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  • Jim Carrey's performance in live action capture-animation is terrific and the score by Alan Silvestri is just beautiful. I enjoyed the special animation action-sequence additions and I disagree strongly with those who found them superficial. They were absolutely a lot fun. The supporting cast is wonderful, too. Especially great for Junior High kids and adults. It's the Christmas Carol for the 21st century!
  • While the animation is pretty, no doubt about that, when the movie was over I felt grossed out and unaffected. We're not given time to be really attached to characters, instead time is spent doing animation sequences that lose all meaning in 2D, grotesque affects with corpses that isn't age-appropriate for the movie and turns what is usually a heart warming story (admittedly with some death-themed moments) into something that feels like a horror.

    The humor is so subtle it might not be there at all, and an extended chase scene with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is just so . . . pointless. All in all, not near as charming and fun as other versions of the classic story.