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  • jen-rivera12 April 2010
    It's been quite awhile since my husband and I have found a show we both immediately liked -- but we both loved Justified immediately! The dialogue is fantastic! I love the back and forth between all of the characters. The history between the characters is rich and full of drama and leaves you guessing.

    The episodes are well written and entertaining, but not predictable which is a refreshing change. Timothy Olyphant is amazing in this role! He fits the character perfectly! He's exactly right as the smooth, charismatic US Marshall. He's also proud, loyal, and has a keen sense of morality all packaged up in troubled bundle.

    I'm recommending this show to all of my friends!
  • This is the most refreshing show I have found in a long time. When so much on TV falls into one box or another, Justified makes its own way.

    This has one of the strongest casts on television. Many of the recurring actors were written for only a few episodes. Then, they created such dynamic characters, they have been brought back time and again. Walton Goggins and Tim Olyphant (as well as their supporting cast) are sincerely underrated as actors. They carry every scene they are in and when they are together, it is impossible to turn away.

    There is a wit and humor to this show. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with suspense and then will zing a one-liner at you. I've never laughed and cringed so much in my life.

    I am so glad this was renewed for a fourth season and it is the only show I care about watching.

    If you are going to check it out, make sure you watch whatever season you pick from the beginning. Season one had many stand alone episodes. However, season two and season three involved complex plots that slowly burned into sensational finales. If you try to jump into the middle you may not enjoy it because of the subtle complexities in the plots.

    Please check it out because it is one of the best dramas on television with a sensational cast.
  • I rarely watch TV, but being such an Elmore Leonard fan I had to see if Justified lived up to Leonard's books. This series appears to be based upon Riding the Rap. Episode 2 actually uses dialog that is taken straight from the book, so I assume Leonard is consulting on this project. The series, at least the first two episodes, captures the wacky but gritty Elmore Leonard style that I love. I disagree about the slowness of pace. I think the series is paced correctly for maximum benefit. Given the cramped style of a 40 or so minute format, I am surprised that they are able to pack in as much as they do. My guess is that the series will be one long exposition of the book, which is fine with me since I am always sorry when I come to the end of an Elmore Leonard novel. If the script and the visual effects didn't capture my mental image of Leonard's novels, then I would not watch.. But the writers, directors and in particular the actors...all of them...have nailed Elmore Leonard. This is far better than Get Shorty. It has the grittiness and the fidelity missing in that movie. I would not be surprised if this series won an Emmy.
  • I was a bit skeptical about this show based on a couple of the previews that I saw (I am so over the Matrix/300/Spartacus slow motion fight scenes), but I liked Tim Olyphant on season 2 of Damages so I thought I would give it a try. I really liked the first episode. Raylen Givins is a complete bad a**! It is well written and had several great lines that made me pause and rewind. The secondary characters were also interesting. I especially liked Raylen childhood friend turned Neo-Nazi, Boyd. I hope that each episode uncovers more about Raylen and what makes him tick. Give Justified a watch and you won't be disappointed.
  • A co-worker and I are fans of FX's Sons of Anarchy. He told me about this show after seeing it advertised and urged me to record it. I'm glad I did. I found the premiere episode refreshingly intelligent, subtlety comedic, and engaging.

    Timothy Olyphant truly fits the role and expertly portrays Raylen Givins, a US Marshal with a flare for the attitude and historical respect expected (and required) of the position reminiscent of a Texas Ranger.

    His Marshal authenticity and brand of justice leads him back to his hometown where he endears old friends and confronts new enemies while sidestepping questions of his dubious past and kin.

    The story is fun and believable except for some legal proceedings regarding a recently widowed woman, but otherwise delivers very well and provides for good previews.

    Lastly, I discovered that this show is based off a novel by Elmore Leonard. Leonard is the talent behind such movies as "Get Shorty" and "Be Cool," among others, that I revere as favorites. I was pleased to see that a show with his name in the credits is also praiseworthy.
  • Both my husband and I really enjoyed "Justified" we just happened on it by chance.The characters are really good and the underlying humour is fantastic. It reminds us of old Clint Eastwood cowboy movies Good man sorting out the baddies but not a saint. Loved the transporting of the prisoner in the 2nd episode! Not so keen on his hangdog relationship with ex wife but as that is only a tiny part so far can get over it. We like his colleagues the laid back way they go about their jobs, "do you want me to wing him or kill him?" This is how TV shows should be, entertaining, this one is marked on the Calendar so as not to miss it. I have not come across Timothy Olyphant before and if this is typical of his talent I will look out for him.
  • kbuttstadt24 April 2010
    Justified is another fine entry into FX's stable of shows. As a fan of both crime fiction & serialized television, this has been on my radar for some time. First, the story is wonderfully structured & grounded in reality (It helps when you shoot on location & cast actors that actually feel like they belong there) The U.S. Marshalls & their multiple duties have always been a great source for story-telling, and this is no different. Second, the cast is perfect for this type of slow-burn law enforcement story. Timothy Olyphant once again nails the 'cowboy' role we've seen him in before(Deadwood, The Crazies). He runs the risk of being type-cast; but if he's always this good in these types of roles, who cares? The rest of the cast is rounded-out by some familiar & not-so-familiar faces, and the whole of them seem to bring their A-game to this project. The third reason this show is quality is the production value. Everything from the costumes(I love the cowboy hat) to the locations & the music have all been perfectly fitting with the story & the characters. This show also sneaks up on you a little bit, once you think Justified isn't 'edgy' enough for FX, something happens to change your mind. It's only similar to the other FX crime shows in that it centers around a really angry guy. I hope Justified & FX continue to pleasantly surprise me.
  • I was very impressed with the show. Excellent casting choices and the characters interaction is fun to watch. Raylan gives law enforcement a good name. He's humble, honest, sexy and a force to be reckoned with, what a combination! The episodes are fresh and well written. Tim is perfect in this role which showcases his acting abilities perfectly. Looking forward to many more seasons of this fine show. Absolutely love the setting and premise being more of a small town feel. I will definitely buy this series when it comes out on DVD. I have recommended this show to family and friends. Kudos to Tim and all involved in the making of Justified. Just what TV viewers needed a thoughtful and smart series thats well worth watching.
  • Positively one of the best TV shows I've seen in years. I, for one, didn't cared as much about gun action( which by they way is abundant) as I did for the excellent dialogue and the acting. Acting in particular is extremely good, not one single character is out of his role, to be truthful even a dog if you see in a scene in this series, you get the feeling that it's exactly where that dog belongs to. As for the dialogue, it is so good, that it's actually the only flaw this show has. It seems very unlikely that all that crowd of cunning rednecks have such a large arsenal of polite irony, well placed quotes, to the border of well educated people and yet fall over and over to next man's scheme or simply go down by the hand of their own stupidity. Anyways I cannot up-vote this show enough and I can only suggest to make yourselves comfortable in any greasy sofa you have, and prepare to get ported to Harlan, Kentucky.
  • I just finished the whole series and I enjoyed every single one of the episodes from all seasons. This is an underrated series that deserves much more people to know about it. I'm normally not a big fan of Kentucky accent but in this show it's just great. The conversations between the actors are also excellent. I just love the way they talk in Justified. The actors are all top notch, can't really fail anybody on this show. Walton Goggins (as Boyd Crowder) and Timothy Olyphant (as Raylan Givens)are definitely the two actors that carry this series to a higher level. Their eternal battle against each other is a pleasure for the eye and ear. The story is well written, you never get bored for a second. I certainly will watch Justified again in the future.
  • farhans30 April 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    When I watched first season of justified, I thought to myself- Man, how fresh is this show? I got the same feeling that I got when I watched Firefly and even dreaded the same fate for this gem. But thank God that didn't happen. So we got the second season and I found out how the show matured without actually losing any of its inherent charm. Again, setting was perfect and Mags Bannet proved to be another worthy foe….. and then the history of between the clans….. I mean, everything was just pitch-perfect, even better than the first season. So then I asked myself another question. What will happen in later seasons? I mean, it's a great show and all…. But all good things, finally & sadly, do have to come to an end… and how many times do we see an end that is extremely painful, as the show descends into a sad state, trying to rescue itself from a grim fate by using cheap thrills, cameos that are just plain laughable and then network would cancel it anyway. We have all seen this happen to even the best of the shows. So how much juice was left in justified's engine, which was already running at near perfect revolutions per episode. But then, to my amazement, 3rd season happened and then 4th one with the amazing Drew Thompson story. It just kept getting better, against all odds, defying the fundamental laws of writing and acting and production value……it just pushed and pushed ahead. Now people may think that 5th season might have been one of the weakest, but I personally disagree. Crowes were not as vicious as other baddies, but they had their own charm. Even when this show (maybe) dragged, it had a better overall entertainment value than the lot of them. So we got then news (probably mid-season) that 6th was going to be its last season. And I was relieved. Creators and writers and all others involved, made a decision to preserve an image in the minds of the viewers that was different from that of every other successful show I know. And the image was…….Not to crash and burn, but gracefully conclude this modern classic. I know critics look at this show and roll their eyes, nitpicking things that are just miniature compared to the overall impact of this fine piece of entertainment.

    Coming back, sixth season started with a bang, and never took its eyes off the prize. Finding at least two worthy foes, who were as charismatic as Raylan….. it's difficult to find anything wrong with this line of thinking. But anyway, in the finale, show skipped a couple of years, to show a time that was simpler (I presume) and they DID leave Harlan alive, and then it ended with simple line. I know, I should have been shedding tears, to see my most beloved show end, and end at such emotional note….. but I somehow tilted towards smiles, that stretched from ear to ear. How clichéd I would sound to say that I wasn't sad that it was over, but rather glad that It happened….. but there….. I said it, I meant it and am here to represent it (while clichés are open and puns are intended). I wish I could have time to analyze each and every episode. I wish that I could repeat every crisp dialog to remind myself of those good times. I wish I could discuss the score, the cinematography, the acting, the spontaneity of plot and tons of other things….. but I can't. All I want to say is…..THANK YOU, to the creators of this wonderful show and every person involved, and now that I have watched Justified, I know I won't be able to enjoy anything else that easily. My sense of morality is even more screwed up after watching this piece of art, but I am better for it. I will re-watch justified till cows come home and I will keep thinking how on earth this marvelous show was created, sustained and concluded, maintaining a level of entertainment that I never find even in the best of show and movies. This just goes to show that something as simple as nice story telling can go a long way. If you haven't watched Justified yet, then please go ahead and give it a try. If it proves to be your cup of tea, you will have the experience of a lifetime watching a simple yet elegant TV show.
  • Great stuff. I thought I would have to wait until September for the return of "Sons of Anarchy" for Tuesday nights to be worth staying home and sitting in front of the TV. I was wrong. This show is well written and acted. Timothy Olyphant gives Raylen Givens character just the right amount of cockiness to make him likable yet feared. I'd like to see more interaction with his father in future episodes. Raymond Berry is a great actor and perfectly cast as Arlo Givens. Also, Walton Goggins gives "Justified" a true villain that everyone can fear and his acting is another good reason to watch this show. He was great in "The Shield". Hopefully, the writers will find a way to keep him in future episodes.
  • Being a devotee of Justified (yes, I drank the Coolaid), I'm no stranger to being completely absorbed into the episodes. Excellent writing, excellent acting, excellent production, excellent character development will do that.

    There is not enough room here to say all I'd wish to about this whole series. I wish I could. It took me places I had never expected.

    That said, I was not prepared for the entrance of Jonathan Tucker as Boon. Sinister and creepy, yes, but I was blown away by the way Mr. Tucker carried this character through these episodes. He had me feeling sorry for Boon and wondering if this person could be redeemed. He had me outraged at his sheer callousness. Undoubtedly there was great direction too, but we don't get to see that.

    I'm going to miss my favorite series terribly, but I'm definitely going to catch up on Mr. Tucker's prior work and watch for him in the future.

    THANK YOU to the entire cast and crew for an unforgettable experience.
  • Justified is an excellent,unforgettable and entertaining TV series that combines terrific direction,wonderful performances from Timothy Olyphant,Walton Googins and a great cast,fantastic Action,great dialog and a memorable theme song and score. All of those elements make Justified an outstanding show that is Crime Dramas and Television at their best.

    Set in Lexington,Kentucky and based on Elmore Leonard's short story Fire In The Hole,Justified tells the story of Raylan Givens(Timothy Olyphany),a Deputy U.S Marshall from Miami,Florida who is a 19th century Western-style Lawman who uses old school tactics of the law. After getting in trouble Raylan is transferred to his home town in the Lexington,Kentucky section of Harlan County. While in Harlan Raylan has to deal with childhood friend turned criminal in Boyd Crowder(Walton Googins)and other dangerous criminals and individuals.

    Justified is a brilliant and entertaining Television series that for 6 seasons and 78 episodes wonderfully mixed together genre elements of Crime Drama,Action,Western and Humor giving TV viewers one of the best Crime Dramas of it's kind and a great show that has a style all of it's own. Right from the first episode Justified is an terrific show from the moment you watch it and when you see the series it pulls you into a journey that is violent and dangerous,wild and offbeat and at times can be over the top and exciting showing us a crazy world where everything is unpredictable and you don't what's going to happen or when. With Justified there is the good,the bad and the ugly with U.S Marshalls,crime families,police and outlaws in a violent place where money,guns and drugs are in the air where blood and violence is aplenty. You are in Elmore Leonard's world of Pulp entertainment and you will be in for a ride. The Action on Justified is incredible,fast and fierce with many gunfights and Western-style stand offs where there is great build-up and a intense conclusion. The dialog on Justified is outstanding and clever with great wit that truly adds to the show. The dialog makes the characters come alive and feel fresh. Although serious and dramatic Justified has a humorous and fun tone because there some moments that are just wacky and insane and the characters never take themselves too seriously and as a viewer you laugh at times. What also makes the show what it is the various villains in each season such as Boyd Crowder(Season 1),Mags Bennett and The Bennett Clan(Season 2),Robert Quarles(Season 3),Daryl Crowe Jr. and the Crowe Family(Season 5)and the final villain in the series Avery Markham(Season 6). Each of those villains that are on the show fascinating and will grab your attention. While Justified is a Crime Drama the biggest influence on Justified is the Western genre whether it's the characters attitudes,the style or gunfights the Western style is on full display on the hills of Harlan County,Kentucky. The main character Raylan Givens is a great character and classic invention from Elmore Leonard because Givens is an old school lawman in the truest sense using old law tactics from the old West in the 19th century getting into Western style gunfights and drawing his gun on criminals and taking them down with one shot telling people it was Justified. Raylan is also an old school Cowboy with the white hat,belt buckle and Cowboy boots making him a 19th Century man in a 21 first century land. A lawman can't be without an outlaw and the outlaw comes in the form of Boyd Crowder who is a top criminal in Harlan County who will do anything to be on top as an outlaw and rule with an iron hand whether he's taking out his rivals or avoiding the cops he will do anything to make money at all costs. The main focus on Justified is the long and on going relationship between Raylan and Boyd who were once childhood friends now rivals who are on opposite sides of the law. The scenes and back and forth banter between Raylan and Boyd are some of the best scenes in the entire show giving the two characters an emotional depth that is amazing. The ending in the final episode of Justified is fantastic,powerful and brings the show full circle not only for the show but for the characters Raylan and Boyd which is unforgettable. An outstanding conclusion.

    The casts in all 6 seasons were sensational with excellent performances from Timothy Olyphant(Raylan Givens),Walton Googins(Boyd Crowder),Nick Searcy(Art Mullen),Joelle Carter(Ava Crowder),Natalie Zea(Winona Hawkins),Jacob Pitts(Tim Gutterson),Erica Tazal(Rachal Brooks),Jere Burns(Wynn Duffy),Margo Martindale(Mags Bennett),Sam Elliot(Avery Markham),Neal McDonough(Robert Quarles),Mary Steenburgan(Katherine Hale),Michael Rapaport(Daryl Crowe Jr.),Mykelti Williamson(Limehouse),Jeremy Davis(Dickie Bennett),Damon Herrimann(Dewey Crowe),Kaitlyn Dever(Loretta McCready),Jeff Fahey(Zachariah),Garret Dillahunt(Ty Walker),Jonathan Tucker(Boon),Raymond J. Barry(Arlo Givens),Alicia Witt(Wendy Crowe),Amy Smart(Allison),Patton Oswalt(Constable Bob),M.C Gainey(Bo Crowder)and more.

    The direction on the show is terrific,stunning and adds to the show with the camera always moving with great angles and a relentless pace. Wonderful direction.

    The theme song by Gangstagrass(Long Hard Times To Come)is great,light and matches the tone of the show. The score by Steve Porcaro is good,memorable and goes with the Action and style of the series.

    In final word,if you love Elmore Leonard,Timothy Olyphant,Walton Googins,Crime Dramas or Television in general,I highly suggest you see Justified,an excellent,unforgettable and entertaining Television series that you will watch again and again. Highly Recommended. 10/10.
  • I am very sad to see this show go. I can sit here at type out all the things that made this show great, but I think just telling how we enjoyed it will do a better job. My wife and I often use the hours after our children go to bed to relax and enjoy a show or 2 that we usually have to prerecord. We were lucky enough to catch this 1 early on, back when few people were watching. We kept telling our friends they should tune in and eventually they did, thanking us later.

    At some point midway through the 2nd season I mentioned to my wife that while we had a few shows we watched regularly, I found that I was looking forward to Justified each week a bit more then all the rest. She agreed. Justified had, without us even knowing it, become our favorite show. The show mastered the art of building tension through the season. Even episodes that might be considered "slow" were just trains gaining momentum before the eventual train-wreck.

    Going back to that 2nd season, I honestly think that season was 1 of the finest seasons of any TV show I have ever seen. The characters built that season lasted through the entire series, even the side characters lasted. it is a rare thing in TV to see characters built the way this show could.

    Please, if you haven't seen this show do so now. It really is 1 of the finest to come out in recent years.
  • After completing Breaking Bad, thinking that nothing could equal or ever surpass it, I found Justified. With no expectation other than I could possibly find something entertaining to watch since no more BB to watch. We have now watched all 4 seasons available on Netflix and can honestly say this is one brilliant brilliant series. In someways similarly to BB the web in intrigue builds episode on episode as do the characterisations. Also one of the key strengths of BB is that every character no matter how inconsequential plays a vital role in the development of the plot. Justified in many ways surpasses this.

    Really cannot wait for season 5 with the climax of season 4 leaving a wonderfully poised situation. Just hope that Netflix can get this to air asap as inexplicably Channel 5 have dropped it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I like cop shows, I like shows that are well acted and literate. This manages the interesting knack of being both (how many other shows mention Of Human Bondage and quote Saul Bellow).

    I confess that when Timothy Olyphant looks at the camera with those wonderful, melting eyes strange things seem to happen to my knees but the fact that he can act makes all the difference. I love that Raylan Givens doesn't shout and blast everything in sight. In one of my favourite episodes in Season 1 he diffuses a hostage situation with fried chicken and bourbon. He tries to keep his gun in its holster but if he pulls it, then you'll wish he hadn't.

    I love that with the less bad or more thinking criminals he will sit with them afterwards so that they aren't alone when they die. He has a passion for ice cream, justice and his ex-wife Winona. She loves him but finds living with the idea that he might not come home every night very difficult.

    Their relationship is intriguing. Ava's relationship with Boyd is also intriguing, especially if you saw the pilot and remember what she thought of him at the time.

    This is a very good, very special series and to anyone only starting in the middle of Season 3 I have some pieces of advice; obtain copies of Season 1 and 2 so you understand all the events of the past (Aunt Helen's murder is especially important), concentrate when you watch an episode (a tiny minute or two on screen in one episode can be the key to understanding the action three episodes later) and engage your brain (this is thinking people's television).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cindy and I went to college at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Ky. We had many acquaintances from Harlan County - where Justified takes place. The re-creation of how friendly and laid back people are in Eastern Ky was the first thing that attracted me to Justified.

    The lead character, Raylon Givins, played so smoothly by Timothy Olyphant, knows most of the people he is working with, and going after, as part of his job as a U.S. Marshall. Raylon is from Harlan and he prosecutes his job with vigor, barely keeping his toes on the right side of the law. Raylon knew; played ball with; and most importantly, dug coal with many of the bad guys he was later to apprehend - and in many cases kill.

    There is a lot of the typical Western in Justified, from Raylon's cowboy hat - his signature look - to the six-guns that many of the bad guys carry (in holsters naturally). Raylon carries a Glock - clearly the most reliable semiautomatic ever made. And naturally he is the quickest draw in the West ... er the East . . . of Kentucky that is.

    The other main characters (and there are so many) are terrific - especially Walter Goggons - who plays Boyd Crowder and Joelle Carter - who plays Boyd's sister-in-law and on and off lover, Ava Crowder. This show has won a number of Emmy's and other awards, but not nearly as many as it should have.

    Boyd Crowder is one of the most memorable bad guys since Ian McShane as Swearingen in Deadwood. But where Swearingen was pretty much totally evil (in a compassionate way), Boyd is always on top of things- even when he is shot and/or in prison. Boyd is the ultimate survivor and the smartest bad guy since Hannibal Lechter. You will find yourself rooting for Boyd throughout the series.

    Walter Goggins has been around since 1990 and has had many parts, but this is his signature role.

    Each of the seasons has a particular flow and storyline - all of them with very rich characters (some so low-life you cannot believe it.) Cindy and I have been dreading seeing the 78 episodes fly by. If you get into it, you will be hooked as we were.

    Unlike the 90+ episodes of Sons of Anarchy which eventually got a little stale (hung on too long), Justified stayed crisp, interesting and engrossing until the end. The last season is terrific, tying up a number of loose ends, but in a way which leaves things open for sequels - or maybe a movie. I'm hoping for a season 7 in a couple of years.

    Hope you check it out. There is huge competition for your viewing hours with so many great shows. I am glad Cindy and I have stuck with the heroes and miscreants of Easter Ky to the end.
  • wallykoehler10 April 2015
    This is my all-time favorite television series. Yes, more than the Sopranos or The Wire or I Love Lucy or whatever. This show has Elmore Leonard's genius for dialog among a cast of wacky low-lifes. One standard for a good show/movie/book is that you can't just have a couple of compelling lead players, you need a talented supporting cast, and Justified has the deepest bench in the league. Walton Goggins routinely steals the show as Boyd Crowder, and Jere Burns as Win Duffy just eats up the screen. There's also a raft of redneck punks who are not quite smart enough to understand what's going on. If you want to watch a crime thriller with a lot of violence that will also regularly make you laugh out loud, Justified is the best.
  • Love the show! I've netflixed justified up until season 4! Couldn't wait for them to start showing the 5th season. So I stream it weekly first thing! As i'm in UK they stopped airing it from s4!

    But the actual series is a killer, the characters grow on you, and what I find even more special is that it follows the good and the bad through out the show, I completely love the Boyd crowder character, a real stand up crook, and a very good bad guy, and was very surprised to find out he was the transsexual woman in sons of anarachy! If thats not acting i don't know what is! Needs to be more of this show! On more TVs! I'm like the only one who knows it over here.....
  • Having been working abroad I missed this show entirely and it was highly recommended to me after discussing "Deadwood", which I ranked as an amazing show. So having some time on my hands on leave, I acquired the first two seasons and gave it a shot. I rate Timothy Olyphant highly in this type of role and wow did he deliver.Walton Goggins, another of my favorites from The Shield another favorite show was there too, so what a feast. The storyline, acting, editing , directing, music, sets.. in fact everything about the shows oozes "professional" It would be fair to say I was "blown away" by the show, now watching season three, which maybe doesn't have quite the same momentum of the first two seasons , but hey I'm not complaining at all...I could watch this all day....Raylen Givens is a man born beyond his time, his heart is in Tombstone or Dodge, and we're given the idea he plays out his life just like the old timers of old did.The character is a joy to behold. I seldom get time to watch good shows, but now added this to my favorites along with Deadwood, Dexter, band of brothers and Pacific. There's enough storyline explained in other reviews, I just wanted to go in print and add a big pat on the back to all involved with the show for making such a great show and putting a big smile on my face. I hope this show is planned to run a few more seasons yet. I feel Tim Olyphant has more scope to play with the Raylen Givens character yet.If you like the genre of Modern day westerns, I don't think anyone does it better than Timothy Olyphant and co.Sit back and immerse yourself in the atmosphere that is portrayed as Harlan County...and then tell me I was was wrong!
  • This is my first review, but i will do my best.

    Justified is a TV show that's starring Timothy Olyphant, a great actor and if you like Timothy in general, you will love this show. He is great in the role of a law man, which he has shown us before in Deadwood.

    Although his character in Justified is a lot more lovable.

    The show takes place in Harlan County, in Kentucky and it's awesome for a Dane like me, to see a different kind of TV show, because there is a lot of modern TV shows that takes place in the big cities.

    So it's nice to get away from the city life.

    The show is just pure awesome, and i would say that it's a mix of shows like Sopranos, Deadwood and The Shield, added with a great sense of humor time to time.

    I hope my review inspired you to watch the show.
  • I have to admit I stumbled over "Justified" when channel surfing and I caught the Season 4 opener. I then watched the second episode of the season, and realized that to fully appreciate (much less understand!) the show, I'd need to see Seasons 1,2 and 3 to get caught up. Money well spent. I highly recommend that if you have not seen them, you will be well served by watching earlier episodes, either by retail DVD or, for a couple of bucks each, episodes on Amazon. Each season has a central story arc, especially Season 2 with the Bennett-Crowder-Givens family feud, and the Season 3 Frankfort mob-Givens-Crowder interplay.

    I won't bore you with a synopsis of the story lines, or what characters do what, you can read that in any other review or IMDBs description. Not every episode is perfect - there were a few from Season 1 and 2 that I thought didn't really add too much to the whole series, but the thing of it is, each show has some little scene or scenes that contribute to the plot line that carries on. As other reviewers have noted, you also need to pay attention. Get distracted for a couple of lines, and you might miss an important plot twist. This is a THINKING person's show.

    Some might describe the characters as caricatures or stereotypes, but they're really not - while they may portray 'simple country folk', their characterizations and motivations are, for the most part, quite complex. Boyd Crowder specifically is a great TV character. While violent, sociopathic behavior is second nature to him, he's also quite erudite, and perhaps the most knowledgeable character on the show, if not the best educated. Walton Goggins deserves an Emmy, without a doubt.

    Timothy Olyphant's Raylen Givens is a combination of Eastwood's Dirty Harry and Garner's Jim Rockford. Not afraid to shoot, and tenacious as a terrier, he also has a bit of a blind spot for pretty girls, sad stories, and impossible situations. He's not perfect, by any means, and he knows it. Raylen and Boyd are the best good guy-bad guy team on TV. Their shared background and, at times, overlapping interests, make the interplay between their characters the high points of each episode.

    The other cast members shine from episode to episode. The good part is that not all characters show up in every episode - thus allowing for a widely spread story line that lets actors move in and out as required. A special nod to Nick Searcy as the ever-suffering Chief Deputy Art Mullin, and bad boys Dewie Crowe and Dickie Bennett, and Jere Burns as Wynn Duffy, who appears to have bounced from USA Network's "Burn Notice" to "Justified" without having to change his character.

    Like any really good show, the writing makes or breaks the whole thing. "Justified" is that rare combination of action, emotion, and humor that might just capture you. But don't start in the middle of a season - go from the beginning.
  • When I first started watching this series, it appeared as though it was slow but in reality a lot happens in each episode and the attention and focus of series is on dialog and character construction which is excellent. The dialog and script construction is the strength of the series and some of it is of incredible quality for a TV series of this kind.

    Whoever put the scripts together is not creating black and white characters even when they do very evil things and the life that created those characters is typically investigated.

    There is distinct image of southern atmosphere that is presented here that also makes the series unique.

    The acting is superb and I thinks that is because the dialog is superb and makes sense.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this series. To those that are starting to watch it and find it slow, I suggest that they watch a few episodes to get acclimated with the atmosphere.
  • I wanted to give this a 7.5, but I'll round up to an 8 as I can't do fractions.

    So far I like the Timothy Olyphant character, Deputy Raylan Givens. The story lines are interesting, but not outstanding, but with any new series, you need to give it some time to get on its feet. On the other hand, it's treading in well worn theme and will have to work hard to show that it's different than all the other cop shows out there.

    I'm interested in seeing where the series goes over the next few months. With the characters and the locale, the show does have the potential to go somewhere.
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