According to Kelly Blatz in an interview for the Canadian press, the precocious aging/transformation of Tyler Burns was not originally scripted, nor was it faked. Instead, it was written into the film when shooting in 2007 halted in order for Blatz to continue work on Aaron Stone. Filming resumed a year later, and by then Joey Pollari had already gone through a few mature changes. Therefore, his character's so called "puberty" was in fact real and it may be evident that the film was shot in chronological sequence.

Skyrunners bears striking similarities to the 1997 book "Aquila" by British author, Andrew Noriss. This, in turn became a British children's television show which aired on the BBC from 1997 to 1998. The story revolves around two schoolboys who also find a two seater small alien craft with remarkable abilities and like Skyrunners, try their best to keep it hidden.

Toronto City Hall can be seen in the first Skyrunner flight.