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  • Once upon a time Girlfriends Films offered a $10,000 bounty for anyone who could "prove" (whatever that means) that the squirting scenes in its videos were artificially induced. That issue and defensiveness is brought up again re: Deauxma as the Squirt Queen in this subpar edition of her late, great "Road Queen" series for the lesbian label.

    Designated squirtee is Magdalene St. Michaels, who laps up eagerly several mouthfuls of Deauxma's controversial ejaculation. That is the finale of the show, followed by an 8-minute "Bonus Scene" of the duo still in bed with the cameras rolling, discussing the authenticity of what we've just seen go down.

    Both repeat over & over the mantra that "it doesn't taste like pee" and represents a "different kind of orgasm", perpetuating a kind of urban myth that has created a sub-genre in 21st Century porn. However, back in the Golden Age of theatrical Adult Movies, Golden Shower scenes, meant to be humiliation content, and containing that now-denied pee, were in vogue with zero so-called Squirting depicted on screen.

    So I belong to the camp that insists that fountains of liquid shot out of a vagina in a video may not be pee, but certainly are not the same ejaculation that gives rise to "Boy are you wet!" and the whole Wet Panties Tribbing genre. Having seen the use of enema bags in porn, such fountains, whether emanating from pussy or posterior, are clearly "primed" by the introduction into the actress's private parts of Evian or Poland Spring water.

    The rest of the show goes nowhere, as moments of Deauxma's classic purple Ford motoring along do not correspond to any movement of the plot or the characters.

    Cute little Emy Reyes remains a chattel captive of Cindy's, here sympathetically humped by the great Autum Moon who manages to make cougar seduction seem like doing you a favor.

    Dana DeArmond is quite subdued early in her career, seduced by horny as ever Bobbi Starr, while the dominating figure of Cindy puts timid (up to a point) Elexis Monroe through the ringer. Elexis fans will be pleased to see her wallflower character liven up when Cindy applies a lengthy strap-on-dildo to her.