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  • Trashy horror films, trashy teen films and TV movies are all guilty pleasures of mine, and this is all three rolled into one. My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is probably the greatest title, this film is good because it knows what it is and plays on it, it's not trying to be serious and I say full props to the filmmakers for just doing something fun that doesn't need to be taken seriously.

    I have a severe phobia of teenagers so seeing these gross humans being knocked off one by one is quite enjoyable, I did however really like the main character Skye, her story is actually very cool, her father was a nut job who killed a bunch of kids and the place where he killed them is the setting for the sweet 16 birthday, is he the killer? Is it Skye's new love interest, you'll be guessing the entire movie.

    Obviously the entire cast are teenagers of only just out of their teens so the acting is what you would expect, but it all just adds ti the campiness if the whole thing. The only person who I recognize is Chris Zylka from the recent Ka-Boom, his cliché good looks are what is griping his career I'm sure.

    The only bad thing I would say about this movie is that the killing starts too Kate in the film, it could have begun a bit sooner, if this were a serious film it would really work against it but it doesn't, it's only a minor thing.

    A cool slasher film that is like Halloween meets I Know What You Did Last Summer. Lots of fun. :)
  • I really wasn't sure what to think of this when I saw it for rent. It has a name like so many second rate holiday horror films that came out in the 1980's. Plus, when I found out it aired on MTV, that was also a big turnoff for me. Still, the reviews seemed positive, so I gave it a try.

    I am very glad that I did. This movie did such an excellent job of being what a teen slasher film is meant to be. There are terrible characters, bloody deaths for those characters and even and ending worthy of the genre.

    I won't give a full review here because others have. However, this definitely gets my recommendation. I watched "The Mist" for the first time a few days ago because it had gotten such rave reviews. However, I found it boring and rather dreadful. The thought had entered my head that this might be a slow summer for horror rentals. However, this movie was so much more enjoyable! Watch it if you haven't and if you enjoy good slasher films. I recommend it highly.
  • The trick to making a good slasher movie, is when the filmmakers create characters that you can really hate, so much so that you can enjoy seeing someones head get beaten in with a fire extinguisher. Maybe that is an irresponsible comment considering the characters ages, but this has been the formula for this genre since the original "Halloween" was unleashed in the 70's. "Sweet 16" is filmed with a surprising amount of style, using garish, saturated colors and violent murders accompanied by pulsating music, perhaps a bit of a tribute to Dario Argento's horror masterpiece "Suspiria." In fact it is pretty obvious that the creators of this film are classic horror fans themselves. The story is traditional: a pretty, but very nasty girl gathers her classmates together in a roller rink/nightclub to celebrate her sweet 16, thus lining up her mates for the massacre to come. There is the outcast girl that most viewers will root for to live. In the classic sense this one is a real morality tale; everyone seems to get butchered directly after they do something "bad." A few unexpected plot developments here, not to mention an ending that is a nice tribute to the original "Carrie," and wraps up nicely. Similar to a film called "Prom Night" from a couple years ago, however this one is a masterpiece compared to that lame, awful film! Some other people commented that "Sweet 16" wasn't that graphically violent, but the original "Halloween" wasn't graphic either, and that is considered a classic today. Recommended for slasher fans...
  • IrishClover548730 October 2009
    I was pleasantly surprised by this film. MTV occasionally pulls through and makes a really enjoyable movie. Not too much gore, but just enough to make a good slasher flick. The main character is really personable and is a pretty decent little actress. As most of us do, I really hate that god awful "My Super Sweet 16" show and this movie does a great job making fun of that while still keeping on track with it's original slasher movie idea. The biggest issue I had with this movie was that when it ended I wanted more. I felt like it should have been longer with perhaps more killing, but I'm a little morbid. All in all it's definitely worth seeing and the premise is great. Happy viewing!!!
  • bobsie-11 November 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is one of the best TV movies I have ever seen because it's horror and who doesn't like horror. Madison,Olivia,and Chloe are the best characters.The chase scene with Skye and Madison was good, and Chloe's death scene was good too.The part I don't like with Madison is when Skye sees her kissing and Madison says kiss the birthday girl. The best part is when Madison and Skye together get chased by the killer and then they hide and try to escape. My least favourite part is when Madison,Olivia,and Chloe tease Skye in the change room that is kinda sad.That's my comment, look for my other comments.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For a TV movie it was surprisingly good. Very compelling characters, especially Skye,you sympathize with her greatly. And I must say I hated Madison and her friends, they all deserved it.The humor and measure of violence was great, it was cool the various weapons he used. As for the ending when Brigg was dreaming her expression was pretty funny as she emotionlessly stabbed him. It is very good the ending did not stop after Skye drove off, but some loose ends could of been tied up unless their planning on a sequel. (Where'd she go, did her father die from being stabbed, what happened to Mr. Penrose, or Derek.)Some stupid moments, but overall good.
  • Judging by the high rating, I thought this might be a decent, quirky slasher. I was terribly mistaken. There's 3 of these movies, and after the first one, I don't want to ever watch anything like it.

    It's literally two locations, 1 horrible slasher mask, and a bunch of angsty teenagers. And lots of terrible dialogue. Just watch paint dry instead - way scarier and better dialogues.
  • Spoiled princess Madison Penrose (Julianna Guill) wants her sweet sixteen party in the shut down Rollerdome. Ten years previous, it was the site of brutal murders after teens broke in. Charlie Rotter was imprisoned when his daughter Skye (Lauren McKnight) called the cops and they found multiple bodies stored. He is presumed dead when the police transport crashed burning everybody beyond recognition. Now Skye is staying with her aunt Sarah and a freak constantly being picked on. Her only friend is Derek (Matt Angel). Brigg (Chris Zylka) recently broke up with Madison and he's flirting with Skye. When Brigg goes to Madison's party, Skye and Derek decide to crash the party.

    It's almost a fine little high school TV horror movie. All the classic characters are here. Julianna Guill is a good mean girl. Lauren McKnight is a workable nice girl. Chris Zylka has leading man looks. Matt Angel isn't good enough as the funny sidekick. Most everybody else is amateur night. There are way too many montages in the high school. There are too many waste of time moments in the first half.

    Once they start the party, it improves markedly. The kills are pretty good, and it does have the old fashion killer with a mask. That part does have its fun. The girl with the fire extinguisher is a good solid kill. I wish they could raise the horror atmosphere more in between the kills. The final section is pretty good with a pretty good resolution.
  • In essence, this is the '80s slasher film revisited for the MTV generation (and actually produced by MTV in this instance). The inevitably MTV style is undoubtedly the film's worst aspect – in a couple of places it seems to turn into a music video for a while before remembering it's an actual slasher film and getting on with the plot. Nevertheless this is a surprisingly entertaining little film, with a cast of intriguing characters and a kind of grand guignol feel to the set-pieces which raises it above slicker, kiddie-friendly Hollywood fare (at least one moment, neatly combining roller skates and a large axe, is enough to make any dyed-in-the-wool horror fan giggle with glee).

    Undoubtedly there are references that I, as somebody definitely not in with the MTV generation, missed out on (apparently the title is a play on a popular TV series). Yes, there are problems, like varying performances, some clichéd characters and an ending that annoyingly opens up things for the sequel (shot at the same time, it seems). Still, this horror fare is both watchable and predictable: there's something cosy, simplistic and old school about it, and it brings back memories of the way things used to be back in the cheesy '80s.

    Compared to something like the insipid PROM NIGHT remake, this is great stuff indeed...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Julianna Guill is a spoiled teenager, Madison, self absorbed(me, me, me) and materialistic, who is planning one of those Sweet 16 birthday bashes, the kind where everyone will be there and an exorbitant amount of cash will be wasted so that daddy's lil girl can have her dream party. Lauren McKnight is Skye, the mistreated teenage girl who doesn't have the finest things like her peers. What boils Madison's kettle is that her ex-boyfriend, Brigg(Chris Zylka), is interested in Skye. Skye being the exact opposite of Madison doesn't go over well with all the rich kids, but Brigg seriously has feelings for her despite what others might think. So those who are mean to Madison suffer the consequences for their actions when a psycho in a cloak and mask starts hunting them down one by one mostly in the backstage of the party. Guill imbues her bitch with perfect clarity, those who aren't in her position will more than probably loathe her throughout and desire for her end to be particularly gruesome. MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 is in the same league as the recent PROM NIGHT remake. It has solid production values. The cast is pretty. The violence is tame. The sound effects and some blood spray tell us what we know about how gruesome the death sequences are. The deaths themselves are somewhat brutal even if off screen such as the use of a fire extinguisher to bash a face in and the beheading of a girl as she attempts to skate to safety, interrupting Madison's cake presentation. There's also a nightmare sequence where a hospital patient is stabbed multiple times in the chest. But, to be honest, MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 is simply no different than others of it's ilk. The killer is standard issue. The plot, funny as it may be for those who positively hate these kinds of Park Avenue girls, quietly fantasizing about their demises in the cruelest ways possible, follows the basic slasher guidelines. As I mentioned above, MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 belongs in a double feature with the remake of PROM NIGHT. Madison is so repellent due to her personality that, even when Skye tries to free her so that she could be saved from the psychopath, this girl still insults and ridicules her rival. Matt Angel is Skye's nerdy pal, Derek, also a victim of bullying. Joey Nappo is your typical jock cretin who enjoys picking on Derek.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What a great promotional ploy. Take the premise of one of your most possible television "reality" series, mix it with the popular PG-13 teen-safe slasher genre, and release it the weekend before Halloween. I've got to admit, when it comes to shamelessly plugging itself and leading teens wherever they want them to go and to listen to whatever they want you to, MTV has it figured out. Do I sound like an old man? Of course I do. The sad part is I'm alright with it now, where about three years ago I wasn't.

    My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen starts out mildly promising with a pretty cool killing scene and a kind of "flashback" to the mid 90's to establish what happened in the roller-skating rink that the bratty teen wants reopened and remodeled for her big sixteenth birthday bash. Right off the bat, you definitely hope for the horrible death of the girl and her pathetic father who caters to her every whim. Like I said, it's a promising start. They are definitely trying to recapture the whole Scream, Urban Legend, I Know What You Did Last Summer vibe.

    The teen actors are all really great as their superficial spoiled brat characters and fulfill all that the roles demand of them. You've got your smart-mouthed jock goon, the sensitive jock who just wants to do something besides be known as a lunkhead sports guy, the misunderstood "weird" girl who just wants to be normal (which apparently means being a spoiled-rotten bleach blond whiner), the pathetic best friend who is equally as "weird" as the misunderstood girl (i.e. an updated version of Ducky from Pretty in Pink), the obnoxiously popular snobby girl that every other girl wants to be, and then all her sad and hopeless followers that don't even really like her but stick around to be "cool." The cool thing is that unlike your high school and real life, you get to see them all slaughtered before your very eyes. It's almost like therapy for you to get to watch examples of all the kids that picked on you in high school being slashed in front of you.

    Unfortunately, the entire middle of the film is weighed down with a whole lot of fluff and the real good stuff doesn't even start until about thirty minutes before the film ends. It also doesn't help that they show you who the killer is 40 minutes into the film, which as far as I'm concerned, defeats the purpose of even watching movies like this. The other thing that was really funny about this movie, is the way they try to use a lot of dreamy, atmospheric indie rock music to give this a sort of emotional Virgin Suicides vibe. One thing that I can say is that director Jacob Gentry (The Signal) definitely does have an eye for cool camera-work, but doesn't use it to his full potential here.

    Another thing that makes this movie so funny to watch is that it is so based in reality. If you've ever seen My Super Sweet Sixteen you would know how pathetically close to real life this movie really is. It's truly sad. They really didn't even have to hire a professional cast of actors to make this movie. They could have just taken footage of any of the episodes of the show and then use the actual real people and hire some guy to run around in a black robe with a mask and stage killing scenes. It might have saved them some production cash…and they could have used the new all-too-cool faux documentary Paranormal Activity gimmick and made this even more popular.

    This is a movie where the end almost justifies the means. As soon as they showed the killer halfway through the movie, I basically gave up on the film. I had a really bad case of déjà vu, feeling that maybe I was being served another helping of the unbelievably horrible Prom Night remake. I say almost, because it did it's very best to redeem itself with a witty ending that you kind of half-expect but still walk away feeling was a good attempt at being smart.

    Would I recommend this to die-hard slasher fans? No way. If you're looking for something that the non-genre fans can watch and be "safely" scared by, then DVR this thing one of the million times they're replaying it on MTV and serve it up on Halloween to them. For die-hard slasher fans, the only thing this is good for is a night of making fun of it with a group of friends or to help put you to sleep after eating a bunch of candy you stole from your kids or kid brother from their trick-or-treating stash.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I did! I'm a sucker for slasher films and although this was really laughably limp to begin with, it did warm up to be quite a fun little slasher film.

    So let's begin with the fact that this film really is bad, but that is what makes it entertaining. It's a girly slasher, with lots of teen angst going on, hormones flying everywhere, falling in "love" and not again, we know the gag I've seen "Mean Girls". In the usual clichéd way, were introduced to some cheesy blonde bouffant that looks more in his late 30's than early teens and guess what, we all fancy him don't we girls (I'm actually a boy :S) but unfortunately there's some sort of love triangle going on, with the daughter of a serial killer fancying him and the queen b**ch (oops I meant bee) also wanting him.

    I've seen "My Super Sweet 16" before because there's nothing I love more than to watch some spoilt daddy's girl getting exactly what she wants, I can laugh at them and be glad I'm not like them one bit. This film spin-off has got the sexy brat right on. She's really nasty and unlikable, and thinks the world loves her because she's got the looks. Little does she know that us men want something a little more than looks. The killers motives are to give kids "what they deserve" and I can't think of a better reason than that. (Actually is a really pathetic motive.)

    So we've got this party, the girl no one likes gate crashes it with her geeky but nice friend and all hell breaks looks! This is when the teen angst gets down to a lower tone and we get to see some unlikable, Yankee twits get slayed off by a man in a burger king mask. Some of the kills leave much to be desired. A lot of the time, the killer is standing in the way of the decapitation so we don't get to see it which is a shame because the kills are at the heart of a slasher film. On the other hand though, we do get some surprisingly gory kills! I really did love the Birthday cake sequence (I won't spoil it) but I thought it was really something quit clever.

    We get an exciting climatic end, with an ending I really liked. So in between the trashy teen romance and the clichéd labels we seem to get at these American schools. there actually is a likable slasher film, that is enjoyable and entertaining. I really should hate it but, I'm a sucker for slashers!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was an excellent example of a good slasher film today. Everything in the movie (situations, people) were all believable. In my opinion, there was no unexplained events that took place that made the movie seem "unrealistic" which is something I hate about a lot of horror movies. The movie was well written and directed, and the actors were great. I loved how even though the "mean" girls were bullying Skye, when some of them you felt kind of bad for when they died. That's an example of great character writing from the writer. The ending of the first movie was insanely good, makes you see the protagonist,Skye, in a whole new way! The movie "My super psycho sweet 16" and "My super psycho sweet 16 part 2" flowed together phenomenally. The writers, producers, and directors did an amazing job with the first and sequel blending together realistically.

    Overall, My super psycho sweet 16 was awesome and I recommend it!