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  • Warning: Spoilers
    It definitely qualifies as a spoiler, because in this second edition of the hit lesbian series it isn't star Deauxma who provides the waterworks, but rather an innocent- looking unknown (outside of gonzo circles) actress named Angela who Golden Showers her way into the history books.

    Running almost 3 hours and including 5 sex vignettes, one more than what would become the Girlfriends Films norm, "Road Queen 2" holds back on satisfying the fans' craving for wetness until the final reels, when Angela makes love to another (then) newcomer named Jackie.

    After the two youngsters giggly girl talk, they make love, and Angela climaxes with an immense fountain of urine, shooting up in the air several times and surely soaking the sheets in the grand tradition of bed-wetting. The DVD box offers that old Girlfriends $10,000 reward for proof that such Showers were "artificially contrived", but I guess the only smoking gun in this instance would be an enema bag filled with water put to work in Angela's vagina minutes before her scene was shot -not likely.

    En route to this "Waterworld" conclusion, Part 2 has some well-performed Sapphic encounters, featuring Courtney and Danica in multiple segments. The true star here is Brianna Love, among the most beautiful actresses ever to appear for the label, though her lesbian assignments are overshadowed by her mainstream roles (see especially the late John Leslie's classic movie "Brianna").

    A touch of crypto-incest is thrown into the mix by the Danica/Brianna relationship, though I found the storyline distressingly vague as to whether D was actually B's mom, or step-mom. Storyline is not the series' strong suit at this point, and watching today nearly a decade after I was most struck by the fact that a pack of cigarettes cost only $3 or $4 back then -not that long ago.