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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I always like to check out the other reviews before I submit my opinion of a movie on IMDb. And what I found while checking through the other reviews of ATTACK THE BLOCK here is that if the reviewer likes the film, everyone else tags the review as not helpful, and if the reviewer hates the film, usually taking the film's plot points out of context or just plain misrepresenting what happens in the film, then everyone finds the review helpful.

    Here's the thing - the question is, "Was the above review useful to you?" Is is NOT "Do you AGREE with the above review?" Right, now I've set the scene for everyone here to find my review not helpful, I'll press on ...

    I like ATTACK THE BLOCK ... a lot. I liked it when I first saw it on Channel 4 in 2012 and I've watched it again a couple of times since, the most recent being last night. It never fails to entertain me.

    I will however take issue with a couple of the other reviews here ... for example:

    "The girl they tried to rob and rape comes asking for seconds". Nonsense. No one tried to rape Sam, at least, not in this movie. The reviewer might not like the characters - I don't like them much either - but no need to try to prevent others from watching the film by misrepresenting what happens on screen.

    Another reviewer says that having the protagonists not apologise for mugging her "drives a huge wedge between them and the audience". But to do that would have been lazy writing on Cornish's part, turning essentially irredeemable characters in to "tame" cuddly nice guys. This kind of inner city feral teenagers are not nice people. They are what they are, not what you'd like them to be.

    The same reviewer says that "The police are especially hard done by, they are portrayed as totally corrupt and not to be trusted under any circumstances". This is simply not true. The only two police officers who have anything to do here are the two who arrest Moses for mugging Sam. Which he did. We saw him do it. If he claims he's an innocent victim of a brutal police force ... WE know he's lying. So how are the police hard done by? I'm mystified.

    Same reviewer finds "disturbingly strong misogynist atmosphere" because "The only criticism they (the boys) face is from weak female characters who are unable to defend themselves, and who rely on the various male gang members for protection from violent outsiders." Gee, I dunno, looked they were doing okay, when Tia and Dimple take down an alien with a standard lamp and an ice skate. Didn't need much help from the boys ...

    A reviewer from the US says, "we're supposed to not like these street punks at first, and then admire them as they redeem themselves". Nope, that's only in Hollywood movies. I don't think Cornish expects you to like these characters any better by the end of the movie. But what we do see here is a glimmer, the slightest chance, that these characters might be able to turn their lives around. What we don't know is whether they will take the opportunity.

    A reviewer from South Africa says, "The dialogue was apparently authentic, but it sounded made up, like the droogs' language in A Clockwork Orange." Yes, the dialogue IS authentic. I live in Tower Hamlets (on the north side of the river from Oval) and that's exactly what the feral teenagers talk like. So I'd say the issue isn't with the dialogue, it's with the reviewer. It only sounded made up to that reviewer. So they're essentially criticising Joe Cornish for being accurate.

    But enough ...

    ATTACK THE BLOCK is just exactly what it looks like. A low-budget, cleverly-written alien attack movie set in the inner-city, deprived area of South London. The lead characters are products of that environment. Marginalised teenagers who have somehow become convinced that education has nothing to offer and that the only way out of their situation is low-level crime and, very likely, an early death. They're not heroes. They're not redeemed by the events of the film. You CAN not like them, and it's doesn't make any difference. But they are characters I recognise ... raw and authentic. I wouldn't say they're Real, because they're aping the mannerisms of US rappers, but that IS how the kids down my endz act.

    Don't take it so seriously. ATTACK THE BLOCK is not a searing social document. It's not a hard-hitting indictment of our times. It's just a bloody great sci-fi action movie. Stop criticising it for what it's not ...
  • I watched this without knowing the production team, who worked on it, nothing. A friend just said 'you like sci-fi movies right? Here.' And I'll admit, for the first ten minutes, I was worried. The throw-back creature-feature title sequence being my main concern.

    But after that wavery start, I watched over an hour of what I would consider to be one of the truest, bloodiest and certainly most adrenaline-packed horrors I've seen in a very very long time.

    The main kids - the 'gang' - are very real and the kids' acting really shines. Moses, the lead, certainly leads us through a series of complex emotions, from hatred to forgiveness, and round again a few more times just for kicks. The actor who played him will be going places with a sullen wall-eyed expression that he still manages to convey so much meaning with.

    As to the plot - well, most of the actual plot is there for comedy, and the moment of gratuity when the adults are plainly dumber than the kids (teenagers everywhere punch the air and laugh). I was expecting, as I watched the film with ever more pleasure, to be let down and have the aliens' presence left unexplained, as with many non-blockbuster horrors. But, in two mere sentences, the loose threads are tied and the finale is lead into all in one great sweep of fantastic writing.

    Last, but definitely not least, the aliens themselves were phenomenal. There was a certain amount of keep-them-in-the-dark and leave-it-to-your-imagination, but there were also absolute gore-fest moments which were done superbly (though the squeamish may need to blink). The aliens were well designed and were flawlessly integrated into the movie. To be honest I don't even know if they were puppets or CGI - I was so caught up in the fast-paced running and fighting, into which they were so seamlessly included.

    Definitely one to watch for fans of the genre, fans of the creators, or anyone looking for a thrill. I'll certainly be watching it again. And if you wanna read someone say it better than I just did - /blog/2011/08/attack_the_block_ review.html (remove superfluous spaces) (contains language, in movie quotes).
  • After reading the previous reviews of this movie, I am a bit surprised to see how many people didn't like it. They didn't care for the characters, because of their rude language, their clothes (Ooooh, hoddies:) and the fact that they are petty criminals. But this is a classic "bad guy turns hero" story with such a great written script and talented young actors. The casting director did an excellent job finding these kids. They are real, natural and very believable in portraying being born and raised in Londons Ends. I found myself actually caring about the characters and their destiny throughout the movie. "Attack the Block" is a horror comedy about an alien invasion. Aaaah, you think, I've seen this before! "Bodysnatchers", "The Faculty", and not to mention the great TV-series "Falling Skies". But this movie is different. The focus in the film lies with the characters, and their reaction to having their street invaded by aliens. The aliens them self are kind of cheesy, but scary in a funny way. I expected Nick Frost to have a bigger role, I loved him in "Shaun of the Dead" and "Paul". But he never disappoints me, funny as always :) I really enjoyed this movie, and if you like movies like "Shaun of the Dead" and "Tucker & Dale vs Evil", you'll probably enjoy this as well.

    Favourite quote from the movie " Oh man! All this weed and no skins... This is the worst day of my life!"
  • I thought this movie was quite entertaining, and actually funny in some parts. It's not a normal horror movie or alien invasion movie. It ends very satisfactorily, unlike most horror movies, and the plot is quite original played with talented actors in a setting that many of us are not so familiar with. If you like rap, you'll like the music throughout too. All the actors and main actress did very well. Thankfully I saw this with subtitles since I can't follow language from "the hood" very well. The only thing that didn't seem so real to me were the space creatures, but that gave for a good laugh. If you don't take this movie too seriously, it's a lot of fun. And there was "the moral of the story is..." thrown in, like lessons learned, rectifying mistakes, etc. All in all, it makes for a good Thursday or Friday night at the movies.
  • First, this is the sort of flick the UK writers do so well and frankly don't do enough of.

    Reminds me of the old saying, when Life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade.

    London has blessed the UK film industry with one of the most diverse and interesting ecosystems on the planet. What, I have lost count, 14 distinct accents and counting? In return the industry has taken this raw material and produced a wide range of thrillers, most of which rely heavily for their impact on the violence element or the gang element.

    So, who woke up one morning and said, hey, let's make the gang the good guys for a change ... instead of causing trouble they get to defend the country against aliens. And brimming with gang values, they will go it alone, they will not even ask for help.

    Great premise, brilliant and engaging execution. It could have just been "merely" entertaining, but great writing, cast, acting and direction help it make the leap to cult classic.

    The low IMDb rating is not merely wrong, it is seriously wrong. This is a fun film that can be watched more than once.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Attack the Block is set in London during fireworks night as a nurse named Samantha (Jodie Whittaker) walks home to her block of flats in Brixton, while on her way she is attacked & mugged by a gang of teenage boy's at knife-point. During the mugging something falls from the sky & crashes into a parked car, the gang is then suddenly attacked by an alien that cuts the gang leader Moses (John Boyega) face & in revenge Moses & the gang hunt the alien down & kill it. Shortly after more aliens fall from the sky & land on the estate, these aliens are different though as they are huge & vicious & kill any human they meet. The teenage gang become aware of what's happening & decide to fight back against the alien invasion & protect their block of flats...

    This British & French co-production was written & directed by Joe Cornish & I have to say that while Attack the Block isn't terrible there are too many issues that I disliked about it for me to get excited about it. I suppose the biggest problem I have with Attack the Block is that the script tries to turn character's that I didn't like into the people that save the day, I am sorry but I just can't like a gang of thugs who mug a lone woman at knife point no matter how many times you have them swear which in itself isn't funny. The whole film is played as a comedy sci-fi horror that has obvious influences & is a decent time killer but I didn't think the central concept & theme worked the way the makers intended. I suppose the teenage muggers were meant to save the day, find redemption & we are meant to sympathise with them but after seeing them mug a woman, take drugs, do whatever they want, kill just because something annoyed them & then run around with Samurai swords, baseball bats & flick knives I just couldn't like them or root for them to win. I really wished the aliens had killed the lot of them, at only 80 minutes long at least it's short & it moves along at a good pace & is watchable but I couldn't the fact that I hated almost every character out of my head & ultimately that's probably why I thought it was alright but nothing else. I just didn't like the whole message about these thug's being victims rather than criminals, this is a huge issue in today's society & surely people must take responsibility for their own actions. No-one else is making them mug someone, are they? Quite why a fairly light hearted sci-fi action thriller is dealing with such deep issues is puzzling & I for one feel the makers took the wrong direction. The dialogue is also another issue, I have lived here in the UK all my life & even I didn't understand half the urban gangster crap they spoke, I certainly didn't find any of it funny either.

    The aliens almost seem secondary to the moral issues on show & they are kept virtually black in every shot they appear with only their sharp fang like teeth glowing in the dark giving off any light, they look alright for what they are but I suspect budget reasons were partly responsible. There is hardly any CGI computer animation in Attack the Block, I always prefer practical effects where possible so I liked Attack the Block for that aspect if nothing else. I can't say I found it particularly exciting or scary or fantastical, I found it a bit bland & forgettable actually. More aliens die than humans so there's not much blood or gore, a man has his throat bitten out & someone has their nose bitten off but otherwise nothing worth mentioning. In a nod to classic sci-fi films & author's several of the street locations are named after famous writer's such as H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke & Douglas Adams.

    With a supposed budget of about $13,000,000 this was partly filmed on the real Heygate Estate in London. The acting is alright, again I can't say i warmed to or liked anyone but there's no terrible performances here.

    Attack the Block is a film that many seem to like probably for the reasons that I don't like it, really irritating urban gangster dialogue, lack of alien action & a moralistic stance that I personally don't agree with although having first hand experience of some of the issues here might cloud my opinion a bit. Watchable & not terrible but there were too many aspect that I disliked for me to really enjoy it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How you react to the film will be determined by how you feel about the knowing attitude of the film and the characters. If you don't like the attitude and the characters then you'll be like me lost.

    Story of a bunch of alien monsters that fall to earth and attack an apartment block. Its defended, in a manner of speaking by some kids, with severe attitude problems that make them seem more like posers then real people.

    As I said how you react to the characters will determine how you react to the film. I found them annoying and overly strident. It has nothing to do with them being criminals and everything to do with them being smart mouthed kids you kind of want to slap and say get with the program. yes I know its where they live, but at the same time they seem to be taking a stand rather than acting.

    I also wasn't keen on the attitude of the film which was way too knowing, way too hip and happening and way too stacked in favor of our characters. You know they'll pull it out because the film seems to be a victory saga of their great deeds.

    Can you tell I really didn't like it? For me its like the monsters glow in the dark teeth, a nice idea for ten seconds and then you realize its completely unreal and kind of stupid.

    Your mileage may vary
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Finally got to see this film after wanting to for ages because I'm a huge Nick Frost fan (although admittedly mainly through Spaced and Shaun of the dead). I would have put money on me loving this film. What wasn't to love for a bloke in his 20's – monsters/aliens, groups with weapons working together (The warriors anyone?!) and of course Nick Frost.

    Well, I'll tell you the reason why I hated it – because the characters we were meant to love were essentially scumbags. Being a secondary school teacher it is depressing how often I see and hear teenagers acting hard, wearing hoods and trackies (even if it's 30degrees!, using ridiculous and often rude language and generally lacking basic morals and respect. And now here is a film that not only expects us to identify and go on a journey with these characters but also glorifies them!

    My hesitation began in the opening scene when they pulled a knife whilst mugging a woman and seemed to have nothing but contempt for her. I thought to myself 'Hmmm, that's quite extreme as I thought we were going to like these guys?' Now that would have been OK if the story had quickly unfolded that it was just a big front and they were actually quite nice and don't really like hurting people they just do it as they don't know any better, but this wasn't the case. It clumsily seemed to try to swing it this way with some of the characters (the one with glasses seemed particularly easy to like), but most of them continued to be little scrotes if I'm honest.

    The way the police were viewed and portrayed I thought was pretty disgraceful and again painted an image that it was cool to hate the police.

    Probably the biggest let down was that I suddenly realised near the end of the film that I hadn't actually laughed once. A couple, and I mean a couple, of moments of light relief from Frost was about all I smiled at. I also thought the development of the characters was poor or almost non existent, especially the token weed smoking posh white boy who for me added nothing.

    To the films credit I thought it was shot well, the monsters were good (in a budget/cult like way) and most of the acting was good, although it seemed to try far too hard to make them all use the teenage 'buzz' words constantly. Probably why the one liners failed to work IMO. It was bare annoying.

    The sad thing is I can see some of the kids I teach watching this and wanting to be just like them. At least the worst thing I'd have been likely to say at their age would have been "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle"!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where to start. Unoriginal alien invasion plot? Uninspiring tone? Bad dialogue? No, let's start at storytelling 101 - the characters.

    The hero characters that you are meant to empathise with are essentially teenage narrow-minded thugs; not the best choice in terms of storytelling as few people would empathise with them, but I thought they might do something interesting with them later in the story to get you as the viewer on their side, but alas they didn't.

    The characters are poorly established. Characters seemed to come and go for the first two thirds of the film making it very unclear which characters the film is actually focusing on, never mind establishing a protagonist.

    Which brings me on to my next point. Why establish your protagonist and outline their background towards the end of a film? You need to establish an emotional connection between the protagonist and the audience early on, and then reward / emotionally toy with the audience throughout the rest of the film. This is what makes films enjoyable to watch.

    The film generally consisted of the kids spouting lines that they deem clever with such consistency you start to wonder whether they are doing it for effect or the director actually thinks the lines are truly funny. Only towards the end stages of the film did I even start to find the dialogue mildly funny. Their London "gangsta" accents will grind on you throughout the film without fail however, so don't think a few funny lines will rescue you from this.

    The plot was basic and predictable. Basic I can forgive, as there's no need to over-complicate a storyline as it can diminish it's impact, but the fact that it took the path of least resistance to the end wasn't so forgivable. The only aspect of the plot I liked was that the woman who the kids mugged was forced to team up with them to defeat a common enemy, which provided some interesting tension and humour.

    The only thing I truly liked about the film was that the aliens were really black, really really black. So black in fact they almost aren't there. This was believable in terms of the evolution of a species which required camouflage and a cool little feature of the invaders. Aside from that I'm really struggling to find anything good to say about this film, apart from one or two funny lines as I've already mentioned.

    In short, it wasn't silly enough to fall into the slapstick horror category, nor was it structured well enough to even be considered an average film. I'm mystified as to how this film has gained a 7.5 IMDb rating at the time of writing this review.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was truly disgusted at the attempt of justifying the behaviour of hoodies in the UK. Four of our five "heroes" live with their parents and are well provided for. The fifth thug (Moses) lives by himself and this is supposed to justify the fact that he put a knife to a woman with the help of his friends. If you can have an education and instead of making the most of it choose to become a ridiculous brain-dead thug, do not blame the police, the establishment or the bloody aliens. If you want to know who is guilty, find yourself a mirror. If your parents are so useless that are unable to control or even find out what their children are after, then they should be heavily fined. There is no excuse: you get what you deserve. To make things worse, Moses had a "intellectual" moment and claims that aliens have been brought by the police to kill black people in the same way that drugs were introduced for the same purpose. What a phenomenal moron!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film seems to glorify gang culture in the UK. I was quite optimistic when I started to watch it and came to the mugging scene. I took an immediate dislike to the characters but thought I would give it a chance as they were bound to redeem themselves later on in the film. They didn't. I was actually quite pleased when a few of them met their demise.

    If I were the woman in that situation I certainly wouldn't want to help these scrotes after the abuse she still continues to receive when they ask, sorry, demand her help later on in the film.

    The sfx were not too bad for a budget film and I will also give them credit for getting the character stereotypes spot on.

    If you are worried about the chav gang culture in the UK then avoid this film. If you call your mates 'bruv' and own quite a few hoodies and terrorise communities then this film is for you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Having grown up in the 80s, I was exposed to a whole gamut of movies that followed the same basic plot construction and format, in which a group of young kids discovers (or hopes to discover) something fantastical or alien and generally ends up saving the world. Movies from ET and GREMLINS to THE GOONIES and THE MONSTER SQUAD all fit loosely into this same paradigm.

    What director Joe Cornish has done so masterfully here is to take that pattern and turn it on its' head. Unlike another recent similar movie, SUPER 8, which closely mimicked those 80s movies so much as to be a direct homage, Cornish decides to use the basic framework but to provide the viewer with twists to make it new and refreshing.

    The first of those twists seems to be the most controversial with viewers in that this is not a group of precious, innocent kids who "come of age" while they save the world. Instead, Cornish drops his alien invasion straight into the middle of the hood (the block, call it what you will), and the group of protagonists that we follow are far from innocent. In fact, we meet them in the middle of mugging a young woman.

    A WHOLE LOT of reviewers on this site seem to focus in on how "unlikable" the main characters are and that this turns them off from enjoying the movie. I admit that I find this hard to understand. Let's take a movie like GOODFELLAS, which revolves around a gang of very hardened criminals with few redeeming qualities, yet this is considered a modern film classic. Part of me starts to wonder if this is more a case of white, suburban, middle- class viewership not wanting to cheer for a group of realistically portrayed black kids from the ghetto, but I don't want to go too far down that avenue.

    I found it to be a refreshing twist to use in a movie like this. I'm tired of the same plot formula where bland suburban kids save the world while dealing with the same real-life problems (the abused kid, the kid from a broken home, etc). Instead, for me, as a viewer, I started with an unfavorable view of these kids, but grew to like them as the movie goes on and they find their humanity, as they realize how important their neighborhood is to them and how important it is to save it.

    The other huge twist here, from the typical Spielberg formula is that Cornish is not afraid to kill off his kids, which you never see in those cookie cutter movies. In fact, they die violently and with ample gore, not shying from their deaths one bit. It was shocking to see as a viewer who is used to this formula keeping the kids alive, even when in obvious peril.

    In order for this to work, though, it needed more than clever twists on well-worn patterns. It needed to bring us a really horrific monster(s), which it does in spades. I love the creature design here. I love that they didn't go with the green alien with tentacles cliché, or any of the other designs you've seen over and over. These aliens are terrifying as they chase our heroes. The lack of eyes, the glowing teeth, the blackness of their fur, the realistic movement (praise to Cornish for use of practical effects in lieu of CGI). I absolutely love the aliens in this movie.

    I'm finding that my opinion improves more each time I see it and I think this is one of the better horror movies made in the past ten years.
  • Andrew Cousins2 September 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is without doubt the worst film I have seen this year, I really hoped it would be much better because I'd been looking forward to it for a such a long time. I'm a fan of Joe Cornish and I was raised on films like Gremlins and Critters. This film really has very little in common with either of them, they at the very least were original and entertaining.

    So, attack the block - terrible dialog, awful acting, rubbish aliens (think men in gorilla suits), an unsatisfying and dull story...... was it supposed to be sf, horror, comedy ? It didn't succeed at any of them.

    But worst thing of all, this is a film that actually seems to glorify hoody culture, it made me angry that a film that is obviously aimed at teenagers makes it look cool to carry weapons like knives, smoke weed all day, steal and mug people.

    In the current climate, especially in the UK shouldn't film-makers take a bit more responsibility. In the opening scene we were treated to 5 masked teenagers terrifying and mugging a young woman on her way home from work. I almost switched off, but hoped there might be some sort of moral ending ..... no such luck, the ring leader survives and is worshipped as a hero. There were only 2 educated characters portrayed in the film and they were made to look like pathetic losers all the way though. I don't know if this film set out to show gang culture and stealing as cool and fun alternative to gaining an education and working but this seems to be one of the messages it is sending out.
  • smoochpapandreas16 September 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    Here we have another film purporting to be the new 'Shaun of the Dead' and it does quite well on the score, only lacking humour, a coherent script, a narrative arc, and lead characters that don't make you wish that alien invaders were tearing out your own throat. But it does have Nick Frost, so at least they have that bit right...

    And Frost is very very good, though, let's face it, you knew that already. That's why you bought your ticket. Only, what the trailer doesn't tell you is that this is one of those films that trick you into thinking it is one thing when it's really something else. Did you really want to spend the majority of the film in the company of a group of teenage thugs speaking a patois unintelligible to anybody over the age of 21? No, neither did I. Frost is only in a few scenes and the sum effect is akin to spending the night cowering in the kitchen whilst teenage thugs set your living room alight. You only let them through the front door because they were in the company of that funny guy from 'Paul' but he cleared off the moment trouble started…

    I realise that I'm probably in a minority thinking this is a problem for the film. The ratings on IMDb suggest that most people think this is a better-than-average light comedy. I understand that view. It does develop a forward momentum that carries you along. Yet I found it hard to disregard the way it portrays the world of the inner city in a totally disingenuous way, where the police are worse than the aliens, were muggers are honourable so long as they don't mug from people on their estate and only wave knives in a woman's face to get the robbery over quickly.

    It asks for a mainstream audience but speaks exclusively to a demographic who share its moronic world view. We are even given a terrible moment of sermonising which alludes to Malcolm X's famous view of 'white man's poison'. To imply that aliens are only invading the estate because drugs aren't killing the inhabitants quickly enough is a pretty dumb attempt at political rhetoric but it's even more dubious coming from a character who had treated his own promotion to pusher of hard narcotics as though it was a great honour.

    Yet my biggest gripe with this film is that it's about as funny as getting mugged by street yobs. If you are 17 years old inarticulate waster who wants to spend your whole life smoking weed, you might consider this film to be your generation's 'Some Like It Hot'. For me, it was a flabby alien invasion flick so busy with trying to look cool that it fails to realise how annoying and utterly moronic it truly is. There might be a good film here but it just needs to do some growing up.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    a gang of teen thugs begin by mugging, at knife-point, a woman of her phone and purse. Then an alien lands, destroying a car. The gangs' first impulse? what can they steal from the car! I was praying that they all become the aliens' first victims, but no, we go on to discover that these scum, in association with the blocks drug dealing wannabe "gansta" arm up and kill the aliens. This is a terrible film. If it's trying to portray the "yout" as being brave and heroic in someway it fails miserably. All it does is cement in people's minds that teenagers are all thieving, knife wielding scum. There's no revelation by the gang in this film, they don't come to realise that their lifestyle is a problem or any such nonsense, they just act out their ignorant, pack mentality behaviour and reinforce stereotypes that need to be broken down. An awful film and not even the so called comedic touch of Nick Frost do anything to make this film watchable. Avoid it like a dose of the clap.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (Sorry about my English, and if I made any offense, please accept my apologies. I am just expressing my opinions.)

    I was shocked when I see so many people gave out negative comments. I saw many of the critics, saying that the movie is glorifying teenage gangs, mocking the cops, etc. To be honest, I totally disagree with that.

    Maybe I have overlooked, but what I think the plot of the movie tries to reflect the reason behind the London riots. Throughout the whole film, it is not difficult to notice them: Social exclusion, lack of normal parenting, gangster rap and culture....and "ironically", it was Moses in the film that saved the block, not the cops and armed police. In my opinion, the director is trying the convey the message of weak policing in the society.

    Yes, I agree that the film is neither too funny or scary, but if you watch it from a fresh perspective you might as well like it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I feel it is my public service to point out that this film is terrible and nothing like Shaun Of The Dead as the marketing suggests. The first half of the film involves obnoxious hoodies saying 'yeh blud' and generally being very annoying. Nick Frost pops up and has no funny lines. I didn't expect this movie to be as good as 'Shaun' but I literally didn't laugh once and I couldn't tell if it was even meant to be funny. I think anyone over the age of 16 who isn't from a council estate in London will hate this.

    This is the directorial debut from Joe Cornish and I pray he doesn't make any more films.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    On seeing the trailer for this movie I was a bit on the fence about this film. It starts out a little cringy and I was a bit worried that it was going to just be stupid little chavs beating up aliens for the whole film. I mean don't get me wrong, there IS plenty of chavs beating up aliens, but luckily the characters are really well thought out and developed (particularly the lead Moses who was great in this btw) and there are a lot of really clever lines and laughs along the way. You hate these youths at the beginning but by the end you're solidly rooting for them to win. This film reminded me a lot of Shaun of the Dead- purely because it's so uniquely British.

    Ye get me blud?
  • abisio4 October 2011
    Made with less than one tenth of SUPER 8 budget, this movie gets twice more entertainment while delivering social messages instead of shallow fake nostalgia. A gang of teenagers (mostly black but from other ethnic groups too) rob a woman/nurse on her way home. A sudden explosion and something falling from the sky, allow the woman to escape. When the gang's leader checks what happened is attacked by an extraterrestrial creature. The group kills the thing and take the body with them hoping to make a few squids out of the strange creature. From there, things get really ugly; when more bigger beasts fall from the sky, police and some gangsters show up; everybody pursuing the gang. The action does not stop. No unnecessary romances, or tear breaking scenes; just a few commentaries about life in those marginal neighborhoods. The acting of the teenage members is excellent. Every one of them has a brief time to deploy their character but all of them have enough charisma to succeed. In brief, do not expect Hollywood overproduced and unrealistic special effects here only real fun.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    May Contain Plots spoilers I sat in a 1000 seat cinema with six other people to see this turgid nonsense. At the start of the movie this gal get mugged and threatened by a gang of thugs. They steal her money and humiliate her. She managed to escape but I felt that they also wanted to gang rape her as they told her to come back as they had not finished with her.

    If I was going to make a movie about Aliens attacking earth I would make the hero's believable and likable. Then thugs duff up and murder a defenceless alien. As first contact situations go these thugs treat our first alien visitor as just another plaything in their pathetic lives. After they murder the pregnant alien they parade its body through the streets much like a serial killer would collect trophy and then display it for their sick satisfaction.

    Then the Alien's pals decide to take revenge. Fair dues to them I was on their side and wanted them to win. Every time another thug died I whooped with joy. The aliens arrive without a spaceship and appear as meteors but can be killed with fireworks. Really this does not follow the logic of the story.

    The worst British movie of the last 50 years and yes I am saying that Love honour and obey was a Brit flick. If you live in Sarf London and say words like Blud. If you think being in a gang is cool this is the movie for you. Also if you IQ is in single figures your gonna love this but you will be too thick to read this review. If you do not live in London/are over 25/ have a brain/ you are gonna hate this movie In the end you cannot polish a turd.
  • So many people think this film glorifies the criminal youth sub culture. They are totally missing the point. Yes, the kids are merciless, violent thugs, but, they have an amazing capacity for heroism, love and generosity. The message? don't give up on these kids, they have a lot to offer. I found myself drawn to them as the film progressed. I'm not sure this is intended to be a sci-fi film in the same vein as Star Trek. The effects are very good, but the creatures are just there to draw the protagonists together. The real story is the interaction of the characters, the breaking down of social barriers and, most importantly, the eating of the bad guys. This is a film of hope, Britain is not necessarily on a one way trip down the toilet. These kids are going to save us!! Believe Bruv.........
  • Old school dopeness. It's like Goonies meets Shaun of the Dead meets Independence Day. The whole alien invasion thing has been recycled as hell lately, but Joe Cornish found a way to make this thing feel so fresh and unique once again by containing it to such a unique setting and having this young group of hoodlums fighting back. None of it feels like it's been done before and as a result the film doesn't get dull for a second.

    The less-than-90 minute running time is perfect for something this small, never letting us stop having fun in order to make time for pointless romantic subplots or unnecessary characters. There is never a dull moment in this, a film that I have no problem saying is the most fun I've had so far this year. Whoever cast these kids deserves some sort of medal because they are all fantastic and for most of them it's their first job. John Boyega in particular, in the lead role as the head of the group, is fantastic.

    At first I was skeptical about the Jodie Whittaker character and her constant run-ins with the group but by the end I really embraced her dynamic with Moses and actually found myself getting surprisingly emotional at the end. The whole thing is just vibrant, exciting and so much intense entertainment. There are a solid amount of laughs throughout, but it's not even a film about trying to make you laugh or trying to scare you. It's just about having fun and it succeeds so admirably. It feels real old school and I loved every moment. Everyone should watch this.
  • This got a lot of hype when it was released last year . When I say " A lot of hype " I do mean from a parochial jingoistic British press which is no indication of quality since the British press often blindly praise celluloid with the flag of union on it and for the second review in a row I have to mention Danny Boyle's SUNSHINE , a film that was described as a modern day classic by the Britsh critics but a film I found bitterly disappointing . So I sat down to watch ATTACK THE BLOCK and afterwards I found myself questioning if I not only saw the same film but if I shared any of the same moral codes of the critics who praised this dire piece of brain dead , morally empty , unentertaining rubbish

    The main fault of the film jumps out at you from the very first scene : a nurse walks home late one night and she is robbed by a gang of muggers . Let me point out that that this robbery doesn't involve a bunch of cheeky chappies quickly snatching a bag and then running down the street - the mugging involves a bunch of thugs holding a knife to the throat of a lone terrified woman. In some films this scene would be followed by a vigilante stepping out from the shadows and blowing away the said muggers with the film then centering around the vigilante who is an " anti-hero " This unfortunately doesn't happen because these muggers are in fact the anti-heroes of the film . Luckily there's an alien invasion underway so then these scumbags who hold a knife to the throat of a woman can redeem themselves in an example of speciesism

    But before we get to the redemption we have to endure some " cool right on happening street culture lingo " ( It says here ) that'll get all these wicked kids from da streets punching the air happy in the knowledge someone has made a film that understands them - not . I could quote some of the dialogue from Moses and the street posse but the site would notice recognise these words as graphic spelling mistakes and reject this review . They aren't real words anyway and the dialogue comes across as a highly patronising parody of a grade Z Ali G speak . There's something both highly patronising and offensive about Joe Cornish screenplay and in no way does any of it seem ironic

    Perhaps the greatest shame about ATTACK THE BLOCK is that there is , if not a good film , then perhaps an entertaining one trying to get out . Russell T Davies managed to resurrect DOCTOR WHO with an urban working class audience in mind , something he excelled at and perhaps Cornish tried to do the same thing here but has failed . The anti-heroes are far too hard edged to elicit empathy even though the villains are murderous aliens from another planet - just because they're killing aliens doesn't make them good guys in any way . Put it like this - if a rapist murdered a convicted child killer would the rapist then become an exemplary role model ?
  • The film was complete, I firmly believe that a lot of the blow back about the characters having criminal roots, petty as they may be, miss the point of the film. Growing up in city/public housing, with or without a parent around is not something that is easily related to the walks of every day life that we all consider normal. Joe Cornish captured the entire upbringing that so many (my brothers and I included) children had/have had to, just because you have a parent does not mean you,or they have money, growing up in those sort of neighborhoods either builds character or destroys it. The fact that I have read so many reviews that consist of hatred towards a group of confused under-privileged 15 year olds just goes to show that part of the film is lost on a certain demo......the film killed in theaters as far as experience, and I'm yet to find a person under 50 who has a sour word to say about it. Basically, if you were born after'll love it, i almost promise that, unless your looking for the no fun zone.
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