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  • kadiotatsuryu26 December 2013
    Naruto Shippūden Movie 3: Inheritors Of The Will Of Fire was a very well done film. It was a movie with a lot of action, plenty of characters and awesome animations fluent enough to give the viewer pretty nice visuals. A major thing to appreciate about Inheritors of the Will Of Fire is the plot. A unique thing about it that other films of the franchise are missing is that instead of making up some completely new plot out of nowhere, it centers on existing main characters of the canon plot instead. I also love how it places all characters under a choice in one way or another in this movie.

    It centers around the 'Will Of Fire' belief and how Kakashi(Naruto's Sensei) is trying to sacrifice himself for his village at least if not the Ninja World. He taught Naruto and Sakura very early on in the series that those who break the rules and abandoning their missions are considered trash, yet those who abandon their friends and comrades are considered worse than trash. Naruto must make a choice to listen to his master now and stay out of his way, or to follow the words he taught them before and go after him. His classmates like Shikamaru are also put in a decision to help or to stop them. This is one of the only Naruto Movies that's Key Plot CANNOT exist with out the story of the original series. Sure the plot technically is non-canon, but, it's something that teaches you or at least reminds you of something the canon Naruto series is always saying at full force: You can't abandon your comrades. It is why Masashi Kishimoto, creator of Naruto states in the credits "I hope this movie stays with you forever" Amazing Movie and one of the best 'Naruto' films yet.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Being a huge fan of Naruto, i can never sound negative with it. I believe that this movie was interesting and matched the quality of the previous movies. I loved how Kakashi was a major point in this movie, him being one of my favorite characters. The area, that the movie took place in was very nice, Masashi Kishimoto has used the landscape to its effectiveness. This movie i believe, receives a strong 8. I enjoyed the joke at the end of the anime, ha-ha! I have watched this movie twice, as i believe i enjoyed it the 1st time i watched it. I would recommend this movie. Great work! Amazing movie! However i would have given it a rating of 9 if Masashi had made Tsunade fight a little, as she doesn't do any in the freaking movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Usually a movie made from a series mean bigger story and bigger everything. In the Naruto franchise I haven't seen one example of this fact. On the contrary it is quite the opposite of the epic anime. It is obvious that the writers are out of ideas. To be honest every Naruto movie including this one has this one message repeated ad nauseam. And the message is always the same,friendship. There is no need to make 6 movies to tell me this. At first this movie started great with promise of epic proportions. Sadly there aren't any. I understand that the writers want to save their best for the anime. But couldn't they just for once show something that actually would be interesting. Like the period between Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden. We are talking about two and half years. Surely something interesting happened in that time. Or why not a little background story of one of the multiple characters like Lee or Kakashi. He is supposed to be this super ninja but always gets hurt. So why not show us how he earned this reputation. For me these movies are redundant and they should stop making them. Of course this won't happen since Naruto is big business. As I understand the fourth Shipuuden movie has already been released and there are plans to make fifth movie. Well,I can only hope for some improvement.
  • Will of fire is your basic naruto plot naruto almost singlehandedly fucks everything up then gives a big speech bringing everyone to his side then uses ass pull jutsu to fix everything last minute. Where this movie and the series as a whole shines is with the characters. Almost the entire movie revolves around kakashi, naruto, and shikamaru as you learn more about what it means to them to be ninja and protect their loved ones. The plot without spoiling it is pretty bland though the intro is pretty interesting. Also the animation is pretty good and stays pretty consistent throughout and shows off some cool fights and effects. All that said it's worth watching as a naruto fan but would be pretty boring if not for that.
  • After the mediocrity that was "Bonds," I was convinced that the "Naruto" movie franchise had begun to deteriorate. This film, however, proved me wrong. Not only is it a return to form for the franchise, it just might be the best entry yet.

    There are some very strong themes in this movie. They include self-sacrifice and the series' theme of remembering to never abandon your comrades, no matter what. The choices that the characters have to go through and the tension between some of the characters on whether or not to save Kakashi added a lot of stakes and drama to the proceedings.

    The Konoha 11 all get prominent involvement in this movie, which is extremely refreshing after the previous movie "Bonds" gave most of the supporting characters almost nothing to do. They all get their time to shine and prove to be quite useful on the battlefield.

    The action scenes are intense and exciting and really kept me on the edge of my seat. Hiruko isn't too special off a villain, but he's pretty serviceable and certainly a big improvement on the villains from the last couple of movies.

    The animation is once again solid, even though I personally would have liked for the color palette to be just a little bit brighter. By the way, the ending scene is absolutely HILARIOUS!

    I was very pleased with this movie. It gets the franchise back on track, and I would even say that it replaces "Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow" as my favorite "Naruto" movie so far. Definitely check this one out.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Movie had it's ups and downs.

    First I'll explain the ups.

    • The movie had a unique plot - The fighting scenes were outstanding (Ex. Naruto vs. Gaara). And the characters had used nice moves (Ex. Lee and Neji's 'Front Lotus: Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin' which was a great and creative way to stop the enemy) - It's nice to know that this movie is better than it's predecessor, Bonds.

    • It was great to see all the team members present in this movie.

    • The characters were drawn carefully and nicely.

    Next are the downs.

    • Even though it had a unique plot unlike the other Naruto movies, the story could be confusing for first time viewers.

    • Naruto makes thousands of clones, and not to mention, thousands of Rasengans in the movie. And not even a single bit that he got tired. Even the Giant Rasenshuriken part, he should have got a broken arm or something, but it was like nothing to him. After thousands of clones, rasengans, and a Giant Rasenshuriken, he wasn't hurt a bit.

    • Outstanding, many, yet too short action scenes.

    • At the first fighting scenes, wherein Teams 8 and 9 battled, their enemies didn't even get an advantage over them or something. They defeated them so easily and fast. WHich made the enemies somewhat useless and very weak. But at Team 10's battle, it the enemy broke free of Ino's technique, summoned his two partners, and became a very big chimera. At least team 10's enemy wasn't defeated so fast.

    • When Shikamaru was in charge of Naruto and Sakura's capture, why did he need all of the teams to help him if it was just two people he needed to capture? Isn't it just a little to many for only 2 people? - It was quite irritating when Naruto kept on teling what Kakashi Taught him (Those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their comrades are lower than scum) he said it so many times in this movie.

    • Naruto can use his Rasengan with only one hand when he battled Gaara (He needs a clone to make a rasengan, right?) - I was just wondering, the part wherein Naruto and Shikamaru fought with words about the king and all, and after Asuma appeared beside Shikamaru, their were explosive tags right? I thought they were suppose to explode, but instead, there was a red dome like thing that wrapped around Naruto, what was that thing that wrapped Naruto?

    Now, I'll say my main review.

    The movie was good. If you compare it to the other Shippuuden Movies, this would have the most unique storyline. Actually, this movie has the potential of being the best Shippuuden Movie, but the makers of the movie didn't realize Naruto's Strengths and weaknesses when using techniques, which really made the movie a little weird.

    Contents and Ratings: Story: 9/10 Action: 9/10 Drama: 7/10 How characters are drawn: 9/10 Overall impact: 8/10 Overall score (for me): 7/10 I hope this review was helpful :)