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  • The 29th Volume of WSW runs over 3 hours for impressive vignettes featuring an interesting cast. Of chief interest to me was a formative acting role for Nica Noelle, then using the stage name Sydni (Ellis). She stays in character as a shy girl throughout her tryst with Nina Hartley, and Nina's amazing ability to integrate her self-help lecturing with a seductive improv characterization is textbook acting material.

    Key casting has Michelle Lay dominating the obscure blonde Marlie, who cheers her up after a break-up with her man Steve (not shown in all-female cast feature) by introducing her to Sapphic sex.

    Deauxma shows up to give a minor squrt or two, fascinating no end to her import partner Irina.

    Finale is something of a giggle session, as girly girls Jenaveve Jolie and Rebecca get it on.