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  • I didn't expect much and I was still disappointed. Imagine a duo of dorky brothers accidentally getting their hands on an alien spaceship that they can control with their mind, that changes them into superheroes and that in the end save the world and get the girls. Not a big stretch of the imagination, is it?

    But that is not the worst part. The girls were not worth getting, the aliens were pathetic, the high-school bully looked like he just got there from a musical and the acting... I couldn't find any. In the end this is one giant mindless movie, made for the sole purpose of getting money from prepubescent teens who go to movies because they have parents at home.
  • rebeccahessing8 March 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    So much negative reviews and that for a movie that is really OK. Keep in mind that this is a TV movie and not some big theater production, which, in my opinion, makes a really big difference. and for a TV movie this one was pretty cool.

    Two brothers find this UFO which alters their life, one a bit more than the other and gets them in trouble. I was really amazed (still am by the way) by the growth and aging of Joey Pollari in the movie. i don't know how they did that, but they did a great job.

    Blatz and Polari did a great job on this movie. True, some of it is predictable. You just see it coming that the scary agent really has something bad to hide, Blatz and Pollari get the girl and of course Blatz graduates. No surprises there.

    But the characters where believable. The mother was a bit weird and over the top, but the bond between the brothers was real. Blatz did a great job as the somewhat ordinary fun guy who is chasing after the amazing girl and Pollari was fun as the younger brother who is just freaking out. The story shows how two boys with ordinary troubles have to deal with something extraordinary interfering.

    Honestly, don't try to make to much out of it. It is a teen movie, with a simple, sometimes a bit predictable, plot. It will never win an Oscar, but it is not trying to. I think that the people who wrote a negative review take this movie to seriously. Take it for what it is. Just a fun movie about to boys about to have an adventure we all secretly dream about. Do that and you'll see that it's a fun ride.
  • Sorry but the bad reviews have it wrong. For a TV movie for Disney this is excellent - it contains just about every dream about finding a space ship and being changed into a super being that you could wish for.

    Honestly, as an adult I sit through a lot of nonsense because the kids wants to watch, but we all really enjoyed this: exciting and just scary enough, and the dodge ball scene was ever underdogs dream.

    I would, as a parent, recommend this one. It makes a refreshing change to see some a good storyline and we liked it from beginning to end.

    Best geared for the tweenies I would say, and if they like sci-fi then this is going to fit the bill.
  • I watched this movie based on a positive review on this site. What a mistake that was.

    The cheesy acting is layered thick on top of an empty storyline, which is why I gave this movie 3 out of 10.

    The main characters seem to have no purpose whatsoever. They just happen to be "there" and we are forced to watch their uninteresting "adventures" with an alien object they discover by mistake.

    I still don't know what direction the movie was supposed to take. It seems like the director couldn't decide between finding an alien object or teenagers chasing girlfriends. It ended up being a sloppy mix of the two.

    Furthermore, the pacing is horrible the movie starts out fast and then dulls down to the point where you don't even feel like watching it anymore.

    Disney should look into how Pixar is making movies, because The Incredibles was just about 100 times better than this awful monstrosity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Worth watching at least once, yes of course! The movie began well, with strong character representation between the 2 brothers. I would have liked to see more bonding between the younger brother and the spacecraft, something like 'Flight of the Navigator', to which I could not help mentally back dropping. Certainly they could've, because the ship had already affected the boy in many ways. Most of the other characters were a bit lame, if I compare with others of similar genre.

    After the first half, the movie was cheesy and predictable. The way they played out the aliens part was disappointing, using Godzilla monster types. The way the elder brother had to win over his ladylove was a letdown. There were no morals or lessons to be learned here. With the ending, I got the feeling everything was so hastily put together - almost abrupt, although it did leave the way open for a sequel.

    However, it was fun and did keep me interested and made me laugh on occasion, so I'd give it a '5'.
  • This is a fun film for children I suppose but it is lacking in imagination or creativity. It's "in one ear and out the other". The plot is quite lame although for a young adolescent boy, the "what if it was me" factor is there and will probably push the right buttons just like the instant sugar rush from a cola drink. I just think it's a shame that the acting is so bad and the budget wasn't used for something more worthwhile. This film borrows so much from "Flight of the Navigator" but the unrealistic teen banter and focus on impressing the girls being the be all and end all for teen boys lets it down. My advice for parents... it's harmless but also a bit mindless. If your children haven't yet seen "Flight of the Navigator" then turn them on to that instead. It has so much more going for it; a much better plot for one thing and it's still relatively un-dated for a film that was made over 25 years ago. "Skyrunners" is a poor copy and not nearly so "wholesome".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Way to NOT go Disney XD! Because it absolutely did not go anywhere. I absolutely did not enjoy this movie. I can't believe how much I actually did not enjoy it.

    I thought the actors they cast were okay. Tyler (Joey Pollari) is a slick kid, and the job they did on his change was surprising, and not a bad idea, but it was only to make him interesting to girls! Nick (Kelly Blatz), his big brother, was also okay as an actor, playing super brain dead! But the "hot" girls - they were more like an adult's wet dream of a teenage girl than any real girl anybody of that age has ever seen or dated. You keep the sex-industry alive, Disney - good work!

    The FX ware lame! Even for TV it was like seen better in movies from the 90's! And the romance bit was ultra lame - I mean, do we really have to be exposed to male-female stereotypes from the 50's with adult fantasies thrown in to cover our civilisation's fear of sex? Get real - sci-fi fantasy or not - there is nothing as demeaning to a teenager as being told that females only suck up to men with power and dexterity! Yeah, find a super power and you will get all the chicks! Be strong and manly, and you will be noticed and popular! Thanks for clinging to all the clichés of going to school!

    The plot was so un-surprising that it amazed me it did not come apart at the hinges - I almost fell asleep a few times and wished I could fast forward. What makes scriptwriters believe their teenage target audience still lives in the 70's - grow up yourselves, you!

    And then there's the weapon's bit - aren't you getting sick and tired of always combining masculinity and growing up with BIG GUNS - which we all know what you think stand for!

    This piece of muck should be wiped from the annals of movie history, not for its low standards in FX or for its acting, but for its admission to setting the bar so low that the scriptwriters' and producers' tiny inner children are the only ones, who can really get into it. Or better ever: Used as an example of how NOT to think of teenagers of today. Get real, Disney! Shame on you!

    And then there is the ending - the pre-ending with the cheering of the heroes, the winning of the girls, the waving of the American flag - and the real ending, right set up for an equally boring Skyrunners 2. Hey, there's an idea! You could totally call it "Children of yesterday" and have them travel back in time by going backwards around the Earth like Superman to totally mess with the antagonists, before they get a chance to become, what they become...

  • WAY TO GO Disney XD! I absolutely enjoyed this movie. I can't believe how much I actually enjoyed it. I thought the actors they cast were good. Tyler (Joey Pollari) could have done a bit better with some of his lines, but other than that he was a great addition to movie! Nick (Kelly Blatz) also did a stellar job! Surprisingly, the movie's graphics were awesome! I was greatly impressed seeing as it was a movie that only appeared on television. And, the movie was pretty action-packed and still had that bit of romance in it.

    The plot was very intriguing and I love how it was blocked out. It was very organized and well put together.

    All in all, I really guarantee that when you have some spare time, check this movie out. You won't regret it. It really surprised me seeing as lately, Disney has been coming out with really crappy movies! Then again, this is Disney XD; A "spin-off" of the original Disney Channel. They've impressed me with most of there TV Shows that they play. And now, they've just impressed me in their movie category. I hope they continue to make more good movies, just like this one!
  • I saw this movie when it came out in 2009. At the time I was only 11 years old and did not notice anything wrong with the movie, but I watched again the other day (I'm 19 now) and boy, it was terrible. Like other people on here, I have similar feelings about this movie:

    The movie has very cheesy acting and I feel that we are kind of just thrown into those two brothers lives. We are watching two kids go to high school and then have to deal with an alien problem at home. The mother in the movie is extremely inept, like to an extreme level that it becomes so unrealistic. Also, we are thrown into the brothers' high school lives and we have to deal with that cheesy situation for the whole movie. I noticed we just get a lot of exposition thrown at us for no reason. Like when the older brother is asked about a science project last minute. Also, the stereotypical high school scene is overly-stereotypical. We have the cliché nerd vs. bully argument, but this movie overly exaggerated the argument to attempt to have it relate to the alien crisis the boys were dealing with. Also I noticed the actual conflict in the movie was resolved in about 5 minutes, if that, which is a load of crap. We do not get a good look at the alien base and the whole movie was put together poorly.
  • I saw this one when it came out on Black Friday of 2009, and decided to watch it again on Black Friday of 2019. To say the least I was pleasantly surprised how well it held up over 10 years.

    First of all if your reading the negative reviews let me say this in response. This in a sci-fi movie about aliens, made to be family friendly. Disney perhaps took a cheesy route on a few things because I imagine the didn't want a lot of feedback for parents about their kids having nightmares from the film. I have to commend Disney on making a film that held the line between being engaging sci-fi and family friendly. As for the acting I'd say or was on par for most Disney Channel films of not a little better.

    What got me the most about this film after watching it after ten years is the special effects. Again a few cheesy moments now and then, but for the most part the mixed practical and CGI effects held up well.

    With that said the one aspect of this film I really liked was the relationship between the two brothers, which the film does dig into throughout the movie. It was a direction I didn't expect the film to make, but really bought some heart to the film.
  • I loved the film. It fun most of all. What happens in the movie is like a dream come true for a young teen. Love the topics: revenge against those who bully younger students, becoming visible, stronger and more confident, traveling on a space ship, overcoming difficult moments.

    The movie es very exciting and it keeps you interested all the time. At the end, I was hoping for a sequel or a tv series. Sadly there are none. So the only next best thing is watching the film again.
  • Two brothers have a near miss with an UFO in a field and hide it in their garage. They discover that they can control it with their minds - and basically use it as a toy; until - that is - it starts to endow the younger "Tyler" (Joey Pollari) with superpowers and some "amazing" gadgets that allow him to do virtually anything, including see into the future. Naturally, the spaceship didn't come on it's own - a race of scary aliens has come too, bent on planetary domination - and they kidnap him. It's now down to his older, hormonal, but caring brother "Nick" (Kelly Blatz) to try to rescue him from their evil clutches. This a teen fantasy flick; hot girls and boys; graduation parties and teenage love-rivalries all feature in this reasonably well directed, if simplistically scripted, sci-fi story. It is not really for grown ups - but I've seen far, far worse...
  • This movie doesn't have some deep story, doesn't have some great lesson you and it is different from many other movies. What makes it different? It is relaxing. No hard thinking, just watching and enjoying. Actors are cool. There are so many movies with such complicated topics, and it is great to finally watch something and enjoy, be free from all problems and worries. Many people dislike Skyrunner because it is so simple, totally uncomplicated movie. They forgot how to lay on the grass and just watch the sky. If you still know how to do it, watch this movie and expect nothing. That is the beauty. You will feel relaxed. And I really hope it will be part 2 of this movie, as the end suggests it.
  • doctorjagger20 January 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    This was a cool movie. You have to go easy on it considering it is a made for TV movie. I thought it was a really cool movie. A kid whose been picked on becomes someone with confidence and abilities to back it up. The acting (for the parts they where playing) was great. They delivered all the lines perfectly. They reacted very convincingly to everything that occurred. Whether it be fear, excitement, happiness, confidence, being tough...etc. People have to remember though, this is a TV movie. The acting can't be blockbuster level. The effects can't be blockbuster level. An so on. The one thing I can't wrap my head around is: How did they age the younger brother from pre-puberty to later puberty looks? I understand they can add fake facial hair, and use prosthetic make-up on his face to mature his facial features,and body suit to make his shoulders broader and musculature larger. But how did they make him taller, and how did they make his voice deeper?? I thought Joey Pollari did great!:) You couldn't tell he was a newcomer, he seemed very adjusted to the part. And Kelly Blatz was cool, he was cool as an older brother. Good actor.

    If this had been a blockbuster movie theater movie I would give it a 5.5/10. But it's not so as a TV movie I give it a 10/10!! Awesome! :) :) :)
  • xslim19 December 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this to vet it for the kids -- and I found it rather fun to watch. You have to take this movie with a pinch of salt.

    At one point I felt that this also contained a political message: a UFO with a mission to destroy aliens who are supposed to be the cause of global warming! Or was this a message from the anti-environmentalist groups, that the idea of global warming is totally alien? I doubt Steve Jobs would have been happy for Disney to release such a movie??

    Some of the lines are a bit corny, but there is also a message of camaraderie between two brothers being raised by a single (widowed) mom.

    All in all a fun movie to watch with your kids.
  • michaelcoatiemc8 January 2021
    I just recently watch this movie, and I thought the movie was super great. The whole movie was perfect until the plot twist at the end. So I was wondering when is the sequel to the first skyrunners is go to be release, or what is the release date of skyrunners 2.
  • taylorlovee16 November 2019
    This came out when I was 10... never saw it. Wasn't really a Disney XD kind of gal. Saw it today and it was fun. Threw me back in time a little bit. Was cheesy but funny and overall a good movie to watch. Plenty of twist but remember this is a child's movie so yeah fun.
  • portospawn30 October 2018
    It's the most bad script I've ever seen and I seen over 3000 movies, everything was bad...