of Green Lantern - and a child-like plot, will ensure the DC Universe stays in the Dark at the bottom of the Ocean.

    • Amber Heard is hot. Nicole Kidman is hot. We get it.

    • Fights sometimes are fun, and somewhat violent.

    • Heard and Kidman aren't pornstars, and this is a movie, not Brazzers.

    • Sadly, they - Heard and Kidman - are the "thing-to-watch" at the sheer absence of movie material. Actresses complain about the objectification of women in Hollywood, join the Me Too Movement, and then they end up showing their "attributes" on the silver-screen for a check. The irony.

    • Everything "dialogue" in this movie is made, so a mailbox can understand the very-simple-and-daft plot.

    • Dafoe is a rich actor in a poor role with poor dialogue.

    • Dolph Lundgren does - technically - a CAMEO, when he should be the main villain. They gave him a "Noble King" type of role. Horrifying.

    • All pirates are Black. Yeah, let that sink for a moment.
    (Boom, Mark's Double Combo).

    • The main villain is laughable. I thought he was Will Arnett. Yes, seriously.

    • The fight scenes where so Power-Rangers-like that at one point I thought the Atlantian Soldiers would climb on top of each other to form a big Atlantian Soldier. Ha ha ha, it's a joke. (It's not.)

    • That scene at the bar with the "tough cookie guys" that ask for a selfie with Aquaman was daft, ridiculously unfunny, totally uncalled for and it didn't built any character cues. It seems it was written by a korean girl in her Senior year of high school.

    • This film is more than two hours. Use your time on something else.
  • bmorgs-038603 February 2019
    I finally got a chance to see aquaman yesterday. This is my first review ever. You can thank Jason Momoa because that's the only reason this movie made so much money. It was the best DC movie they've put out, but it wasn't anything special. Cheesy and boring story line. I don't know what it is with DC movies, but they just lack something in their movies that just leave you questioning why you wasted over 2 hours, every single time. Like I said every girl on this planet probably saw it because of Momoa, that's a lot of money right there.
  • There's really not much else to say about this movie. It's clear they just wanted to dazzle the audience with as much CGI as they could muster into as little time as possible, meanwhile making NONE of the terrible jokes land.

    The story is.... well there isn't one really. It is so all over the place and disconnected that it is not easy to follow at all. Both Amber and Mamoa are dull as dishwater, which many knew before this movie and sadly this does nothing to remedy that either.

    The movie is a mess, the story is a mess - and when you leave a movie thinking that the only enjoyable part was the CGI then there is something wrong.

    Clearly, this movie was made for the cash grab and WB once more PROVE what we have all known for a long time; They simply cannot create comic book movies. Leave it to the experts.
  • There are moments of awkwardness in the movie, but the stroy is engaging and full of intricate details. The visuals are stunning, too. James Wan definitely did an amazing job with the right cast. I can't think of a better actor to take the role of Aquaman than Jason Momoa. I will give it an A-.
  • I really love this film. Everyone talks about the GCI in Aquaman,but what moves me most is its style ,so called "old fashioned fun" .Here I'll talk about this.(This review is translated from Chinese by google translater.And I'm the writer of it.)

    First of all, the story of Aquaman is classic enough (that is, the old-fashioned set of some people), which is the journey of superhero treasure hunt. In an interview with James wan in"WorldScreen"magazine, James said that this is a very classic narrative technique. The growth of Arthur is like the growth of heroes in Spielberg, Cameron and Lucas movies. When Wan was a child, he watched the works of these masters grow up and always wanted to make such a movie, so this retro style is intentional. The facts also prove that the classic story will not be outdated. However, we can also understand from another angle that Wan did not try to try the dark and deep story style, but from the direction of being good at commercial blockbusters. In short, even if you don't have interest in the retro story, the level of the plot is definitely qualified in the super-Hero movie.

    Second, it is the retro feel of the picture. On the one hand, many dazzling special effects brought us back to Avatar and the Lord of the Rings until the shock of the first Star Wars, and the imaginative and fascinating atmosphere of the underwater world is obviously a tribute to the classic fantasy sci-fi movies, like those of Star Wars. Just like classic fantasy operatic movie opens the window of imagination for us. On the other hand, James indicates that the film is expected to be like special effects movies in japan(like Ultraman and Godzilla in last century ). No wonder the friend who watched the movie with me shouted "The clothes looks cheap" when he first saw the soldiers of Atlantis. ..... I believe that it is not a problem to add more cool special effects to the soldiers, but James chose a very traditional approach , allowing the actors to fight in plastic armor and add to the film. A little bit of childlike beauty! Seeing this armor design is a little touched. We seem to be able to see james that realize the childhood special movie dreams,hiding behind the viewfinder and snickering.

    And......To be honest,I'm little worried about Aquaman2,which is said to have been planned by Warner bros because the first episode is too successful,but I don't believe James will direct it again(just like SAW and Fast&Furious,he did once and did the BEST)And I'm also worried about Birds of Prey because the director is too young ...looking DCU(or DCEU) movies is funny ,we must stand some boring films ,but sometimes DC gives us BIG surprise😘
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